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Top startups in Indianapolis
2021-05-11 /

Top Indianapolis Startups

Indianapolis startups are beginning to gain traction in the business scene. For this article, we’ve listed the top Indianapolis startups that may make it big in Railroad City.

“Opportunity,” a single word that can perfectly describe Indianapolis. The city’s startup scene consists of communities packed with confidence that their small businesses can make something amazing happen.

Indianapolis is no amateur when it comes to business. Indy city is home to a lot of Fortune 500 companies for the past years. Not only that. Indianapolis is also a very known city for amateur and professional sports teams. In fact, it is becoming a hotbed for sports technology startups. Currently, it is beginning to grow its own startup community.

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The Crossroads of America might just be your path to success in the Midwest. There are countless opportunities. You may not know, but there are a lot of startup companies with excellent business ideas in this Midwest city. And these are the list of startup companies in Indianapolis that you better keep an eye on.

Top Indianapolis Startups to Look Out For

DemandJump Logo

Marketing is all about knowing what your customer wants, what your competitors are doing, and what actions you should take for a better outcome. All these are dependent on data. This data is what DemandJump is offering its clients.

DemandJump is Indiana’s leading marketing insights and attribution platform. This Indianapolis startup understands the uncertainty of marketing. The company leans on the strength of artificial intelligence to show holistic data that maps out target market behavior. With this, businesses can plan better campaigns in marketing to maximize return on investments.

Marketing is one of the troubles of a lot of businesses. DemandJump’s concept of data gathering to aid marketers solves a lot of problems for businesses. And what’s great is that they keep improving their tool to keep up with the rapidly-changing marketing trends. No wonder it is tagged as one of Indiana’s fastest-growing companies.

Startup Hustle spoke with CEO Christopher Day on Consumer Behavior Explained.” Listen to the episode here.

Boardable Logo

The pandemic swept the whole world like a tidal wave. Businesses were not ready for what came, what comes next, and what they would become in the future.

One of the visible outcomes of the incident is the restrictions on people’s interaction. Meeting colleagues is becoming a problem and is digging a gap between organizations, communities, and businesses. Boardable is bridging this growing gap.

Boardable builds software tools that can help conduct remote meetings, voting, discussions, and document-sharing all in one place. Their tools boost member engagement and streamline remote collaboration.

Startup Hustle spoke with CEO Jeb Banner about “Building and Managing Effective Startup Boards.” Listen to the episode here.

E3M Logo

The next startup on the list is another marketing company, but this time they focus on branding and advertising. E3M creates a fun and enjoyable environment for their client where they can freely express their ideas. Then, they do their magic in executing their ideas.

The company consists of talented individuals who are passionate and creative. They forge unique brand narratives that appeal to customers, partners, and even their own employees.

DriverReach Logo

The “new normal” is putting carriers and driver recruiters through the wringer. The industry is already plagued with an ongoing driver shortage and now more older drivers may be retiring due to safety concerns. Fortunately, a fast-growing startup company in Indianapolis is stepping up.

DriverReach is a recruiting and retention management system that helps driver recruiters find leads, hire faster, and build stronger relationships to be more productive.

Through their system, carriers can connect with qualified CDL drivers quickly and efficiently. This mobile-friendly job application offers applicant management, VOE management, reporting, and driver compliance management services.

Kerauno Logo

Kerauno is an Indianapolis startup that offers a unified communications tool that optimizes business workflow and improves company productivity. Their system offers various tools with its strength in automated communication.

Their features include disposition forms, SMS texting, chat, multimedia contact center. What’s more, their tool is very flexible because you can integrate Kerauno with any third-party software platform.

Encamp Logo

If you are an environmentalist, then you might support Encamp’s advocacy. Encamp is a computer software company that educates and assists people and organizations in meeting environmental compliance. Their system specializes in environmental compliance automation, tracking hazardous material, as well as environmental data management.

Just recently in 2021, the company announced that it has raised $12 million in Series B funding. And this year, they are aiming to add compliance report functionality and expand reporting to new regulatory program areas. There’s no stopping this Indianapolis startup from scaling.

Malomo Logo

Here’s another information technology company, but this time specializes in e-commerce. Malomo is a shipment tracking platform that helps e-commerce businesses generate revenue, loyalty, and engagement. They do this by turning shipment tracking experience into a marketing channel.

In April 2021, the company happily announced that it raised $5 million in seed funding. Malomo plans to use the capital for strategic hires, develop new tools, and widen international carrier support.

Selflessly Logo

Corporate social responsibility in a box—that is what Selflessly is known for. Selflessly allows businesses, from small to medium-sized, to create a CSR program inclusive of all for the reason of increasing engagement.

Their tool offers companies an affordable platform where they can start, grow, and record workplace philanthropy programs. Selflessly is partnered with several communities and foundations such as CICF, The Startup Ladies, and many more.

Startup Hustle spoke with co-founder and CEO Joshua Driver, about their recent acquisition of Employee Vitals, and the business of “Startups Acquiring Startups.” Listen to the episode here.

MetaCX Logo

MetaCX is an Indianapolis tech startup with a mission to help SaaS and digital product companies improve how they sell, deliver, and expand their process.

All this in one connected digital experience, which includes their customers in every stage. They create a shared space for suppliers and buyers to define and measure outcomes to help align sales and delivery teams around real business impact.

Snapshyft Logo

How do you get qualified workers in foodservice and hospitality on a short-term, seasonal, or more permanent basis? Lucky for you, SnapShyft helps foodservice and hospitality businesses shorten the tedious process of screening and hiring from the recruitment workflow.

The company is reinventing the industry’s way of handling talent acquisition and leveraging its industry skill set. SnapShyft is innovating and differentiating in these key ways:

  • Higher caliber work pool that can do flexible work
  • Improved platform performance through quality, consistency, and reliability
  • Leading fulfillment rate at over 97%

Startup Hustle spoke with co-founder and COO Stephanie Corliss about “Labor Marketplace Disruption.” Listen to the episode here.

Supplykick Logo

Amazon is still at the top of the online marketplace that we know. With lots of buyers, sellers are also flocking the shelves. How can you stand out from this crowd? SupplyKick helps their clients in that area.

SupplyKick builds excellent Amazon solutions for various brands across any consumer category. Believe it or not, the company helped its partners sell over $130 million worth of products in the Amazon marketplace.

Startup Hustle Host spoke with Chris Palmer, Founder & CEO of SupplyKick, about “Marketplace Expansion.” Listen to the episode here.

Springbuk Logo

Can data prevent disease? That is what SpringBuk wants to share with all of us. Springbuk is an information technology company that provides healthcare analytics software solutions. The company’s health intelligence platform presents data containing medical claims, pharmacy, biometric, and even activity data.

This platform has a predictive modeling engine that helps employers target engagement with pinpoint accuracy, forecast overall healthcare expenses, identify employees who are at risk, and monitor their wellness programs.

Startup Hustle spoke with co-founder and CEO Rod Reason about “Health Intelligence Trends and Insights.” Listen to the episode here.

Zylo Logo

The last one on the list is not the least performing startup, but it is on par with the rest. Zylo is a tech company that designed a platform that can optimize cloud-based subscriptions.

Through their system, users can manage all their SaaS investments to control risks and costs. Zylo continues to lead and innovate SaaS Management in Indianapolis, and they won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Indianapolis Startups: On the Way to More Successful Stories

And there you have it, startup companies from Indianapolis. Though tagged as startups, these companies are engraving their names in the business industry, whether in martech, SaaS, advertising, or communication.

They saw a problem, a puzzle in their daily life that sparked a creative idea to solve them. However, they couldn’t have done it by themselves. Sometimes, your ideas need a little nudge. If you don’t have enough resources to realize your concept, then hiring people might help out.

Full Scale is part of many successful startup stories. We’ve made our name in providing software development services that can turn your ideas into revenue-generating products. And we are not stopping. Full Scale is also expanding into providing marketing solutions such as content writing, copywriting, and website design.

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