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Why clients trust Full Scale to scale their business?
2021-08-13 /

Full Scale Among Kansas City’s Fastest-Growing companies

It all began as an answer to the question, “How do we solve developer shortage in the US?”. Today, Full Scale is one of KC’s fastest-growing companies. Learn what makes us stand out as a growing software development company in Kansas City.

Three years ago, veteran entrepreneurs Matt Decoursey and Matt Watson built Full Scale after observing a common problem in the US’s burgeoning software industry.

There was no shortage of business ideas; the country was, in fact, filled to the brim with solutions to common everyday problems. However, there was an obvious lack of skilled software experts that know how to make these ideas work. 

Another hurdle they saw was that small business owners lack the budget to sustain their business. As startups often are strapped for capital, likely, they won’t find software developers whose salary expectations are well within their budget. The Matts saw these stumbling blocks as opportunities to:

  • Make the hiring process of software professionals as painless as possible
  • Provide software services that are quick and affordable

Thus, Decoursey and Watson launched Full Scale as a software outsourcing solution to these problems.

Scaling our Clients’ Businesses

Our clients are generally small to mid-size companies with a different set of needs than that of long-established companies. We are a Kansas City startup that focuses on a common goal of untangling the complexities of hiring and retaining top-tier software talent on a modest budget. 

Additionally, our offshore arm in the Philippines allows us to scale our clients’ businesses by reducing the costs associated with operating a company, such as leasing an office or purchasing equipment.

We understand how challenging it is to start a business. It’s true that an entrepreneur’s journey is often fraught with obstacles and uncertainties. Hence, we help our clients unburden these challenges through remote software support while they focus on growing their businesses from the ground up.  

From a Small Software Startup to Sustainable Growth

In three years, Full Scale managed to grow from a team of two to over 200 employees. Our team has navigated around the skill shortage in the software development market. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to steer our company for long-term growth. 

For startup owners, it’s easy to obsess over the minor, day-to-day concerns of the company. Here at Full Scale, we put measures in place to keep our company sustainable for the future. We set up a network of clients and partners to widen our reach and visibility in the ever-competitive startup ecosystem.

As the Full Scale brand took off, the Matts launched their Startup Hustle podcast in mid-2018 to share their expertise in creating a business. Dubbed as a “podcast for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs,” they invite guests to share their behind-the-scenes stories of entrepreneurship each week. Topics range from failure to funding and success with a sprinkle of humor and fun. 

Initially, they created this podcast as a fun diversion from their hectic schedules. Today, Startup Hustle became the go-to podcast for startup founders and budding entrepreneurs. It boasts of thousands of listeners worldwide with millions of downloads on Apple Podcast. 

Just like Matt Watson and Matt DeCoursey, Full Scale and Startup Hustle are like two peas in a pod—they shine brighter together. Both companies work in tandem to support entrepreneurs with their early-stage ventures by learning from the mistakes and strategies of fellow startup experts.

Fastest-Growing Companies in KC and Beyond

Full Scale is a leading software development company that provides end-to-end software solutions to growing companies. From selection to onboarding, we make recruitment easy and affordable for our most discerning clients. 

We rank as a top Kansas City growing company because we have adapted to the rapidly changing world of technology and help others along the way.

We are on an ambitious journey to double our team in the next year and continue to achieve sustainable growth for our business. So, if you’re looking to build a winning tech team, let’s talk. 

Send us a message to learn how you can benefit from Full Scale’s powerhouse software expertise today.  

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