Full Scale

Internship: 300-Hour Career Path Program

Training Path: Software Developer, .NET, C#, Full Stack


Participants in this career path will receive in-depth training related to the skills needed and necessary to operate within a team of software developers using either C# or .NET backend language, but will also teach necessary skills to be involved with frontend, JavaScript related languages. In this case, React.js.

Training will also include familiarization and training for commonly used software tools and platforms, Agile project mentality, CI/CD, Git repositories, SCRUM, and exposure to processes commonly used during the software development lifecycle.

Training Time

300 man-hours


  • Demonstrate the ability to write code and develop software projects in C# and .NET.
  • Develop an appreciation for what is involved in software development.
  • Apply the learning and best practices to real-world software development.

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