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10 Most Popular Coding Languages Developers Should Know
2021-07-10 /

Most Popular Coding Languages in 2021

Are you planning to maximize your skills or chase that promotion? If so, check out our list of the most popular coding languages this year. 

Are you a programmer eyeing a new programming language? It can be an intimidating decision to choose one. The tech ecosystem evolves fast. If you’re not careful, you may waste time and money on something that is not currently in demand. 

Therefore, to avoid that dilemma, we gathered the most popular coding languages of 2021. Use this information to achieve your skills development goals. Let’s start. 

Among the coding languages in the world, which call should you answer? Here are the most popular programming languages dominating the market demand.

Python: The most loved programming language of beginners

Python is the champion for most beginners. Why? Because it’s a simple and flexible language that comes with a tremendous number of libraries. Hence, it’s not a wonder that this coding language constitutes 80% of all the websites worldwide. 

Moreover, Python is a language widely used in artificial intelligence, data science, IoT, and machine learning. Although it’s a relatively old programming language, its popularity hasn’t dawdled in years. 


  • Simple syntax
  • Open-source nature
  • An enormous amount of libraries 


  • Limitations in mobile development
  • Average execution speed
  • Expansive internal storage consumption

Suitable Domains

  • Desktop applications development
  • Web development
  • Machine learning

Popular Projects Built On Python

  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Dropbox
  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Uber 
  • Instacart

C: The jack-of-all-trades in the programming language

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Furthermore, several programming languages are inspired by C. So studying other languages may be easier when you already know C. 


  • Dynamic storage space allocation
  • Easily scalable
  • Portable
  • Rich set of built-in functions and libraries
  • Procedural language


  • Lacks support for OOPs concept
  • Lacks implementation for namespace concept


  • Hardware resources
  • Video gaming app development
  • GUI
  • Operating systems
  • Client-server applications
  • Commercial products

Popular Projects Built on C

  • Firefox
  • Adobe

C++: The multi-paradigm language with object-oriented, generic features

Much like its predecessor, C++ is still among the most efficient coding languages in the industry. And high-performance apps are created with this general-purpose, cross-platform programming language. 

The language is originally named “C with classes.” Moreover, it’s widely used for mathematical simulations and computer gaming development. 


  • Wide operating system compatibility
  • Multi-paradigm, syntax-based coding language
  • Allows low-level data engineering
  • Scalable 
  • Extensive community support for learners
  • Efficient memory management


  • No garbage collection
  • High-security risk due to global variables, pointers, and functions
  • No built-in threads
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • YouTube
  • Amazon.com
  • Bloomberg

Java: The language that runs on almost all platforms

Here’s another one of the classics of coding languages. With its write-once-run-everywhere model, no wonder why it’s a crowd favorite. Well, it means that Java is functional on all platforms without the need for recompilation. 

Above all, approximately 8 million developers worldwide use it. And as a testament to its popularity, it ranks high on the charts of PYPL and TIOBE.  


  • Easy to understand and learn
  • Straightforward syntax
  • Object-oriented programming language
  • Flexible and reusable code
  • Fewer security risks through access rules for classes
  • Portable and multithreaded


  • Garbage collection affects app performance
  • High memory consumption


  • Mobile apps, mainly Android smartphone apps
  • Desktop apps
  • Web apps
  • Gaming apps
  • Database connections

Popular Projects Built on Java

  • NASA World Wind
  • Netflix
  • Minecraft
  • Google 
  • Spotify
  • LinkedIn
  • Uber 
  • Amazon

C#: The language with the computing capabilities combined with Visual Basic

Hey, look! It’s another object-oriented coding language on the list. This programming language comes with the computing capabilities of C++. 

Not only that, but it also has the ease of Visual Basic. Therefore, it’s not surprising that C# is a popular choice for Microsoft and Windows app development. Moreover, you can also utilize C# for video game consoles and mobile devices when you use Mono.


  • Execution time is fast
  • Easy to update 
  • Scalable 
  • Rich built-in functions
  • The type-safe feature improves security
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Interoperability


  • Inflexibility due to its Microsoft .Net framework
  • Requires compilation of written code before changes are carried out


  • Windows apps
  • Website development
  • Mobile apps
  • Video game console
  • Anti-hacking software

Popular Projects Built on C#

  • Windows Installer XML
  • Paint.NET
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Banshee
  • Rimworld

JavaScript: Go-To Coding Language of Most Professional Developers

JavaScript is not to be confused with JScript. The latter is implemented as an Active Scripting engine. And, it’s one of the most popular coding languages worldwide. Why? 

Firstly, it has a well-supported community since its creation. Secondly, it can accomplish what other programming languages do and make web applications alive. 


  • Active and large community
  • Rich Javascript libraries and frameworks
  • Low demand on servers
  • End-to-end programming capabilities with Node.JS
  • Event-based programming feature
  • Easy to learn and understand
  • Works perfectly with other coding languages


  • Absence of static typing
  • Low client-side security
  • Supports single inheritance only
  • Low browser support
  • Slower script run time due to bitwise functions
  • Lack of debugging facility


  • Web-based games
  • Web apps (client-side and server-side)
  • Mobile app development
  • Desktop app development

Popular Projects Built on JavaScript

  • Google 
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Candy Crush
  • LinkedIn
  • Netflix
  • Facebook

PHP: The most used language for web development

PHP is a general-purpose programming language. It’s one of the best languages when it comes to web development.

But just because it has its specific niche doesn’t mean its users are limited. PHP still ranks in the top spot of the most popular coding languages this year. 


  • PHP frameworks lessen coding time
  • Works with multiple relational databases
  • Tools and functions enable automation
  • A rich collection of open source addons
  • A vast community of reference and educational materials


  • High-security risk
  • Incapable of supporting large numbers of applications
  • Lack of support concerning modern requirements


  • Web development
  • Web content management systems

Popular Projects Built on PHP

  • Yahoo!
  • Wikipedia
  • WordPress
  • MailChimp
  • Flickr

Go: The newly built language on the rise

Go, also known as Golang, is the programming language developed by Google in 2007. Its creation was aimed at APIs and web applications. 

But, in recent years, it gained popularity due to its simplicity, modern structure, and syntax familiarity. Go also meets the requirements of large projects. Therefore, those working on tremendous amounts of codebases and multicore networked systems can utilize Go.


  • Simple structure and syntax
  • Easy to learn and understand
  • Built-in testing tool
  • Concurrency is easy to deal with
  • The compilation is direct to Machine Code
  • Enables cross-platform compilation to Windows, Android, Linux, and others
  • Easy to run memory management


  • Golang is still young, so there’s little library support
  • Minimal Golang community 
  • It may require you to write more code because it has no generics
  • Lack of manual memory management 
  • Error handling may still be problematic due to its infancy 


  • Google applications
  • Audio and video editing software
  • Data analytics software (dealing with big data)
  • Network and system programming

Popular Projects Built on Go

  • Monzo
  • Badoo
  • Uber
  • SoundCloud
  • Allegro

Swift: The language of iOS

Swift is specifically developed by Apple in 2014 for Mac and Linux applications. And now, it is among the most popular coding languages worldwide. 

Consequently, compared with other programming languages, Swift needs fewer coding skills. It also supports almost everything from Objective-C and can be used with IBM Bluemix and IBM Swift Sandbox. 


  • Relatively easy to understand and learn
  • Clean and structured syntax
  • Open-source programming language 
  • Interactive coding
  • Generics, optionals, and type interference features improve app stability


  • Absence of ABI stability
  • Lack of C++ import
  • Slow compilation speed
  • Minimal support for earlier iOS versions
  • Still in its infancy stage


  • iOS applications

Popular Projects Built on Swift

  • Spotify
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Slack
  • WhatsApp

R: The language of data computing and analytics

The R programming language is primarily used in data analytics, statistical computing, and scientific research. Why? Because R can clean, analyze, visualize, retrieve, and present data in a structured manner. 


  • Fast computing capabilities
  • Supports cross-platform operations
  • Processes almost all data objects in various sizes
  • Large collection of libraries
  • Wide community support


  • Poor memory management
  • High-security risk due to insufficient basic security measures
  • Programs and functions are spread in different packages impacting speed


  • Industries using R, such as:
    • Finance 
    • Banking 
    • Healthcare
    • E-commerce 
    • Manufacturing

Companies Using R

  • Twitter
  • IBM
  • Airbnb
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • ANZ Bank
  • New York Times
  • Novartis

So, there you have it—the most popular coding languages of 2021 all in one list. In conclusion, use this to make an informed decision in your career move or new development project. 

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