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More about our top-notch team in Cebu City, Philippines

A decade of history

Matt DeCoursey hired his first team member in Cebu City in 2009. You can read all about it in his book, Million Dollar Bedroom, which has an entire section named, “It’s Always Sunny in Cebu City”.

Our commitment to continuing what we started in Cebu is evident.  

Top Talent

We hire only the best. Our extensive hiring process involves skills assessments, multiple screenings and certification processes.

In addition to finding those with top, unique or hard-to-find talent, we also seek professionals who are interested in working with us for quite a while.


top facilities

Check out the stunning views of Cebu from the rooftop of our office. 

qualities found in all team members


Top Communication

All of our developers speak English. In fact, it is a requirement. Whether it's spoken or written, we make sure those on your team are able to communicate with you in an effective and productive way.


We deal with the day-to-day management of the people on your team. We provide top benefits along with a great work environment. This leads to a happier, more satisfied, well-adjusted team.

Interested in Growth

One of the most important qualities we look for in a team member is their interest in learning new and improved ways to find solutions.


We really do only hire the best. Building your team starts with us finding you the right team leader so you have something to build around in the future.


Since we are in the business of team building, having some local leadership is a must for each client. We get to know our employees and recruits in ways that help us find the right mix, resulting in quality output.

Engaged and Interested

Our team really does want to see your business and project grow and succeed! We seek team members who truly want to create quality output based on your specific requirements.

we build long-term strategies with you

The whole idea is to keep your growth going for years to come!