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2020-07-03 /

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is taking the world by storm. A lot of small to large businesses see the benefits of cloud services. However, what do you know about Cloud? How can this technology help a startup towards the road to success?

The “Cloud” is gaining more and more traction over the years. Why? Because it is everywhere. But what is this Cloud? Are we talking about the white cottony-looking fluffs that we always see in the sky? No, we are talking about the all-knowing Internet.

The Cloud is a creative analogy coined to refer to the Internet. Today, the Internet is very similar to clouds; we can almost find it anywhere. The Cloud is made of multiple servers connected to data centers all over the world. Moving to Cloud is very beneficial to companies who want to reduce costs and add convenience for users.

To use the full capacity of the Cloud, you must learn all about cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? It is basically a delivery of different kinds of on-demand services with the use of the Internet. It could be any resource, including applications, data storage, servers, software, or databases.

Cloud computing allows users to access online services as long as there is an available internet connection. The user does not need to be physically present in a specific location or own a costly infrastructure to keep files. Rather than holding a proprietary hard drive or local storage, cloud-based storage saves the company a remote database.

You can also observe this with your mobile phones. Instead of storing pictures on your device, you can store these in cloud-based storage and freely access them when you connect to the Internet.

Cloud Layers

If the earth has different atmospheres, the Cloud as well as three distinct layers, these are infrastructure, platform, and application.


Infrastructure is the physical layer of the Cloud. It includes storage capacity, memory, and servers. IT administrators mostly run the infrastructure since it is the fundamental hosting layer.


This refers to the locations in the Cloud where files are executed, and applications are built. The platform is usually the territory of software developers.


Application is the vastest layer of the Cloud because it has dozens of possibilities. It includes on-demand content, streaming, and collaboration.

Types of Cloud Computing Services Models

about cloud technology

From the three cloud layers, we move on to different types of cloud computing services. As of now, we have the three most common cloud models. We say “as of now” because, once again, the Cloud has a long list of potential.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is the basic of the three services. It is what’s most commonly used, not only by businesses but even ordinary individuals. Through IaaS, the organization can access remote servers, storage capacity, and other hardware in the Cloud. With this service, startups can significantly save on costs for office space and large hardware investments. Famous examples of IaaS are IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Through PaaS providers, users can build, run, and manage applications. Instead of delivering the software online, users can access a platform for creating software. The framework of creating an application is all present in the platform, which makes it easier to build the app compared to the traditional software building process. Cloud computing services like this include Force.com and Heroku.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service offers licensure of software applications to customers. These ready-to-use applications can be accessed online through subscription. A lot of SaaS applications can run directly from a web browser or a mobile app without requiring local installations. Examples of this system are streaming services and even Microsoft Office 365.

Cloud Computing and Your Startup

Cloud computing offers advantages for startups to grow. Significant concerns of startups are skilled workforce, cost reduction, and infrastructure, all of which are addressed by the Cloud.

Here are other ways cloud computing can help startups:

Reduce on-site IT staff

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Cloud service providers eliminate on-site data centers; all databases can be accessed through Cloud. Without on-site data centers, then there won’t be a need for on-site IT staff. What you will need is a cloud engineer that understands how to migrate data to Cloud and knows how to manage resources.

Backup recovery

Data security is one of the major concerns of an organization. When vital data are destroyed, there is no assurance that you can recover the data completely. Fortunately, cloud environments offer ways to set backup recovery plans.

Requires less capital

Coming up with the capital is one of the hardest parts of managing a startup. For an early-stage business, server costs can cripple the company’s expenses since it is a considerable investment. But cloud computing’s huge advantage is its low startup cost compared to other regular servers; you only need to pay the amount of storage you will need.

Start Scaling Your Startup

Start taking advantage of cloud computing services today to scale your startup. What you need are skilled developers that are knowledgeable with cloud computing. Hire developers from Full Scale.

At Full Scale, we have seasoned cloud engineers that are experts in AWS, Google cloud computing, and Azure. These cloud engineers have been thoroughly screened to assess their knowledge and technical skills. They went through a series of tests to verify application skills. To top it all, you get an affordable quality development service dedicated to working solely on your project.

Though Full Scale offers offshore software development service, you won’t experience the hassle of managing a team halfway around the world. You can still fully manage your offshore team efficiently since they will be reporting to you directly. Your developers will have a project manager assigned to the team to monitor their progress.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a FREE consultation and tell us your idea of how cloud computing can scale your startup.

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