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How Full Scale Solves Your Software Development Problems

Building software is a long and complicated process. You’ll encounter several software development problems from the get-go. Some issues may be worse than others, and they can even be detrimental to the project. This is why having reliable experts is crucial.

Today, we’ll look at how Full Scale acts as a software development partner. We’ll discuss what the common software development problems are and how Full Scale tackles them head-on. 

Common Software Development Problems for Businesses

If you’re a non-technical founder or if it’s your business’ first venture into tech, building software from scratch may be an overwhelming endeavor. It doesn’t help that the odds are not in your favor. A study done by The Standish Group reports that only 23% of software development projects succeed.

Nonetheless, you can increase your chances of success by learning more about the entire software development lifecycle process. Knowing the potential hurdles firsthand will help you prepare for them better.

To begin, we first need to identify what are the common challenges in building software.

#1 Defining Requirements

One of the most common issues in software development has to do with the requirements. Setting requirements is the first phase of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to kick off the entire process. Unfortunately, this early stage can already be a major roadblock for companies.

“If you don’t have the details, you’re going to fail.”

Matt Watson

Technical and non-technical founders alike can unknowingly lead their projects off the map by giving wrong or insufficient requirements. For non-technical founders, it will be difficult to estimate the scope of a project and give specifications on what features they’d like to start with. And technical founders can make the mistake of becoming too excited about adding features that they end up with a scope creep instead.

This is why it’s important to have seasoned experts who can discuss both the technical and business aspects of the requirements. Full Scale helps out its clients by translating tech jargon to business stakeholders and helping them strategize with their projects. Our software professionals can help you brainstorm ideas, develop, organize, and eventually implement them.

Want to learn more about defining requirements? We talk more about it on the Startup Hustle podcast. Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson share their insights on the SDLC stages.

#2 Finding Talent

The next software development problem we’ll tackle is hiring the right group of people to do the job. Finding qualified experts is not a walk in the park. In fact, it can be a total nightmare with the talent shortage in the US. This is why Full Scale has tapped a wider talent pool to provide businesses with more talents.

Full Scale developers have been thoroughly tested and vetted during the recruitment process. Our assessment looks at more than just technical proficiency. We also evaluate soft skills to see if the applicant is a good fit for the work culture.

Here are the advantages of working with Full Scale experts:

Full Scale Developers Solve Software Development Problems
How Full Scale Solves Your Software Development Problems 1

Full-time, Dedicated Talent

Our developers will work on your project full-time. They will be completely focused on completing deliverables on a specific timeline. Unlike hiring freelancers or part-timers, you will get a dedicated team that will deliver their assigned tasks.

No Long-term Contracts

We offer our clients flexible terms based on their needs. You don’t have to commit to long-term contracts.

Time Zone Overlaps

One of the reasons businesses hesitate to outsource their software development is because of the time difference. With Full Scale, you won’t have to worry about communication gaps. Our developers follow schedules that ensure overlap with the client. They also follow proper documentation protocols such as daily reports to keep everyone up to date no matter what time of day it is.

No Recruiter Fees

As our motto goes, “We help you build software teams quickly and affordably.” We already have a pool of talent available for deployment, so that we won’t charge extra for recruitment.

IP Protection

We value our client’s security, therefore, we instill strong data privacy measures to protect all your sensitive information. Your privacy is our top priority whenever you’re working with us.

Managing Teams

As previously mentioned, Full Scale helps you assemble and manage your software development team. Our job is to find, interview, vet, hire, and manage all the time-consuming HR headaches for your team. We take a consultative approach to talent selection and building a well-rounded team.

But of course, as a client, you would still be involved every step of the way. Our Floor Managers check in with you and your team regularly. We follow a circular communication model that helps drive results and spot issues early on. To facilitate this, we have developed our internal system that will make it easy for clients to access information about their team.

Full Scale Dashboard
How Full Scale Solves Your Software Development Problems 2

Through our platform, you can:

  • Search for talent
  • Review profiles and test scores
  • Schedule your interviews
  • Add and/or drop team members
  • Review daily reports, timeclocks, and more

#3 Completing the Project

Lastly, perhaps the most common issue in software development is dealing with disruptions that often lead to incomplete projects. Some businesses have to deal with a lack of resources, unexpected expenses, sudden loss of team members, sudden changes in the development plan, etc.

At Full Scale, we guarantee to see things all the way to successful deployment. We deliver on what we promise. We’ve worked on more than 800 projects and counting. Through the years, we’ve anticipated the common disruptions that happen mid-development and have adapted to them successfully.

Additionally, through our rigorous screening process, we guarantee a competent team equipped with the level of skills necessary to complete your project activities.

Build Your Team With Full Scale

Starting a business is a journey all on its own. Full Scale started out as a startup to simply solve our own problem: accessing talented and affordable developers. Our founders, Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson, wanted to address the skill shortage problem in the IT industry. They created a system that enables businesses to assemble their software development team easily.

We’ve assisted a number of businesses throughout the years in reaching their full potential. Over the years, we had enormous growth, and today we are now one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.

So, want to tap into Full Scale’s talent pool?

Full Scale caters to large corporations and startups. Our mission is to help you scale your operations quickly and affordably. We’ll assemble the top talents for your software development projects. Our seasoned developers and other software specialists are trained and ready to be deployed.

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