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Reasons Why Developers Use Python Coding
2021-07-17 /

Reasons Why Python Coding is So Popular

Python is, no doubt, one of the most popular programming languages in tech. And just like any other programming language, it has its own set of pros and cons. Why is Python coding so popular today? Read on to learn more.

“Using Python is super easy,” says every developer ever. But is that the main reason why developers still use it?

We live in a tech-driven world. According to Github, Python coding is used in significant parts of today’s tech trends such as machine learning. Therefore, for innovative work, it has earned the top spot compared to other programming languages.

Machine learning, in a nutshell, allows the software to make predictions for a set of outcomes. This helps computers learn from data to make decisions with little to no human instruction. Most professionals in the field use Python to develop this technology. So what is it?

Python Coding: What Makes it Special

When you’re building a software application, you must decide which coding language to use. First, you need to identify the platform then acknowledge the many coding languages available to use. But why use Python coding?

A 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey revealed that Python sits at the fourth spot with 44.1% popularity. Here are the reasons why developers still use Python coding:

Easy to Use

Python is easy to use because it is designed that way. If you know English well enough, then you wouldn’t have a hard time learning it. However, Python coding is not limited to simple uses.

With Python’s simplicity and easy-to-read syntax, developers will spend less time maintaining it. In effect, this also reduces time costs and increases efficiency. 

Solid Python Community

Developers have been using this language for 30 years. The community has grown across all levels and the expertise of software developers. Developers can now share guides, documentation, and tutorials to help newbies increase their skills in learning Python coding.

With strong community support, new developers will find answers to their questions quickly. Having the answers at a reasonable time from the community helps fix problems fast and even avoid them.

Massive Libraries and Support

It is every developer’s challenge to start code from scratch. With the availability of valuable libraries, Python makes work easier. Talk about being efficient. Libraries like Numpy, Keras, or Tensorflow provide resources for developers. You can find resources for Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, or even Data Science.

Automated Applications

Python is highly versatile and platform-independent, which means that it is capable of automation. It is also one of the coding languages with many tools, modules, and application packages that help automate applications. 

The high availability of applications creates versatility for Python developers. Additionally, this Python coding can be used in any kind of environment, such as mobile, desktop, or web.

Up-to-Date Data Processing Tools

Python has survived a lot of changes. Despite the rise of other coding languages, Python has proven that it is here to stay. Furthermore, Python is one of the most popular tools used in Data Science

Python is capable of handling big data. Additionally, there are also hundreds of libraries available that support its machine learning capabilities.

Core Language in Academics

Python has countless uses in AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science & Analytics, and many more. In academics, Python coding is treated as one of the core coding languages. 

According to the July 2021 TIOBE index, the difference between the first three coding languages is getting closer than ever before. Between C, Java, and then Python, the gap is only at 0.67%. This just goes to show that Python coding is making its mark in the academe.

Since Python meets requirements using its libraries and frameworks, colleges see an increasing demand for Python developers. 

First-Choice Language of Developers

Since there is a high demand for Python developers, many new programmers are now making Python their first choice. The increased demand, which also incites higher pay, attracted programmers to learn Python coding.

The use of Python is not dying down anytime soon. The July 2021 TIOBE index is one proof that developers see so much use with Python coding. 

We can say that the main reason why Python is so popular is that it’s so simple to learn and easy. With the wide range of use cases for Python coding, its versatility knows no bounds. 

Though many others will have their preference for a coding language, Python will prove its relevance as it did 30 years ago. The advancements in Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, and many other industries will keep it relevant in the tech world,

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