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How to Choose a Coding Language for your Platform

Coding language is integral in building an application or software. It is a language that allows you to give instructions to technology in a form that the computer understands. With different coding languages you can find online, which language is best suited for your platform?

Language is essential because it is the primary tool of communication between people. But what about machines such as the computer? How can people command the computer? Enter coding languages.

Coding language is what developers use to efficiently build and create robust programs and solutions such as mobile applications, web applications, and even games. All software runs through a programming language. These languages are unique and designed for a particular operating system, platform, and coding style.

Similar to human languages, computer language is varied. Instead of vocabularies and alphabets, computers use syntax and semantics.

But how will you know which one to use?

How to Choose Your Coding Language?

Different platforms require different coding languages. A web application uses specific languages different from that of a desktop application. To know your platform’s best coding language, you must first identify your platform and acknowledge the different coding languages.

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Identify your platform

Before setting your mind on a particular language, ask yourself: “Which platform shall I run my application?” This question is not something you should ignore. Without a definite platform, you can’t decide on a programming language.

Keep in mind that these languages are best in their different platforms. For your application, you need to think over and over whether you are focusing on Apple or Android products.

Apple products may us Object-C as the best program; for Android, you might consider Java and C++.

If you are building a responsive website, JavaScript and PHP are the most common coding languages you’ll find.

What are these languages? How do I know that the languages mentioned are best for that platform? Then it’s time you meet and greet the popular coding languages.

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Familiarize the Most Popular Coding Language in Use

If you want to know all the programming languages, you will probably get your brains toasted. There are too many of them for you to study all. The best way is to be familiar with each language and its use.

This article will find the most popular coding languages that experienced developers or even non-technical people know.


Objective-C is another object-oriented programming language based on the C language, one of the basic coding languages.  Apple developers use this coding language. It is mainly to develop mobile apps for iOS and OS X. Though it is considered the right language for iOS development, it is limited to that platform alone. It cannot develop apps for other platforms such as Android.


Here is another object-oriented programming language, which is an enhancement of the C programming language. This coding system is used to develop software, video games, and many more.

C++ can develop apps for Windows and Linux, as well as video games and mobile applications. It is highly portable across multiple devices. Unlike Objective-C, C++ is not limited to iOS alone since it is supported by Apple Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.


This language is trendy among developers, especially for beginners. JavaScript is the only language embedded in all web browsers. That is why it is efficient for frontend website development and gaming development.

Using JavaScript, you can create a  website that can gather and check username availability once the user inputs the information, preventing the need to reload the page. It can also build an autocomplete function on the website, fix layout issues, and enhance HTML text boxes, so users have a combination of presets.


Python is an advanced, object-oriented programming language. This popular coding language is commonly used by employees in information technology, engineering, professional services, and design.

Almost every seasoned, and even beginners, know about Python. A lot of developers find Python easy to learn. What’s more, is that its flexibility is very evident. It is highly suitable for web and internet development in frameworks, microframeworks, and advanced content management systems. This efficient language is also favorable for scientific and numeric computing.


Do not be confused between Java and JavaScript because they are in no way related to each other. Java has a range of potential uses, being a high-level programming language.

Java coding language is ideal if you are building a website. This language lets your users play online games, upload pictures, take virtual tours, and even use interactive maps. Also, Java is the basis for Android.

Ruby/Ruby on Rails

Ruby is an open-sourced and object-oriented scripting language. You can use Ruby independently or use Ruby in Rails web framework. It is a blend of Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp, which are programming languages. Through Ruby, you can build simulations and robust web applications used by employers in technology, engineering, professional services, design, science, and quality control.

Ruby specializes in web application development, robotics, networking, system administration, and security.


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an open-source scripting language written within HTML.

This language is one of the go-to technologies for creating web pages that can effectively work with databases.

This most used coding language is ideal for web application development, server-side scripting, and command-line scripting.

PHP developers can generate dynamic page content, collect form data, and also send and receive cookies. PHP can also create, open, read, write, and close files on the server. But there’s more. This competent programming language can restrict users from accessing some pages on your website.

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Do You Have Capable Developers?

To choose the best coding language to learn or use, you need to identify your platform and be familiar with the different programming languages. Now that you have a particular language in mind, you will need a capable developer.

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