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10 Legendary Pitch Deck Examples

They say that pitches are difficult. However, in every difficult situation, there is always a solution. Here are ten legendary pitch deck examples that will help you create that winning pitch deck to lure investors in. Read on.

Strong pitch deck design is important to get funding for startups. However, most pitches fail despite the great ideas behind them. Why? Most answers point to one culprit—information overload.

Overloading of information includes all the numbers, statistics, and enormous data gathered from extensive research.

So, what is the perfect pitch deck presentation? The most profound pitch deck examples include telling a striking and realistic story. It is the story of identifying a problem, providing a solution, and with enough funding, turning that solution into reality.

Some pitch deck examples for startups are well-told narratives that make the pitch memorable. It tells investors coherent and linear stories. It has the ingredient of forwarding and motion progress. That is how pitch decks work.

The Best Pitch Deck Examples

Aside from telling a story, the best business pitch deck examples also accentuate business benefits. It is not just a sales pitch for your product; it is selling your business and your team.

To learn more about the best pitch deck templates, here are legendary pitches that turned out to be multi-billion-dollar companies.

Business Pitch Deck Examples, How to Create

The best pitch deck examples have organization and flow. Each slide is equally important with the other slides as it plays a role in the larger story. However, it must also stand on its own.

A good slide presents an indispensable piece of information that can be understood by looking at that slide in isolation. Overall, each slide has an important point.

Pitch Deck Structures

The content of a great pitch deck should ideally include these slides and preferably no unnecessary slides.

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Cover Slide

It shows the company name, logo, website, and slogan/tagline. A tagline and infographics that are interesting and informative make a good first impression.

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Vision and Value Proposition

This is where you present why your company exists, what it plans to do, and what value it provides.

The Problem

What business problem are you aiming to solve?

The Solution

How are you going to solve it with the products/services you have?

Target Market and Opportunity

Present where you are going to sell your products/services and who is likely to buy them. You should include the size, shape, and changes expected within the target marketplace.


Present the existing and potential competition in the industry that may slow your growth and expansion. Show off your unique selling point.

Business Model

Present your business model and how you will operate within this market to bring in revenue.


The current state of your business, how your revenue is doing so far, how many customers you have, the rate of customer acquisition, and your business’ roadmap to the future.

Marketing and Selling

Present your marketing and selling strategies to attract customers.


Who are the key people to direct the businesses? Don’t include the whole team, just the key people such as CEO, CTO, and CFO.


Present the sales forecast, revenue to date, and include some major key performance indicators.


Be precise and present how much you want, when, and how you will use it. Then, provide the investors’ proposed ROI and shares, followed by their exit strategy.

Thank you

As you say your “thank you” message, this is the slide that will stay on the screen as you have the Q&As and further discussions. This is the less complicated slide but must be memorable. It should include your contact details.

Pitch Deck Examples: Templates and Other Tips

Numerous pitch deck examples in the startup world serve as a great reference. Also, some companies and websites provide excellent templates for hassle-free pitch deck creation.

Since doing a pitch is cementing the first impression, here are other pitch deck tips when setting out your startup. 


Be the unicorn and stand out from the crowd. Just like what Taylor Monks did that radically changed the transport industry in Nebraska. Check out this episode from Startup Hustle.  He shared how he unleashed his entrepreneurial superpowers while pitching at Silicon Valley.


Be accurate and try not to exaggerate as no company can solve all business problems in the world. Present the accurate size of the market and the effectiveness of your products. Most of all, be accurate in your financials and the current state of your company.


Investors are not interested in copycats. They are looking for the next unicorn startup. Unicorns are unique. For example, Facebook and Airbnb became huge companies because they found a niche and a window of opportunity.

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Most pitch deck examples include the benefits of investors but here are three specific aspects to consider:

  • Be precise as to what you are going to do with the funding. For example, seeking better manufacturers to bring the price down is important. Remember, always pitch for the company’s growth.
  • Be fair and honest as to what investment you are looking for. If you are looking for another investment on top of the seed investment, then be honest. Angel Investors do not like to see their shares immediately diluted. Similarly, if you already have investors on board, be open about it.
  • Be clear about the investor’s responsibilities. For example, do you expect them to also mentor the directors? Or you simply want their money for the growth of your company.

Include an exit strategy

You need to tell them when and how they will get their investment back. And once achieved, what are the next moves on both parties.

Start your Startup with Full Scale

A well-designed pitch deck can go a long way toward helping a startup owner get funding. With an emphasis on solving a business problem, you can ignite that interest from investors. Learn from the pitch deck examples above and lure investors. Above all, make the most out of their investments.

It can be overwhelming to create your pitch deck. Now take a breath and let Full Scale help you.

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