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Hey there! You’ve probably bounced from one website to another looking for the best offshore .NET developers. If our SEO strategy serves us right, we could be the first website you clicked.

Regardless, you’re here and you don’t need to look any further. At Full Scale, we are packed with offshore .NET developers who are ready for deployment. Let’s get to it and discuss why you should hire .NET developers from the Philippines.

.NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source development platform for building many different types of applications. This Microsoft development platform has long been one of the top platforms for building enterprise software applications.

With the use of .NET, you can use multiple programming languages, editors, and libraries to build application models for the web, mobile, desktop, gaming, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of things (IoT). NET is the most productive platform for software developers because it helps them develop high-quality applications much faster.

Offshore .NET Developers Are in High Demand!

The IT industry is booming worldwide resulting in a massive shortage of IT talent in the USA, UK, Australia, and many other countries. With the recent release of .NET Core and open sourcing of most of the entire platform, there’s no denying that .NET developers are now in high demand.

Many IT companies are taking advantage of the new .NET Core running on Linux, and are now leveraging offshore ..NET developers from other countries to scale up their software development teams.

Why Hire an Offshore .NET Developer? 4 Reasons

If you are intending to offshore your .NET developers, the Philippines is an excellent place to do so. Most people always think of India when it comes to hiring offshore software developers.

But it’s actually beneficial to hire from the Philippines. So, you ask, “why hire an offshore .NET developer?” from this country. Good question. It’s actually one of the top destinations worldwide for offshoring software development, call centers, data entry, and other types of business processes.

Here are some advantages of hiring NET developers in the Philippines:

Excellent communication skills

The Philippines is one of the most English-proficient countries in Asia. From kindergarten until college, English is the primary instruction language. In 2017, the Philippines had an EF English Proficiency Index score of 60.59 and rank #15 among 80 countries in the world.

Western-style of culture

The Philippines was a U.S. territory for 48 years so that its culture deeply embedded itself into Filipino culture that is still prevalent today. American culture and influence in terms of clothing style, films, food, TV shows, sports, and music are prevalent in Philippine society.

Large talented pool of developers

The Philippines’ public and private higher education systems produced about 82,794 engineering and technology graduates and 73,646 information technology graduates from 2016 to 2017.

Many software developers in the country are well-versed in programming languages such as .NET and Java, legacy applications, and application development.

Affordable developer rates

The average yearly pay of a .NET software developer in the Philippines is PHP 356,836 ($6,635) per year, while the average yearly pay of a .NET software developer in the U.S. is $66,953 per year.

You get more than 70% savings in labor costs for hiring a developer in the Philippines doing the same type of work as a developer in the U.S.

Why Hire Offshore .Net Developer from Full Scale

When you have decided to offshore your .NET developers in the Philippines, your next step is to choose an offshoring company that can provide you with a team of developers who have the necessary skills and experience to work on your projects.

One of the best offshore providers you will find is our company, Full Scale, based in Cebu City, Philippines. We can help you find .NET developers to scale up your local team in the U.S. We can help you convert your existing projects to .NET Core or build brand new products using new technologies.

Full Scale is located in the Philippines but is managed out of Kansas City, USA. We provide companies all over the world access to the top .NET developers in the Philippines. We can help you recruit and build your own talented team of developers. Our goal is to help you extend and augment your existing team.

We can support your in-house team with additional remote developers that work out of our office in Cebu City. The remote developers all work directly with you, and you can lead and direct their day-to-day work activities.

Hire for Experience and Competency

We have hired many employees who previously worked for leading companies like IBM, Lexmark, NCR, Accenture, and other large companies. Hiring talented .NET developers in the Philippines is something we can definitely help you with!

Full Scale has been hiring software developers in the Philippines since 2009. We are very good at recruiting and retaining top software developers. Our goal is to help you build your very own talented team of .NET developers.

We provide world-class office facilities, high-end laptops, and many other office perks like free parking, meals, snacks, drinks, and even a weekly massage. We also pay competitively and commonly pay a little over market rate to ensure we can attract the top talent. Our goal is to recruit and retain top talent long term for your team.

Full Scale takes care of all the HR concerns and provides full benefits. This includes paid time offs, paid holidays, and health insurance. Our goal is to make hiring and managing an offshore development team as simple as possible.

Full Scale’s Guided Development

Full Scale’s Guided Development is our unique principle of how we work with our clients. We provide you with a dedicated team of software developers who will work directly with you on a daily basis, and you will guide their development efforts.

You still control and manage your project, while we take care of everything related to finding talented developers and providing them with the resources needed to succeed. We believe they should be tightly integrated into your existing team just like any other employee of your company.

Additionally, we implemented guided development as an important principle of our business because based on what we have seen, some offshore development companies will force you to work through a project manager and may never give you direct access to the developers on your project. We believe this is a terrible idea.

Here at Full Scale, we want the developers to be seen as employees dedicated to your company, just like any other employee would be. You will have full access to guide the projects they are working on and make them an integral part of your team.

However, for some clients, if you would prefer consolidating communication with your offshore team through a project manager, that is something that we can arrange and set up as well.

How to Hire .NET Developers with Full Scale

Working with Full Scale to hire .NET developers is easy. You just tell us exactly what level of experience you are looking for along with any special skill sets. This could include things like Angular or React. We then do all the recruiting to find you the developers that you need. It typically takes us two to six weeks to recruit and build your team.

Most teams usually consist of a mix of senior, mid-level, and junior .NET developers. We can also provide you with QA and project management resources. We can help you build teams of any size.

Our developers are highly skilled at using C# and creating enterprise-grade ASP.NET web applications. Many of the .NET developers that we hire also have experience with .NET Core, SQL Server, Angular, React, Windows Azure, and other common technologies that are part of the modern Microsoft stack.

If you believe that offshoring your .NET developers from the Philippines is an ideal business model for your software development needs, then choose us, Full Scale, as your offshoring partner. We will be your valuable business partner so we can work together to help meet your business goals by successfully completing your projects.

Proof of our successful business partnership with other companies is our long-term partnerships with GigaBook and Stackify, with whom we have helped to establish their offshoring operations in Cebu City, Philippines. Contact us to know more about our offshoring services.

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