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2020-06-06 /

React Native Developers, What to Look For

Does your business need a robust mobile application? Indeed, what you are looking for is a flexible react native developer that is knowledgeable in both JavaScript and native platform skills.

However, this type of developer is hard to come by. That is why this article specifies what skills you should watch out for in your candidate.

React Native is a robust framework to build outstanding mobile applications that can compete in various industries. With the use of this framework, developers can efficiently create mobile apps for iOS and Android.

React native and JavaScript are two technologies that are strictly related to each other.  It is a general fact that React Native is a framework of JavaScript. Through React Native, even web developers can build robust mobile applications with their prior knowledge of JavaScript.

However, you should not confuse yourself between React Native and React JavaScript. Though both frameworks are based on React, they target different platforms.

React Native and React JavaScript

React JavaScript is a very well-known framework in web development. The framework enables building user interfaces with lightweight, SEO-friendly, and fast-loading single-page applications.

React.js is a creation from the tech giant Facebook back in 2011. This tool speeds up JavaScript to make web pages responsive and dynamic.

React Native, on the other hand, focuses on the mobile platform rather than the browser. Through React Native, you can create robust mobile applications that are versatile, budget-friendly, and easy to update, maintain, and support.

The bottom line difference between the two frameworks solely lies in their target platform: React Native for mobile applications and React.js for web applications.

However, these two are not that different from a developer’s perspective. Even a web developer with a requirement of existing knowledge of JavaScript can create mobile applications.

Now that you know the difference between these two frameworks, you now have an idea of what type of React Native app developer you need. But to know more, you should read further.

What to Look for in a React Native Developer

When looking for a react native developer, here are a few technical skills and work ethics that you need to observe when conducting examinations and interviews with your candidate.

Technical Skills

React native developer skills should be strictly assessed when hiring a developer for your team. A robust mobile application needs high skill quality to build an app that can compete with highly patronized apps. Here are a few skills to look for your prospect candidate:


Knowledge in JavaScript is a must for a React Native app developer. When we say knowledge, it is not just basic education but competent information and sufficient experience with the computer language.

JavaScript should be the first thing that comes to mind for a developer that is adept in React Native. This is because JS is the heart of both React and React Native. If their skill in JavaScript is not above average, then you need to wait for a new applicant.

React Native

As a React Native developer, your candidate should be knowledgeable in, well, React Native. Ask your candidate the extent of their knowledge regarding the framework.

It is not enough to simply know the foundations, theories, and concepts. As prospective developers, they need to have experience in building applications using React Native.

Ask for their portfolio or sample React Native projects they recently worked on. Then, prepare a practical examination to test their skill level.

It is best to hire React Native developers who have ample experience in building mobile applications. In that way, you are assured that the developer can successfully make an application.


Your candidate knows JavaScript, React, and React Native. You can stop there; these skills are already enough to create a mobile app. But then you can always strive to look for more, that is, if you are looking for a developer who can go beyond what you imagine.

ECMAScript for those using JavaScript. For a React Native developer, it is best to have strong foundational knowledge since ECMA standardized JS. To top it all, a highly skilled developer should be updated with the latest version of ECMAScript.

Backend Skills

Does your project involve backend development? If yes, then you better hire a developer with backend skills. It is better to hire an all-in-one developer than to hire another one for a backend deployment.

It is more cost-effective and productive. Ask your candidate relevant questions on backend development and assess if they are fit to do backend as well.


This tool is another useful technology for mobile development. Redux is known as a predictable state container for JavaScript apps, which is based on the Flux design pattern. During the interview or actual examination, prepare to ask the candidate for questions regarding Redux. You can ask questions such as:

  • How is the state changed in Redux?
  • What does “store” mean?
  • Explain what you know about the pure function.


An essential part of a mobile application that any developer should never forget is navigation. To test their knowledge in this area, the developer will probably mention tools like React Navigation and React Native Navigation.

Debugging and Testing

Testing and debugging are application development tasks that every developer should know of. No matter what specialization a developer is in, they should know how to test and debug; this is like a second skin for programmers.

Work Ethics

Other than the technical skills, your developers should possess a proper work ethic. These skills or values are significant in maintaining a peaceful workplace and ensuring the productivity of the team.


Punctuality does not only pertain to the employee showing up on time for work. This also includes the developer’s ability to deliver their tasks on schedule. There will be times when we are so overconfident in our knowledge that we overestimate our skills.

We promise to provide deliverables on a specific timeline that are impossible to achieve until the deadline catches upon us. In this situation, there are two possible outcomes: (1) ask for an extension and (2) deliver low-quality output.

Both are not positive outcomes, but one is better than the other. The first outcome is more appropriate when communicating with clients. Rather than giving a low-quality output, it is best to come clean and explain the situation.

However, when you ask for an extension, you must also present a comprehensive game plan and a new timeline. Gather your team and see what went wrong. Once you point out the splinter in the whole interconnected gear, find out how to remove said splinter and keep the gear running.


A focused developer can achieve more than what is asked. It is always best to have more than to have less. But it does not mean that the candidate should focus on work all the time because it can also add to their mental stress.

During the interview and test, find out and observe if they are good at regaining attention and skilled in proper time management.


Dedication is one value that every developer should have. When a developer is dedicated, they are engaged in their work. It means that they feel a sense of ownership of what they are building.

As an owner, the developer would want what’s best for your application, so they make sure that there is no room for mistakes.

Where can you find seasoned React native developers?

These skills are not necessarily all in one developer, but it would be much better if they were. However, you’ll rarely find a developer with both technical and ethical skills present. If you do find one, bet it comes with a high price.

If you can hardly find skilled React Native developers in your area, you can always opt to outsource. Or simply go further, like offshoring your developers to a development company that houses experienced and dedicated developers at an affordable price.

You can offshore your development team with Full Scale. We always have job openings for React developers. At Full Scale, you can assure robust mobile application developers with the use of the React Native framework.

Our developers are the best at what they do, and they will work for you full-time. Though they are located halfway around the world, you are still in charge of how they work. How? By our tried and tested Guided Development system.

Build your mobile application development team with React Native developers from Full Scale. Tell us what you think.

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