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List of the Best IT Companies in the Philippines
2021-10-10 /

Top IT Companies in the Philippines

When outsourcing your IT needs, it’s important to work with a reliable partner in the industry. Here are the top IT companies in the Philippines that are worth the investment.

In today’s digital era, more and more businesses rely on digital technologies to enhance their processes. Unfortunately, some companies focus less on managing their IT concerns until it affects their operations. Cybersecurity threats, downtimes, data loss, website crashes are common IT problems that will cost companies millions of dollars if not dealt with. 

Hence, it makes sense for business owners to take their IT needs seriously before it’s too late. One way to do that is to hire an IT support company. Essentially, these companies provide technical and business expertise to help clients manage and optimize their resources

So now the question remains—where do you find an IT services company that matches your business needs? 

You can start in the Philippines.

As an archipelagic Southeast Asian country, the Philippines is one of the top providers of highly skilled IT professionals. It helps that almost everyone in the country speaks English fluently. So, it’s no surprise why many global companies today offshore their IT services in this small archipelago.

Best IT Companies in the Philippines for Outsourcing

There are hundreds of information technology companies in the country to date. Sifting through each one would be a nightmare. Worry not!  We have curated a list of the Philippines’ top-tier global IT organizations you might want to consider.

Full Scale

Full Scale is the brainchild of two of Kansas City’s legendary tech entrepreneurs, Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson. In 2018, the co-founders joined forces to solve a glaring shortage of skilled software experts in the USA. Hence, Full Scale was born to help startups build their development team without breaking the bank. 

As a company “for founders by founders,” they provide end-to-end software resources to help clients scale their businesses quickly.  In addition, clients can choose to hire one or a dedicated software development team—sans a long-term contract.

Fast forward to 2021, the former team of two is now 200+ strong; attracting more remote IT professionals from around the country. Whether you have a small business or a huge enterprise, Full Scale speaks your language. Get your free quote to know more about their software services.


Established in 1991, Lexmark is an innovative provider of printing and imaging products and solutions. With over 170 countries served worldwide, they are a global leader in the print and digital hardware industry. 

Lexmark’s corporate headquarter is in Kentucky, with offshore offices in other locations. Notable among them is their Research and Development and Shared Services operations in Cebu, Philippines.

From firmware engineers to IT security analysts, they employ skilled talent in Cebu and beyond. Even with new competitors in the market, Lexmark remains among the top IT companies in the Philippines today.

Dev Partners

When searching for remote Filipino tech talent, most clients immediately flock to either Manila or Cebu. These places are the usual go-to hubs for anything technology. However, you’ll be remiss if you don’t go down south of the country. 

Nestled in the southeastern Mindanao region, Dev Partners is a promising contender in the Philippines’ competitive IT landscape. They provide high-quality software resources to remote clients. Also, they focus on long-term value by simplifying the overall recruitment process of highly skilled talent. 

While other outsourcing firms promise low prices, Dev Partners go the route less traveled. They specialize in building exceptional software teams at reasonable rates. Moreover, working with them is relatively simple. They provide a straightforward approach when clients hire an IT support company.

Code Ninja

If you want to create the next innovative thing, then Code Ninja says, “Hello.” Built in 2010, Code Ninja is a best-in-class IT company in Quezon City. Founders of ImportGenius, Flexport, and Buildzoom own and operate this tech company. 

Intersecting innovation with building a profitable business may present some challenges for business owners. More so if you’re building a startup. So, this is where Code Ninja comes in. Their powerhouse team of IT and customer success professionals bring their expertise to create optimum results for their clients. 

Novare Technologies

Last but definitely not the least is Novare Technologies. Originally, they were a software development arm of Micro-D International (a systems integrator pioneer) in 2007. Today, they have grown from a lean to a growing team of software developers, data scientists, and IT innovators.

Operating on a mantra, “Think Build Run,” Novare dares to innovate tech experiences for their clients. Their 12 years of experience allows them to leverage big data, apps, AI, and machine learning so clients can go to market faster.

In 2019, they bagged the Agile and Digital Workforce Partner of the Year Award, an annual recognition Globe Telecom gave to its partners.

Which of these IT Companies in the Philippines fits your software needs

While the choices for a Philippine IT vendor seem endless, these are a few we’ve gathered for your convenience. Fortunately, the country’s IT industry shows no sign of slowing down. It will only continue to grow—attracting more foreign investments while providing many jobs for its skilled IT professionals. 

When choosing a software outsourcing partner, work with a tech company with years of proven expertise in offshoring IT services. There’s no going around experience. It gives you the peace of mind to take the next step at scaling your business. So, it’s essential to do your due diligence before signing any agreement. Ask for referrals, check for case studies, and look for legitimate testimonials. 

Here at Full Scale, we make it possible for businesses to assemble their software teams remotely. That’s right! You don’t need to go through the tedious hiring process. We manage all phases of the recruitment, from screening to onboarding, so you don’t have to. 

Ready to get the ball rolling for your software IT projects? Get started with a FREE consultation with us today. 

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