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Mobile Developers: Positive Qualities to Look For
2019-12-31 /

Mobile Developers: Positive Qualities to Look For

Are you hiring mobile developers to help actualize your mobile app project? It’s no secret that mobile app development plays a key role to meet digital needs and simplify the lives of mobile device users.

As the tribe of mobile users increases exponentially, so does the need for talented mobile developers to meet such demand. These 7 excellent qualities should guide you on what to look for when hiring one for your team. 

7 Positive Traits of the Best Mobile Developers

You probably have a strong vision of where your software startup is heading and how to stand out in a sea of competition. You have that brilliant ‘aha’ moment for a new mobile app that will help you accomplish this vision. 

So, now the question is: who is going to build this mobile application? Unless you can do it yourself, you need someone skilled enough to develop it for you. You need a mobile developer who sees your vision and aligns that with the digital needs of your customers.

You need someone who not only has the technical skills but knows how to prioritize business processes to make your project successful. Here’s a list of the 7 great qualities you need to take note of when hiring for your next mobile app developer.

Efficient Work Approach

The best mobile app developers fully understand what the customers’ requirements are in a mobile app. Their work ethics will give you an idea as to the outcome of your project. Hence, the success of your mobile application depends largely on selecting a mobile developer that follows an effective work approach and business processes. 

Some development teams might use Scrum as a method to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This lets you have the first basic version ready in a few weeks for you to assess and launch. These basic features and working demo allows clients to monitor the progress and offer feedback. 

Not only will this allow you to have ready products, but your mobile developers can stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in the long term.

Strong Foresight

Do you know what makes some apps more popular than others? You’ll find it interesting to discover that aside from them being an awesome piece of software, they are also developed at the right time. 

Right timing is an important skill to have in mobile application development. Today, a perfectly built mobile app launched at the wrong time can turn out badly for you. A competent app developer can see into the future and understand what the market needs and when they need it. 

As a startup, your ability to foresee the demand of the market and put yourself in a position to provide such demand will help you stand out above the competition. For mobile developers, you can cultivate that sense of foresight by keeping yourself abreast of what’s happening in the tech market.


A skilled app developer works great on their own and within a team setting. This is because mobile development requires teamwork to develop an app that works. To nurture teamwork within the team, encourage consistent communication and reliable organization skills in each member.

High-Level Technical Proficiency

It’s hard to expect an impressive outcome if the app developer is not tech-savvy. For your mobile app to dominate the app market, then your mobile developer’s skills should equally stand out as well. 

The best way for app developers to increase their technical expertise is to immerse themselves in anything related to software and app development. They stand to benefit from studying online courses, attending webinars and workshops and working with mentors, etc. 

They have a distinct mental aptitude to learn new things and continuously enhance their skills. This helps them to handle any mobile dev projects seamlessly and ensure that the apps are bug-free and well-designed.


Is your mobile app designed with the user’s usability and experience in mind? Your mobile developer should know basic UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) concepts. When designing a mobile app, they keep the design and functionality user-focused so that users will find it intuitive and easy to use. 

To find out if they have a background in UI/UX, check their portfolio, download, and use the app to assess if it meets your standards of quality when it comes to user experience.

Expert in Cross-Platform Development

We can’t stress enough how important it is for your mobile developer to be highly skilled at cross-platform development. While there’s nothing wrong with being skilled on only one platform, the advantages are plentiful when your developer is knowledgeable on cross-platform development. 

Additionally, if you decide to build an app using cross-platform development, this saves you money and time because you don’t need to hire additional staff to develop an app on a different platform. It allows you to reuse the code easily and synchronize them across all platforms. This leads to less time developing the app since you don’t need to do that separately for every platform.


You’re not only hiring a mobile app developer for their expertise alone. You want your hiring decision to translate into revenue-generating results. What this means is that your mobile developer should be able to see the bigger picture—beyond what the app can offer. 

They understand business-speak and are not afraid to speak your language. A skilled mobile developer understands why you need to build this technology in the first place. They believe in developing a software product that engages well with your customers while also generating revenues to support its growth. 

With deliberate effort and dedication in the development process, your mobile developer can guide you to accomplish your desired goals.

Hire the Best Mobile Developers for your Project

These positive qualities should help you select the right candidate for your mobile app development project. As you can see, the qualities listed are not mutually exclusive; they can overlap and complement each other to bring you the most results in your startup endeavor.

If you have a huge project that necessitates a long-term commitment, then you need an offshore mobile development company with a solid recruitment process. 

An offshore development company does all the process for you, so you can focus on growing your business. Here at Full Scale, we take the headache out of hiring a web developer specific to your software business. We have a pool of mobile app developers to help mobilize your project. To get started, let us know how we can help achieve the right results for your business!

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