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Are there PHP jobs in the Philippines?
2021-11-19 /

PHP Developer Jobs in the Philippines

PHP developer jobs in the Philippines continue to be in high demand. Find out the skills requirements that companies are looking for in a PHP developer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to how people live. It pushed businesses to transition to digitalization. Accordingly, companies are turning to e-commerce business strategies. And with it comes the increasing demand for software development professionals.

As a result, the Philippines, a business process outsourcing hub, saw a rise in the recruitment of IT professionals. One of the most sought-after specialists is PHP developers.

Why? It is because PHP is one of the most popular server-side programming languages. In fact, 78.3% of existing websites today use PHP as their backend language.

Full Scale is one of the companies offering IT jobs in the Philippines. As one of the fastest-growing companies, we are recruiting talented tech professionals from all over the country.

Are you planning to build a career as a PHP developer? If you are, you might be the candidate that we are looking for. But first, learn more about the skills the company requires from a PHP developer.

What is a PHP Developer?

Before we define what a PHP developer is, let us first briefly talk about PHP development. PHP is an open-source scripting language for web and application development. One of its strengths is flexibility.

Able to interact with various database languages and servers, PHP is a go-to programming language. Developers use PHP to build different kinds of projects from software-as-a-service (SaaS), blogs, and other applications.

Therefore, a PHP developer is a software developer who uses PHP in building dynamic software. They use the language to develop programs, applications, and websites.

That is just a brief description of what a PHP developer is. Now, let us talk about the responsibilities and the needed skills that a PHP developer should have.

PHP Developer: Skills and Experience

PHP developers are essential in the web development process. Hence, they must fulfill their roles and responsibilities well. Here are the major expectations for a PHP developer:

  • Creating, testing, and deploying website applications
  • Researching and gathering requirements
  • Identifying platforms and browsers compatibility issues involving HTML, CSS, and scripting
  • Testing and identifying problems with websites
  • Exploring and researching for architectural considerations for the system design process
  • Helping in implementation of web usability, performance, and database design
  • Planning and implementing the integration of data storage solutions
  • Implementing of application features to update and enhance performance

These are the most common responsibilities of PHP developers. However, depending on the company’s size, they may assign a PHP developer more specific tasks.

Technical Skill Requirements

To fulfill these duties, a PHP developer must possess the following technical skills:

  • Mastery of PHP programming language
  • Experience in using different PHP web frameworks, such as Laravel, Yii, and CodeIgniter
  • Must be knowledgeable about object-oriented PHP programming
  • Understanding of PHPUnit and other unit testing frameworks
  • Must know about Ajax, MySQL, jQuery, and other databases
  • Working experience with developing scalable applications
  • Proficient with using tools such as Git, CVS, Mercurial, SVN, etc.

Soft Skills

Aside from these technical skills requirements, a PHP developer should also have the following soft skills:

1. Problem-solving and Critical Thinking

A PHP developer should be an excellent problem-solver. Meaning, they should be able to identify problems and issues quickly. But, it doesn’t end there. They should be capable of analyzing these problems and coming up with possible solutions.

Through analysis, they will know which solutions can best address the problem. Finally, they need to come up with a feasible plan to implement the said solution.

2. Open-mindedness and Adaptability

Whether the software development team uses the agile or waterfall method, PHP developers should adapt quickly. Software development is a dynamic industry.

Hence, technologies, methodologies, and even requirements constantly evolve. And with it comes changes that developers need to understand and adapt to quickly.

Aside from these, they need to be open to learning new skills and shouldering new responsibilities. Being open-minded will help PHP developers accept and react to feedback positively. Meanwhile, being adaptable to changing situations will allow them to fulfill their duties on schedule.

3. Accountable and Team Player

As part of a team, developers will most likely get assigned to specific tasks that they have to complete independently. That is why they must be able to work on their own. However, they must remember that their work can affect the whole development process. Thus, they must be accountable.

Plus, PHP developers must also be able to work well with their teams. Good coordination between team members will significantly help the development team in successfully deploying projects.

4. Good Communication

Having good communication skills is a requirement in all professions. However, it is very crucial in software development. A simple miscommunication or misunderstanding can lead to a malfunctioning application. That is why PHP developers need to be good at listening and talking.

They need to listen to their teammates, clients, and users to know the app’s requirements. At the same time, they must be clear in delivering their messages to these stakeholders.

5. Thirst for Learning

As stated earlier, software development is a dynamic endeavor. And to adapt to the changes, PHP developers need to learn constantly. They must have the drive to improve their skills and knowledge continuously.

By having a thirst for learning, they will not allow themselves to be left behind. The developers will have the drive to always be updated with the latest trends, technologies, and tools. As a result, they can apply these learnings to their current projects and produce cutting-edge software and applications.

Technical Test and Interview for PHP Developer

Knowing what it takes to be a PHP developer is the first step to becoming one. However, having the skills will not instantly get you a job position. You still have to undergo interviews and practical exams.

The interviews and exams are how companies cross-check if what you wrote in your resume is accurate. Here are some technical tests and interview questions you will face when applying for a PHP developer position.

PHP Developer Testing Exercises:

  • PHP Programming Aptitude Exam
  • Scenario Challenges
  • QA Tests
  • Debugging Tests
  • Technical Documentation Exercises

Interview Questions for PHP Developers:

Below are the most common PHP developer interview questions you need to prepare for:

1. What is your process in designing concepts for web applications?

Companies would want to know the level of your design and coding skills. So, you have to demonstrate your process in planning and designing web applications briefly. Additionally, you can show your organization and planning skills through your answer. Explain your steps clearly.

2. Have you experience developing server-side web applications? What were they?

This question will allow you to show off your work experience. Your recent projects will also highlight your skills. Thus, your answer will help the interviewers know if you have the right experience and skills they’re after.

By going through your work experience, the interviewers can also assess if you fit into their current software development projects.

3. How do you test for the stability of PHP modules? What are your testing systems?

A PHP developer will not only be responsible for developing and coding web applications. They should also test their code before passing them down to QA.

Thus, your answer should show that you understand the testing procedures. In addition, you can explain that you follow the best coding practices. Informing them that you follow the best coding practices will give you a clear advantage.

A developer who writes clean and efficient code boosts the productivity of a software development team.

4. In your experience, what is the most challenging part of developing server-side logic?

A PHP developer must understand the principles of PHP practices. Hence, by identifying which parts are challenging, you can explain your in-depth knowledge about server-side logic to the interviewers.

Moreover, this question can reveal some parts of PHP development that you have not mastered yet. To balance this, you can explain how you are currently addressing this challenge. Tell the interviewers about the exercises you do to improve your skills in this area.

5. How do you deal with changing requirements and other unexpected issues?

It is unavoidable for PHP developers to experience issues, especially when dealing with requirements. In this case, the interviewers want to know how you deal with problems and communicate them to your team.

One of the best ways to answer this question is to highlight your adaptability and communication skills. Make sure that you inform the interviewers about your steps in dealing with issues. An excellent way to do this is to provide an example where you help your team deal with issues about requirements.

You may face more complex and technical questions during your interviews. But, it would be best if you make sure that your answers fit with what the company is all about. Plus, make sure that you answer with confidence. You can do this through constant practice.

PHP Developer Jobs in the Philippines

What makes a PHP developer the best? One way to become a top developer is to learn and challenge yourself constantly. Now that you know the skills required from a PHP developer, it’s time to start your career in software development.

With that, you can start your journey in PHP development with us. Full Scale is offering one of the best PHP developer jobs in the Philippines. We are looking for the perfect individuals to add to our growing team.

We offer work-home job opportunities. Whether you are from Cebu, Manila, or Davao, you are welcome to join us. Aside from that, we offer excellent benefits and compensation.

It is also our goal to help our developers grow by providing world-class training and mentorship programs. In addition, we will also make sure that you work with projects that interest you and suit your skills.

Full Scale is a Cebu-based offshore software development company. Our specialty lies in helping businesses scale up through software development and other solutions.

Be a part of our growing team and become a Full Scale PHP developer today. Apply now!

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