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Major Reasons to Use Spring Boot and React JS
2021-10-05 /

Use Spring Boot and React JS For Full Stack Development

Frameworks and tech stacks have become staples in application development. Spring Boot and React JS are two of these helpful tools. This article will discuss how these two can help in full stack development.

Are you thinking about developing software applications? You should consider using Spring Boot and React JS as your frameworks. Both frameworks have the capabilities and features to help boost your development process. 

You need to consider the right tools in the software development process. These resources are critical to successful development. And, two of the most popular and commonly used web frameworks are Spring Boot and React JS.

To know more about how these web development frameworks can help your application development, let’s discuss what they are first.

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What is Spring Boot?

To understand what Spring Boot is, we have to differentiate it from the Spring framework. Why? Because Spring Boot was developed under the Spring framework. Hence, it depends on many Spring features such as Spring Security, Spring Kafka, Spring Web Services, and more.

However, Spring focuses on giving a more flexible platform. On the other hand, Spring Boot leans on allowing developers to shorten their code. Therefore, Spring Boot is a microframework based on Spring.

It is an open platform and uses Java. Also, it allows Java developers to develop and run enterprise-grade applications without worrying about configurations and safety.

What is React JS?

An open-sourced JavaScript library, React JS (simply React) is used for building interactive web pages. It handles the viewing layer of mobile and web apps. In addition, React allows developers to generate reusable user interface (UI) components.

It was developed to be scalable, simple, and fast. Web pages developed using ReactJS can change data without reloading. Moreover, React is compatible with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks like AngularJS. However, React is only usable for application user interfaces.

Why Spring Boot and React JS?

As established, Spring Boot and ReactJS are very powerful application development tools. Spring Boot is a backend framework. On the other hand, React JS is for client-side development. This means that both frameworks are useful in full stack development. The question now will be “when should you use them?”

Every development project has its different requirements and purpose. Based on your project’s characteristics, some frameworks and technologies suit them more. So, when should you use Spring Boot and React JS?

Microservices Architecture

One of the reasons why Spring Boot is popular is because it uses Microservices Architecture. This means that Spring Boot allows developers to create and deploy services independently. By having services running on their own, it makes lightweight applications.

Serverless Architecture

Spring Boot provides developers with features that work well in a serverless environment. When working on a serverless architecture, you can easily access data with Spring Data. And, you can use enterprise integration patterns with Spring Integration.

By employing Spring Boot as a backend framework in serverless architecture, you take full advantage of cloud computing. Therefore, you can let Spring Boot take care of resource allocation, scaling, runtimes, security, etc. With these aspects handled, you can focus more on the business logic of your program.

Dashboards and Other Data Visualization Tools

For end-users, dashboards and other data visualization tools are very important. These tools help them see data in a very understandable format. Yes, there are available dashboard templates on the internet. However, they are costly and may be hard to integrate with your web applications. 

This is why building dashboards with React is very popular. The framework allows you to build components that you can use in your future projects. Plus, React has progressive functionality, which allows data changes for automatic updates on parts of your UI.

Social Networks

React JS fits perfectly as a UI library for social media applications. Aside from being SEO-friendly, it gives social networks the single-page application (SPA) advantage. This means that your social network pages will not have to update the whole page for every user request. Thus, your social network will have faster application performance.

E-Commerce Web Applications

Building large E-commerce web pages can take a lot of time and resources. However, with React JS, you can build reusable components that make your web application faster and more cost-efficient. Additionally, React prevents code duplicity, which results in easier maintenance in the long run.

These are some of the use case scenarios for using Spring Boot and React JS. Their features further highlight why you should use them for full stack application development. Here are more reasons why you should employ these frameworks:

  • Development time reduction
  • Increase of development team productivity
  • Can autoconfigure components for Spring applications
  • Provides unit and integration tests for Java-based applications
  • Lessen the number of code
  • JavaScript coding becomes easier
  • Test web applications with HTTP servers (Tomcat, Jetty, etc.)
  • Availability of admin support (for remote access)
  • Plugins to work with embedded databases
  • SEO-friendly user interfaces
  • Reusable components
  • Robust learning materials from an open platform environment

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Bespoke Full Stack Development with Full Scale

In summary, both Spring Boot and React JS are application development frameworks. While Spring Boot caters to the backend side of application development, ReactJS takes care of the user side.

Both frameworks share the goal to make coding less complex and more flexible. When you combine the features and capabilities of these tools on the right project, your development process will become easier, efficient, and effective.

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