How to Find Filipino Programmers

How to Find Filipino Programmers

If you own, operate, or are planning to build a web platform, then you are certainly aware that finding experienced and talented programmers is hard. Nearly every North American market is experiencing a huge talent shortage that is affecting businesses of all sizes. The result is a job market that has priced many businesses or startup hopefuls in a position of not being able to afford the development team they really need or want. 

In order to counterbalance the effect of increased development costs, many companies have turned to alternate methods of building their development teams, making the Philippines one of the top tech hubs for finding programmers.

Why Do Companies Use Filipino Programmers?

The Philippines has a long history of providing offshore labor for other countries. In fact, labor is one of the biggest exports of the Philippines. With the roots of its outsourcing industry starting with call centers over the last decade, Filipino programmers have become a major asset for most major companies. But the real question is why? So, here are a few reasons.

High level of English fluency

The Philippines ranks remarkably high worldwide when it comes to the percentage of its overall citizens who speak English on a high level. In fact, if you visit the Philippines, you will find that nearly all signage is in English, and finding people anywhere you go that speak English is not hard to do.

An education system that produces lots of programmers

The University of Cebu, located in Cebu City, the Philippines’ second largest city, uses the “Webmaster” as its official mascot! That shows the mentality of the education system in the country! The bottom line is that the country has done an excellent job in the past when it comes to preparing its future generations to be programmers and web developers. The result is a vast supply of programming talent that has A LOT of experience as well.

Loyal and hardworking employees

Most people who have worked with Filipino programmers will comment on their hardworking and loyal nature. This is likely due to a culture that stresses the importance of family and working hard with and for those around you.

Trustable and easy to work with

You don’t have to spend much time in the Philippines to find smiles and friendly people. This directly translates to a willing attitude as well as employees and team members who are happy to be part of a great team! After all, isn’t it easier to work with people that smile and are friendly?

How Do I Find Filipino Programmers?

Full Scale makes it easy to start your own Filipino Development Team. We offer a system we call Guided Development that makes it fast and easy to build a dedicated team of developers for your business. So how does it work?

Schedule a call with us

Take a minute and fill out our contact form. We will contact you and set up an appointment to discuss the needs of your business or project.

Evaluate your needs and timeframe

During your initial consultation, the staff at Full Scale will discuss the needs your business or project has. Regardless of the stage your business is at, we can help you figure out what kind of development, testing, or design resources you need to help your business or project grow.

Choose from available resources

After your initial consultation with Full Scale, we will be able to offer a variety of Filipino programmers available either now or soon who can join your team on a full-time basis.

Get started fast

Depending on the availability of team members, you might be able to start your project right away, so don’t wait to schedule that first call!

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How Do I Know Which Filipino Programmers to Hire?

You don’t need to spend time worrying about this. That is part of what Full Scale does for its clients. We take care of the recruiting, vetting, and assessment process associated with finding the best Filipino Programmers possible. We only hire developers that we deem to be in the top tier of their given career field or experience level. Basically, what we are saying is that our team is GOOD!

Do I Need Equipment, An Office, or To Provide Benefits?

Nope. We said that we make building a Filipino programming team fast and easy, so we provide all of the equipment, office space, and employee benefits. Our team works in an amazing office, uses new, modern equipment, and is provided with great health insurance and other benefits too!

More About Full Scale

Full Scale is located in Leawood, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. The company was founded by two successful entrepreneurs, Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson. Both have a long history of success when it comes to building software and building businesses, having founded companies like GigaBook and Stackify. Matt and Matt also host the popular podcast Startup Hustle which has listeners in over 150 countries.

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