Tips on Optimizing for Voice Search Marketing

Rising Trends of Voice Search Marketing: Exploring the Popularity

What is voice search marketing? Learn how to optimize your content to appear on voice-enabled devices.  

In recent years, voice search marketing has steadily become popular among businesses. This is because the number of people using voice search has dramatically increased as well. A PwC study finds that 65% of adults use voice search at least once a day. And these tech-savvy consumers are driving the growth of voice assistance technology.

With more people using voice-enabled devices globally, companies are now targeting a whole new market for their brands. When there are more people listening to their devices, the chances of discovering your business increase. That is if you have the right strategy in place.    

In this entry, we’ll discuss how voice search can lead people towards finding your brand. But first, let’s flesh out how the concept of voice search works.

What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is a technology that allows users to perform tasks on their devices through speech recognition. The concept is fairly simple; the program receives a command via voice recognition then interprets and runs it through the system.

Although this technology was initially created for software applications, smartphones and web-enabled devices have come to integrate over the years. In fact, with the emergence of AI products like Siri and Alexa, voice search is widely associated with mobile devices. Now, more than ever, the modern market relies on voice search technology for fast and hands-free convenience.

Voice Search Marketing
Rising Trends of Voice Search Marketing: Exploring the Popularity 1

Voice Search Marketing: How to Optimize Your Content

Now that we have a clear idea of what voice search is, here are some tips on how to maximize voice search marketing for your business.  

1. Study Market Behavior

Fundamentally, voice search marketing optimization is just traditional SEO with a more precise focus. To prepare for voice search marketing, you have to fully understand how voice search affects your online visibility.  

Voice search has a wide range of effects on digital marketing initiatives, from how search engines auto-correct queries to how users conduct online research. It revolutionizes how people use the internet to search for things. As this trend continues, your business must adapt to new browsing behaviors and habits.

One example of how people use voice search differently is in using shorter commands. Most people employ the bare minimum of words to find what they’re looking for. However, when utilizing a voice assistant to search for something, individuals tend to use a lot more words and ask more questions. This is just one type of behavior to take into account.

2. Use Long-Tail Keywords

While short-tail keywords serve their purpose, long-tail keywords are the way to go in voice search. Focus on identifying long-tail keywords that your target audience uses. People tend to be more specific with their searches to narrow down the results faster.

Keep in mind, though, that voice search uses a different language. When writing information that you want voice search to identify, you should employ common conversational phrases. People typically use conversational language with their voice assistants, which is often lengthier and more precise search terms.

3. Optimize Your Website Content

Longer voice search inquiries frequently contain a question. Identify the questions you want to answer and include those exact questions in the pertinent information on your site. This way, you can have the chance to be located for the inquiries that matter to you the most.

This strategy also works well with your FAQs page. Create thorough responses to the frequently asked questions about your brand. Ensure that this information addresses the who, what, where, and how of your goods and services.

Ensure that the voice and tone of your website follow the conversational format. This way, you can rank higher when your text contains the right question keywords and key phrases. Research how most users phrase their questions in voice search. You have a better chance of receiving featured snippets from Google if you properly structure them on your website.

4. Target Local Queries

Shift your focus locally to further optimize for local search results. Property-based questions like location, hours of operation, etc., make up a significant portion of mobile and voice searches. You can carry out something as basic as claiming and updating your Google My Business listing to boost your online visibility. After that, create better content that responds to location-based queries more quickly.

Additionally, make sure your website’s XML sitemaps and directions to physical places are viewable by both visitors and search engines. Create various user experiences for desktop and mobile users as well. For example, optimize your content to appear on location searches such as “near me”. 

The Future of Voice Search Marketing

The abovementioned tips are just a few strategies brands are implementing in their digital marketing plans. There are more techniques to discover on fully maximizing voice search as a marketing tool.

And with the rapid development of AI, there’s bound to be more voice assistants in the future. Therefore, if you want to keep up with competitors, it’s best to be in the loop with how voice search marketing is evolving.

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