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Linkedin Marketing for Startup Companies
2020-11-20 /

LinkedIn Marketing for Startups

Social media has changed the landscape of digital marketing in the past decades. We have LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook ads, Instagram promotions, and more. Scrolling through different online platforms feels like a digital equivalent of walking around town seeing ads for job postings, sales, promotions, and listings among others.

For startups where the setting is more niche-centered, it is important to curate your profile wisely especially for social media marketing. This involves selecting the right audience, linking with the right connections, and composing your content to expand your reach. 

Other social media platforms already incorporate similar marketing workflows. However, businesses use LinkedIn for reasons and benefits only reaped through the platform’s marketing solutions.

LinkedIn as a Digital Marketing Platform

There are several reasons why businesses opt to use LinkedIn as a marketing platform. With more than 675 million professionals and 30 million companies onboard, there is a wide audience that you can reach and connect with.

There are LinkedIn tools that prove to be very valuable for businesses that market themselves in the platform. Whatever the size and type of business, you can optimize LinkedIn to benefit your business.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Currently, LinkedIn has expanded its platform to accommodate businesses and people who want to use it for marketing. Similar to social media platforms, LinkedIn has made tools available for page creation, analytics, and advertising. Here are some LinkedIn Marketing Solutions that startups can use.

LinkedIn Pages 

LinkedIn Pages offers businesses to set up their LinkedIn page. This enables businesses to curate a digital front for potential connections, interactions, and promotions. 

You can engage with your connections on LinkedIn pages such as posting updates and responding to messages. LinkedIn virtual events solution allows you to connect with your audience in real-time. You also can engage with your team through LinkedIn pages by resharing their content. Additionally, they can share your page’s posts to funnel organic reach.

LinkedIn Ads

Another effective LinkedIn Marketing tool is LinkedIn ads. This is where you can curate your startup content based on your objective.

LinkedIn Ads offer multiple types of ads that fit any kind of campaign. For example, you can produce sponsored content that will appear on LinkedIn feeds of users set as the target audience. Similarly, you can broadcast sponsored messages that will be sent to your audience’s inbox.

On top of that, you can also execute Text and Dynamic Ads that can be customized to set up your Startup for marketing success.

LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager

This panel in LinkedIn marketing solutions is where you streamline your marketing efforts. Campaign Manager allows you to create, measure, and optimize your campaign on one page.

Startups: How to market on LinkedIn?

With powerful marketing tools designed for businesses and startups, you can set your company up for success! These tools can be optimized when you execute your campaign properly. To do this, there are things you could put in mind.

Here are some tips to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Create your LinkedIn Page

The first step is creating a LinkedIn page for your startup. This will be your startup’s front in terms of an online presence. Its role is to allow connections and potential audiences to learn more about your company.

Establish and Refine your Profile

It is important to establish a profile because that you will be known for. Incorporate branding and taglines that your startup might have come up with. Introduce a brand voice or personality to your audience so they can build themselves around it.

While doing so, continuously update and refine your page. Aim for 100% profile completeness. You may post achievements, milestones, skills, and most importantly, your product.

Define your Objectives and Audience

To establish your startup further, you should define what you want to do and who you’ll do it for. Targeting is always key.

Knowing what you want to do makes it easier for you to define your audience. For example, if you have a software development company, your audience and objectives should target those with “software developer” in their profiles. If you ace this part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy, it will generate better leads for your startup.

Incorporate SEO principles

Aside from targeting your audience, you could also let the audience look for you. This is achievable through a well-optimized LinkedIn company page. You have to make sure that your page is easy to search to lead potential connections straight to you.

How do you do this? You can use basic SEO principles in curating your page and creating content. Here are some things to know:

  • Keywords are key. Insert and incorporate keywords & key phrases that are relevant to your startup. You may include them in your About Page or posts.
  • Link to LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn buttons or links on your website that redirects to your LinkedIn page. Having your page linked from various sources can boost your search ranking. Aside from that, make sure your employees’ profiles are updated and linked to your page.
  • Share relevant content. Maintain your page activity by sharing and posting often. Keep your content engaging enough to make readers share it with others. More posts mean more engagement. The more engagement you have, the higher your page will rank on search engines.

Expand your Reach and Engagement

Start growing your followers so your posts will directly appear on their feeds. You can do this by adding a Follow button on your blog or website. You can also invite your connections to like your page. Never forget to add links to your page on your messages, emails, and posts.

Use rich media such as photos, videos, slides, PDFs, and Kudos & team moments on your posts. The audience tends to engage more on visuals. Make sure that they are interesting and relatable. We often opt to make them look like sales ads but they should spark some form of interest. This allows a more organic boost and reach from your followers.

You can also continue to highlight your best content such as achievements and milestones. Boost the content through sponsored ads or messaging. Success is very attractive, in terms of marketing.

Use LinkedIn Ads and Campaign Manager

Achieve your goals with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. LinkedIn provides you opportunities to create ads and manage analytics through the Campaign Manager.

This allows you to use data generated from your ads for analytics. You can assess which areas you can improve and which ones are doing well. Get to know how your campaigns are performing by seeing real-time metrics and engagement.

Through the Campaign Manager, you’ll also be able to set a budget for your campaigns and forecast results for your campaign objectives. These tools are available to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Hire Skilled & Competent Individuals

Every startup needs to build a team made up of skilled individuals. This makes a more attractive marketing point once you introduce your company and team.

For startup companies, digital presence is all the more important especially in this age of technology. Moving forward, people will browse for opportunities for business online. This should encourage you to build an online presence through websites and pages.

Then again, without marketing, there is no point in aiming for success. You need to hire SEO and content writing experts to boost your online presence.

At Full Scale, we are here to help startups grow. Through our Guided Development, we allow startups to work with our roster of skilled professionals while gaining full control of the vision of the product.

For software development needs, our pool of developers, development managers, QA specialists, and data scientists are ready to help elevate your business using relevant technology.

We also have a team of experts in digital marketing to streamline your content and copywriting needs. Whether it’s for social media, blogs, multimedia, or SEO marketing, we have it covered.

Interested so far? Contact us for more information. We are just one message away!

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