How to Hire .NET Developer

How to Find and Hire .NET Developers

Developers, in general, are difficult to find in the US. With the shortage of talent, it’s hard to find programmers who specialize in a specific programming language. If you want your company to succeed, you need the right set of people with the right skillset.  Find out where and how you can hire.NET developers.

What is .NET?

.NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source development platform for building various types of applications. With .NET, you can use several programming languages, editors, and libraries to build application models for the web, mobile, desktop, gaming, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things.

With .NET, you can use these cross-platform implementations to handle comprehensive tasks:

  • The .NET Core is an implementation for console apps, servers and websites on Linux, macOS and Windows.
  • The .NET Framework is a software framework that supports websites, services, desktop apps, and other types of applications on Windows.
  • The Xamarin/Mono is a .NET implementation for running apps on major mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Skills to look for in a .NET developer

If it’s your first time to find .NET developers for your company’s .NET developer jobs, you should know the skills you need from these developers. The essential skills that a .NET developer should preferably have:

.NET Framework

A deep understanding of this software framework is essential for .NET developers because it helps them to refer to the knowledge they have of the framework when they have to develop troubleshooting solutions for problems that they will encounter in their development work.


.NET developers can use this open-source web application framework to easily and efficiently design and develop well-crafted web applications. They can benefit from the ASP.NET updated client-side web technologies, and the framework also enables fast-paced connections and development between client-side development and back-end development.


.NET developers with advanced knowledge and skills in databases are sought after in the job market. It’s advisable for them to learn and have expertise in SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MySQL because these databases are commonly used in connection with the .NET.

Full-stack development

Knowledge in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and JQuery makes a .NET developer more flexible in taking on various tasks in the project. The more extensive the developer’s knowledge about a client-side framework, the more likely the developer can understand and create various features of an application.

How to find .NET developers

Hiring .NET developers would not be difficult if you know where to find them. Searching through online resources is the fastest and most efficient way to find the developers you need.

The primary benefit of online sources is the much larger number of applicants since many developers prefer to post their resumes online; there is also a wide variety of online platforms you can use.

The types of online sources where you can find and hire developers are developer/programmer community forums, job boards and employment websites, and freelancing platforms. Let’s discuss further some of these online sources.

Community forums

Stack Overflow

This is a question and answer site for developers and it is the largest online community where they can learn and share knowledge about IT, and build up their job networks.

Stack Overflow has a job section that lets developers post online resumes and their other job qualifications. Employers can post job postings and they can also search for candidates from the site’s database of developers.

Programmers Heaven

This forum has versatile groups of developers skilled in a wide variety of programming languages and software frameworks. Programmers Heaven has a “Jobs Available” section where employers can advertise job postings, and a “Jobs Wanted” section where developers post their resumes and the jobs they need.

GitHub Jobs

The GitHub job board is focused on IT talent and for a minimal fee, an employer can post job listings that will be viewed by GitHub’s huge software developer community.

The GitHub community has over 28 million users that range from junior, mid-level, and senior developers with many of them having exceptional skills and extensive work experiences.

Freelancing platforms


This is the largest freelancing marketplace in the world with 12 million registered freelancers. An employer can directly interview, hire and work with freelancers.

In Upwork, you can hire freelance developers for various tasks from simple coding work to long-term contracts such as complex software development projects.


A freelancing platform that connects businesses with software developers, graphics designers, and other IT professionals.

Toptal has a strict system of personality, language, and skills testing to screen job candidates and accept only the top 3% of the candidates who pass their screening processes. This ensures that employers will only screen the most skilled and highly qualified job applicants for their projects.


Unlike a traditional freelancing platform, Freelancer is a global crowdsourcing marketplace that allows employers to post jobs on the site that freelancers can then bid to complete. The website allows employers to host and enter contests for projects or works in which prize money is offered as a reward.

A freelancer who bids for a project and completes it according to a client’s requirements and deadline receives the award. The Freelancer site is a good place to hire freelance developers because of its large roster of IT talent.


This site is different from other freelancer platforms because it holds skills contests for its registered freelancers, and allows them to create their own job postings.

In PeoplePerHour, employers can easily post job listings, contact freelancers, and pay for them through the site’s safe and secure payment system.

Employment websites or Job boards


The job website with the highest traffic of unique visitors in the U.S. because it accumulates job listings from thousands of websites that include professional associations, company career pages, employment sites, and recruitment staffing agencies.

The Indeed website also collects job listings from sites where developers post their resumes such as community forums and code sharing sites.

Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and SimplyHired

The Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and SimplyHired sites are the most popular job websites in terms of the number of unique monthly visitors. Each of those five websites has its own U.S. and international versions.

You can search and find thousands of software developers on those employment sites including numerous .NET developers with varying levels of skills and work experience.

Job boards

Employers list their open job positions and accept job applications from candidates through the online job boards. There are several job boards that specialize in IT professions.

Dice is one of the leading job boards that specialize in IT tech jobs. Other job boards that specialize in programmers and developers are CrunchBoard, ITJobPro, and TechCareers.

Hire .NET developers from Full Scale

Offshoring is one of the best ways to hire. .NET developers because you can enlist the services of an offshore services company like Full Scale to provide you with a team of developers who have the necessary skills and experience to work on your projects.

Full Scale’s Guided Development program is our unique principle of how we work with our clients. We provide you with a dedicated team of software developers who will work directly with you on a daily basis, and you will guide their development efforts. Contact us to know more about how we can help you build your development team.


The real challenge on how to hire and find .NET developers is selecting the right people that you need for your projects. The rights candidates should possess employable characteristics such as proper education and training, comprehensive technical skills, and adequate work experience, directly participating in several clients’ projects, problem-solving skills, and soft skills such as adaptability and flexibility for facing challenges and roadblocks in their tasks. These characteristics should be your main considerations in selecting .NET developers that you need.

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