Tips on Building Remote Company Culture

Fostering A Resilient Remote Company Culture: Strategies for Success

How do you build a great remote company culture? Here are our top tips on how to create the best environment for your employees.

Company culture is the collection of values, attitudes, and behaviors that govern how management and staff at an organization function, interact, and operate. This typically forms organically rather than explicitly defined. Moreover, it evolves naturally based on the collective characteristics of the people in the company.

In a remote setup, company culture shows through the online processes and interactions. It stems from how leaders conduct video meetings and how employees communicate with each other. Many businesses build a great remote company culture to ensure their optimum performance, even in a virtual setting.

A Good Remote Company Culture: Why It’s Important

Businesses gain a lot of benefits in fostering a positive work environment. When they prioritize company culture, they can increase productivity, attract professionals of a higher caliber, and decrease the turnover rate. More importantly, it makes them more profitable.

On the other hand, a company that doesn’t have a good remote company culture suffers from a high turnover rate which becomes costly over time. Even with perks like work-from-home setups and high compensation, employees are more likely to leave when they feel undervalued. This negatively impacts a brand’s image to other potential workers in the industry.

So, how can you guarantee a great company culture even in a remote work environment?

Building A Good Remote Company Culture
Fostering A Resilient Remote Company Culture: Strategies for Success 1

Establishing A Great Remote Company Culture  

It can be challenging to build a company culture when it’s a remote environment. You have to translate the same principles of your workforce culture into a digital setup. But you can start by establishing clear online conduct you’d like everyone to follow.

Here are some ways you can enhance your remote company culture in your day-to-day operations:

1. Listen to people

To encourage people to express their ideas and worries, you must continuously provide platforms for them to share their thoughts. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses make the mistake of stressing accountability but not taking appropriate action in the face of criticism. Most employees are hesitant to speak up when they disagree on certain processes.

In a remote setup, you can create a forum for employees so that they can freely comment on company processes. At Full Scale, we often take employee feedback about company activities, and they can respond anonymously. This way, they feel confident in expressing their honest opinions without worrying about consequences to their jobs. Their input has played a big part in shaping our company’s culture through the years.

Additionally, the same platform should extend to leadership roles. Plan meetings for your staff at both the departmental and individual levels, and frequently solicit their opinions. Then, in response to issues raised by your team, pose more inquiries and put into practice new regulations that address those issues. This makes employees feel heard and valued.  

2. Offer career growth opportunities

Career growth is one of the primary reasons employees stay. When you give them opportunities to learn and grow their skills, they’ll most likely stay much longer.

Consider each team member’s career goals when conducting performance reviews. Offer promotions based on an evaluation of their strengths and skill sets to encourage development. Nurture staff members to advance their skills and foster a culture that values education. Take this fact to heart and devote your efforts to assisting your staff in achieving their professional objectives.

Full Scale software developers, for example, are given opportunities to lead projects and work on new technology. We incentivize testing and upskilling efforts by promoting them to higher-level roles.

3. Set the right working culture

Setting a goal is key to developing a dynamic culture. Decide on the environment you want to create and the remote company culture you want to have.

This can be especially difficult if your operations are mostly remote. Working with a dispersed remote workforce is challenging when you want everyone to participate in activities. Fortunately, there are plenty of employee engagement activities both online and offline to cultivate your culture. This starts with a creative admin team that can come up with various concepts and ideas.

Invite your leaders to brainstorm sessions and ask them to share their ideas for the purpose, vision, values, and corporate responsibility they wish to see at work. After that, carry out these plans by appointing more compact committees or groups to implement these concepts.

4. Make it fun

Never underestimate the power of fun. Your business must place a high value on having a good time and connecting with its employees if it wants to have a strong culture.

Prioritize social activities that foster getting to know one another outside of computer displays as a virtual organization. This entails more than merely scheduling a Zoom meeting. Holiday parties, online scavenger hunts, and virtual trivia nights are all fantastic ways to include your remote workers. We work hard to foster a sense of community inside our business, both during business hours and outside of them, and you should too.

5. Prioritize employee wellness

Lastly, building a strong remote company culture requires a strong focus on employee well-being. Commonly, it’s easy for remote employees to experience loneliness and burnout from working long hours.

Making employee welfare a key component of your work experience is possible in a number of ways. For instance, you can invite staff members to participate in workplace wellness initiatives, provide mental health insurance, or extend paid time off for mental health days.

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