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2021 Roadmap for Front-End Web Developers
2021-06-26 /

The Front-End Web Developers Roadmap for 2021

Building a website or app’s user interface is the responsibility of a front-end web developer’. However, technology continues to progress so a front-end web developer’s tasks have become more dynamic. This article provides a roadmap for front-developers for 2021.

Over the last five years or so, web development has changed a lot. These days, front-end development is no longer about solely creating interactive static websites. On that note, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are not enough with the evolving user demand.

Nowadays, with the advent of new technologies, front-end web developers have more tools to work with. In addition, the rise of React and other new frameworks gives web developers more options in creating web apps.

This piece will briefly discuss what a front-end web developer is and the skills you need to focus on this 2021.

What is a Front-End Developer?

Before discussing what a front-end web developer is, we have to define what front-end web development is. Front-end development involves developing websites and applications. Known as client-side development,  it uses tools and frameworks such as JavaScript and CSS.

Thus, front-end web developers must ensure that users can interact with the website. Furthermore, the site must present information in a user-friendly format.

However, front-end web development faces many challenges. One example is that users operate different devices, with varying sizes and resolutions. Thus, front-end web developers have to factor in platforms, browsers, and devices in their planning.

Responsibilities of Front-End Developers

To achieve the objectives of front-end web development, here are the responsibilities of a front-end web developer:

  • To determine the design and structure of the web design.
  • Develop features to enhance user experience.
  • Make sure that design choices improve the user experience.
  • Must strike a balance between functionality and design.
  • Optimize web design for smartphones and other devices.
  • Ensure to optimize web pages for scalability and speed.
  • Make use of different markup languages to code web pages.
  • Create reusable code.
  • Maintain brand consistency throughout the whole process.

To fulfill these responsibilities, front-end web developers work with a team. Thus, they work with back-end developers, graphic designers, and user experience (UX) designers. Finally, the team must work together to ensure that all the web creation elements are consistent.

Top Skills A Front-End Developer Needed in 2021

With all the responsibilities and ever-evolving technologies, front-end web developers need the following skills in 2021:

Master Front-End Frameworks

As stated earlier, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are no longer enough. Market demands and needs are evolving. Static websites and web apps do not satisfy end-users as they used to. Frameworks are now the more popular tools that front-end web developers use to build interactive websites.

Vue and React are becoming the most popular frameworks that front-end web developers deploy in the past years. Both frameworks feature many functionalities such as code reusability, adaptability, and detailed documentation. In addition, Vue and React are easy to learn.

Therefore, in 2021, a front-end web developer should add Vue and React to their skillset.

Learn How to Do Testing

When doing personal projects, some developers may avoid testing. However, when working for a company, testing is mandatory. Hence, it is advisable to know the different types of testing: Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Functional Tests, etc. Plus, there are two ways to do the testing process—manual and automated testing

Moreover, there are many tools that a front-end web developer can use for testing. For example, you can test your React frameworks using Jest, Cypress, or React-testing-library. On the other hand, use Bit, Vue Test Utils, and Vue Performance DevTools when using Vue.

Many companies are looking for developers who are knowledgeable in testing. Therefore, testing is a great skill to add as a front-end web developer.

Use Static Site Generators (SSG)

As its name suggests, these generators are tools that help produce static HTML pages. They use templates, data, and components to make a static HTML page at build time before deploying the web app. Also, the page behaves like a single-page application.

Thus, SSGs are an excellent way to combine single-page applications and server-side rendering. As a result, front-end web developers will have an easier time updating the site. Depending on the frameworks that you are using, there are many SSG tools that you can learn, such as:

  • for Vue:
    • Nuxt.js
    • Gridsome
  • for React:
    • Gatsby
    • Next.js

Add JAMstack to Your Skills

To break it down, JAMstack means JavaScript (for front-end), APIs (for back-end), and Markup (the prebuild markup during or at build time). It is a website architecture that helps in building websites with emerging technologies. Websites created using JAMstack perform better and are faster. Plus, the websites are more secure and scalable.

In addition, more hosts, such as Netlify and Vercel, are supporting applications built using JAMstack. Furthermore, because JAMstack applications and websites deliver a great user experience, many companies are using them. Without a doubt, learning JAMstack is a must for front-end web developers in 2021.

Learn How to Build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

More and more companies are deploying progressive web apps. Because they work offline, get push notifications, install them on home screens, etc., PWAs provide a great user experience. Additionally, PWAs are reliable, fast, and engaging.

These are just some of the reasons why many companies are using PWAs. That is why learning how to build progressive web apps is a skill that all front-end web developers need to master in 2021.


Just like how technology and market demand evolves, front-end web developer also needs to upgrade their skills. To keep up, front-end web developers should continue studying and learning. Thus, learning new technologies and tools related to front-end web development is very important.

The skills and tools stated above are just some of the in-demand expertise in 2021. By having these skills, you will be steps ahead of your competitors.

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