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Netreo acquires Stackify
2021-04-20 /

Stackify Acquired by Netreo

We are excited to announce that Stackify has been acquired! Why does this make us so happy at Full Scale? Because our Cofounder, Matt Watson is also the Founder & CEO of Stackify.

Stackify is a developer-centric provider of SaaS application performance monitoring (APM) solutions that have been acquired by Netreo, an award-winning platform that provides IT infrastructure management (ITIM).

The terms of the deal will remain private, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to tell and show you about the acquisition.

Startup Hustle Announcement

Hear what Matt Watson has to say about the acquisition by listening to the Startup Hustle Podcast acquisition announcement episode.

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Startup Hustle TV

Matt has been participating in Startup Hustle TV, a web series about entrepreneurship. As a member of the cast, Matt recorded the progress and process of the acquisition which will be shared through the Startup Hustle YouTube channel soon. Watch this video to hear what the other Startup Hustle TV cast members had to say about the acquisition.

What does Stackify do?

Stackify’s APM solution is a trusted sidekick for developers of various programming languages. Their robust system aids beginners to experienced developers in proactively improving application performance while in the production environment.

The tools that Stackify offers help developers, and operations teams troubleshoot problems and identify ways to optimize code.

To simplify… Stackify helps software developers write better code, find problems sooner, deploy solutions efficiently and observe the performance of software applications.

What does Netreo do?

The company specializes in infrastructure monitoring. What kind of infrastructure? Anything with a digital pulse. Through the use of various automation, AI Ops Engine, and dynamic real-time dashboards, users are able to gain full-stack visibility into their IT infrastructure.

Watson Will Become Netreo’s CTO

The acquisition of Stackify by Netreo also comes with the announcement that Matt Watson will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer for Netreo. “We are delighted to welcome the Stackify team and community to the Netreo family,”  said Jasmin Young, CEO of Netreo. 

Watson will focus on integrating core capabilities and the ongoing development of customer-centric technology solutions. The acquisition strengthens Netreo’s full-stack IT monitoring and AIOps offerings by giving customers improved application performance management, centralized logging, full transaction tracing, deployment tracking capabilities, and greater visibility into continuous improvement/continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows. 

This isn’t Watson’s First Exit

In 2003, Watson co-founded and served as the CTO for VinSolutions, an online CRM and lead management software. Working with his Cofounders, he grew the company over eight years until it was sold to AutoTrader.com for $150 million in 2012.

Matt Watson identifies himself as someone born with software development and entrepreneurship running naturally in his blood. Thus, the founding of Stackify in 2012.

Prior to founding Stackify Watson felt:

1.       It took too many tools to monitor and troubleshoot software applications

2.       Developers have no quick access to tools

3.       There are no affordable tools in the market

Intent on solving these problems, Watson and the team at Stackify built an industry-leading software platform that has continually received accolades such as being a member of the Inc. 5000 in 2019.

For all press inquiries regarding the acquisition, please email Kyle Biniasz, Director of Marketing at Netreo at [email protected]. For all other inquiries, please contact Jessica Powell.


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