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What's the job description of a PHP Developer?
2022-03-18 /

PHP Developer Job Description

Building server-side processes are the backbone of web application development. That responsibility is in the PHP developer job description. Find out more about this position below.

Businesses are leveraging robust web applications to best serve their customers. To do this, you need to hire the best web development team. And, one important part of this team is a back-end developer.

In this article, we’ll discover the PHP developer job description, which is a back-end development role. Here are the key discussion points:

Before getting into the PHP job description, let’s have a quick look at PHP.

PHP Development: A Background

PHP is a web development tool that can be embedded with HTML. It’s an open-source scripting language that developers use in building server-side applications.

The language is widely used by developers and businesses alike because of its multiple benefits. For one, it’s simple and easy to learn. PHP doesn’t require intensive studying to learn its fundamentals.

Another advantage of PHP is that it has been around for a very long time. So, it has a vast community, is well supported, and compatible with multiple systems and platforms. It’s also integrable with other technologies, so there is no need to rewrite existing programs. This saves software teams time and money.

Additionally, this is an open-source language that runs on a largely open-source tech stack. So, companies can save on software licenses compared to something like .NET.

What Makes a Great PHP Developer Job Description

From the discussion above, we can describe the PHP developer position as:

“PHP Developers are responsible for writing server-side, web-based applications using the properties of Hypertext Processor (PHP) language.”

This means that their main responsibility focuses on building back-end services for web applications in PHP. They work closely with front-end developers to ensure that their output is well-integrated in the application. 

Now that we know its basic definition, let’s dig into what makes a job description effective. Note that there are two main goals when creating a job description for any position:

  • Attract the qualified job seekers you want to meet for the job
  • Filter out those who are unqualified from your requirements, so you don’t waste your time

So, here is the key information you need to include on your PHP developer job description:

  • Company overview – Inform the applicant about what your company is about. Detail what you do and what industry you’re in.
  • Description of the position – Describe the position you’re looking to fill. Include a brief scope of work that is specific to this role.
  • List of Responsibilities – This is a bulleted list of tasks and functions that the candidates will perform when they get the job.
  • List of Qualifications – To fulfill the responsibilities, you need to list the specific qualifications for the job. It may include educational background, years of experience, and proficiency in a language or framework.
  • (Optional) Compensation packages, benefits, perks, and other reasons to apply – The job description is essentially an invitation for applicants who fit your requirements. You need to provide details that will entice them to join your organization.

Note that this job description sets the bar for the candidate you are about to hire. So, ensure that all details in the job description you post are relevant and specific to your needs.

Sample: PHP Developer Job Description Template

Now that we’ve covered the PHP developer job description, we can start creating a job description template.

Note that you must organize a proper and detailed PHP developer job ad to filter applicants easily. With the PHP developer job description and the abovementioned steps, let’s create a sample job advertisement.

Sample PHP Developer Job Ad

Who we are…

At [company name], we provide excellent software solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. Our clients enjoy the services built by our team of software engineers and data experts. We provide competitive salary packages and benefits for our employees. We also take care of employee health insurance and leave. Join our team today!
What we’re hiring for…

Our company is looking for dedicated PHP developers who are passionate about building innovative software services. They will be responsible for managing back-end services to organize data flow from the client to user. The primary focus will be coding the server-side logic and database maintenance. Moreover, they will be collaborating with front-end developers to integrate system applications.

PHP Developer Responsibilities:
• As part of our development team, the PHP developers will:
• Integrate with the user interface part of the system that is developed by front-end developers
• Build testable, scalable, and reusable PHP modules
• Structure data storage solutions and access processes
• Perform analysis on web application requirements and assess how to approach tasks
• Troubleshoot application issues that may be encountered
• Work closely with [insert a position within your team]
• Create reports and documentation of code
PHP Developer Job Requirements
• To achieve the responsibilities, the PHP developer must have the following qualifications: 
• Knowledge of fundamental PHP web frameworks used in the project (Laravel)
• Basic understanding of front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5
• Proficiency in object-oriented PHP programming
• Experience creating scalable applications and services
• Grasp of SQL databases
• Experience in user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments
• Familiarity with the limitations of PHP and its fixes
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a similar field is a plus
• Prowess in code versioning tools such as Git

Hire a PHP Developer Today

We’ve already covered everything you need to know about the PHP developer job description. Our discussion also included a primer on PHP development. Finally, we learned how to create a sample PHP developer job description template. Note that you can always curate the template based on your requirements to ensure you’re attracting candidates that meet your needs.

Knowing a position’s job description, however, is just one part of the tedious hiring process. There are still skills assessments tests, PHP developer interviews, background checks, etc. Additionally, today’s recruitment market is brutally competitive.

Fortunately, offshore software development companies like Full Scale exist to solve the problem. You can hire offshore PHP developers through us!

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