Full Scale Hires Frontend Developers

How Full Scale Hires Frontend Developers

First impressions make or break the deal in business. And frontend developers play a huge part in how websites and apps present to the client’s side. Learn all about the frontend developer role and how Full Scale works with them.

What is Frontend Development?

The frontend plays an integral part in how a website or app performs. From the name itself, it implies working on the front – what the users see.  

Frontend development deals with how a client experiences a website or application. It refers to how each element on the page behaves or responds. When a client clicks on an item on the page, it sends a request to the backend.

Frontend development ensures every action on the client’s side communicates correctly with the backend. Developers use APIs to connect requests from the user interface to the server-side applications.

Frontend Developer Job Description

Frontend developers are responsible for developing and maintaining the client side of the app or website. They ensure that users can view the information in an appropriate or accessible format.

Typically, they use technologies such as HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript for their projects, along with design tools like Photoshop for the appearance and user interface of the system. We can summarize the front-end developer’s job description into three points:

  • Design – work with UI/UX specialists to create aesthetically appealing web page prototypes.
  • Build – implement the mockup design to the browsers or devices and make them responsive.
  • Test – conduct proper testing for their program before deployment.

Full Scale Frontend Developers

At Full Scale, We have a deep pool of frontend experts. They become an integral member of our clients’ teams, actively involved from early stage to deployment and ongoing maintenance.

How We Hire

We hire frontend developers whose skill sets and experience match the requirement of our client’s project. Since we handle both small and large-scale development projects, our scope of hiring frontend experts is pretty broad. We recruit both junior and senior frontend developers.

John David Senior Frontend Developer Full Scale Profile

Our evaluation process examines more than technical skills. We also assess applicants’ passions and personality traits to ensure they match our work culture.

These are the hard skills we consider in hiring front-end developers:

  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge and experience with JavaScript/jQuery
  • CSS and JavaScript frameworks
  • Version control/Git Repositories
  • Responsive Design
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Understanding of SEO principles
  • Automation tools, etc.

For soft skills, we look for these top developer traits:

1. Attention to Detail

A frontend engineer is in charge of the client-facing portion of a program, so details matter. They must thoroughly check that all elements are functioning as designed with no broken links.

2. Willingness to Learn

Generally, tech is an ever-evolving field. Software developers must keep up with upgrades and changes to their tools constantly. Therefore, we look for candidates who are willing to learn new frameworks and can quickly grasp new programming conventions.

3. Creativity

Frontend work requires a certain degree of creativity, along with the ability to apply it. As such, frontend developers need to use their creativity to judge what looks good and what works well for the user side. They have to combine it with excellent technical skills to implement the idea. Users are more likely to keep using an app or website that has an intuitive design and layout.

 4. Communication skills

Although the development role isn’t a client-facing one, communication is still a crucial skill. A developer must be able to clearly explain their ideas both casually and formally. Communication gaps in development can cause it to fail. So, it is essential that all members can communicate their ideas accurately and effectively.

5. Collaboration skills

In connection with the previous point about communication, a developer should know how to work efficiently with multiple people. Front-end development involves a lot of collaborative work with UI and UX designers, backend developers, project managers, QA, and more. So, frontend developers should understand what every stakeholder needs from their end. The ability to work with teams is important because it will determine the pace and progress of the project.

How our Clients Work with Us

To streamline the interviewing and hiring process for our clients, we’ve created our own team management platform. Through the platform, our clients can find developers, schedule interviews, manage team members, get daily reports, evaluate employee performance, and more. We’ve specifically designed our internal platform to optimize our client’s experience with their development team.  

Full Scale Frontend Specialists Profiles

Hiring Programmers

It can get tricky hiring technical roles, such as Frontend Developers, especially if you’re not familiar with their expertise. In another blog entry, we shared 8 tips on hiring developers. We discussed the important things you need to know before hiring software experts. 

Full Scale’s founders also have great tips on finding competent tech experts. Watch this episode of Startup Hustle; Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson talk about the dos and don’ts of hiring programmers.

About Full Scale

Full Scale assists businesses in finding, vetting, and hiring the best IT professionals. We assist companies in assembling a dedicated group of skilled developers, testers, and project managers. We support companies as they scale their operations.

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