Productive Habits of Highly Successful Web Developers

5 Habits of Successful Web Developers

If you want to grow your career as a web developer, you need to cultivate positive habits in your daily life. Here’s a list of habits that separate highly successful developers from the rest. 

As a web developer, you’re probably reading this article because you want to be among the best of the best. Well, you’re not alone. To be successful in this job, you need to excel at writing code and building software products that provide value to people. 

Of course, that’s easier said than done. In reality, however, your technical skills will only get you so far. Highly successful web developers stand apart from the crowd because they exhibit certain personality traits and foster positive habits. 

So, what are these habits and mindset that separates a pro from a complete dud? We have narrowed down five habits that will likely predict a bright future for a web developer.

1. They focus on writing good, high-quality code

While virtually anyone can write code, not everyone will be great at it. A successful software developer makes a habit of writing error-free, flexible, and robust code. They are not the basketball players on the sidelines. They are the Michael Jordans that strive for excellence. 

It’s important to understand that if you have the habit of writing bad code and you’ve done nothing to change it, well, you’ll continue to write bad code. And, poor coding habits will always produce mediocre results. Some web developers believe that how a code is written doesn’t matter. As long as it works, then it’s fine. However, this approach in software development won’t work in the long run. 

Successful developers are successful precisely because they take the time and effort to study writing better code. They follow best practices in a particular programming language. Additionally, they implement robust design patterns and versatile architectures. What’s great is that their code is manageable enough so that others can apply changes when needed. 

Hence, these effective practices put them levels higher than amateur developers. It also allows them to find better clients because they have the right skills to show for it.

2. They keep things organized

Every developer has their own coding style or technique. This is fine but if you want to be more productive, organizing your workflow is a must. It’s an easy habit to form, one that will benefit you when working in a development team. And if you work solo, then organizing your work routine helps you to manage tasks more efficiently. 

So, before mindlessly diving into your work, create an action plan first. Prioritize the important tasks or projects you need to achieve for that day or week. Then divide the project into smaller chunks before you jump from one area to another. Yes, this habit may take a while to master, but it will ultimately provide you with clarity and focus in your work routine.

3. They are constantly learning

Successful web developers believe that education never ends when one receives a college degree. Top-notch developers invest in themselves and put a premium on learning new skills regularly. 

For them, education is a never-ending process of learning new trends, technologies, and methodologies. They try out new things, embrace challenges, and apply what they’ve learned on their job. For them to survive in this competitive industry, they need to update themselves with the latest languages and technologies. 

With this, they put learning as part of their regular routine. They enroll in online classes, read blogs or tutorials, and join tech seminars or boot camps. As a software developer, you don’t want to remain where you are. You have to constantly upskill to move up in your career.

4. They sought collaboration with peers

Some developers might find it convenient to just focus on their tasks and not worry about their peers. This lets them avoid awkward socialization at all costs. But, remember your colleagues may offer something valuable to you. They can support you on any challenges or answer questions you may have. 

Sometimes, working on software projects can be incredibly isolating. Human as we are, we need social interactions to survive in this world. And software developers are no different. It can be healthy for them to discuss their projects with like-minded professionals.

 Even when they’re not working together, productive developers will find ways to collaborate. Their goal is not to annoy anyone all in the name of collaboration. They simply want a healthy way to interact with other people and promote discussions that their community finds important.

5. They listen before they speak

Successful developers have a habit of listening before speaking. This ability requires humility, especially if you think you are smarter than most people in the room. 

By cultivating this habit, you can learn quickly and communicate with others better. Listening also allows you to understand what the speaker is saying and make them feel understood and valued. 

Interestingly, software experts can admit to themselves to things they don’t know. It’s better for them to acknowledge they don’t know the answers to some questions than spew out pointless jargon just to look smart. But this does not diminish their qualifications any less. They value other people’s time, so they won’t waste it by overloading others with the information they don’t need.

Hire Web Developers with Productive Habits

Success in any endeavor doesn’t happen overnight. Similarly, a successful career in the software industry will not bear fruit right away. It takes years of hard work, discipline, and a continuous thirst for growth. 

And yes, having relevant tech skills and knowledge is important. However, developing the right attitude and habits will ultimately separate successful web developers from the rest of the pack.  

And that’s why here at Full Scale, we don’t only hire potential developers for their technical aptitude. We make sure that they have the right attitude and mindset to solve problems and innovate. Our top-tier talent have a proven record of building software products that people genuinely love. So, if you’re interested to know how we can point you to the right software expert, let us know. 

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