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Top IT Recruiters in Houston, TX
2021-11-24 /

10 Best IT Recruiters in Houston, Texas

Are you looking for the best IT recruiters in Houston, Texas? Check out our list of IT-specialized firms and agencies that can help you search for the best tech talent. 

Silicon Valley companies are slowly moving to Texas. For decades, Silicon Valley has been the hotbed of the tech industry. However, the recent years have been rough for the area. 

Tech businesses in the valley are having problems. The area is plagued with high housing costs, high tax rates, and strict regulations. These reasons are making it difficult and challenging to do business in the area.

Due to that, tech companies are opting to move their operations to Texas and other states. Oracle and Hewlett Packard are among the giant tech companies moving their headquarters to Texas. 

Houston, Texas is one of the cities that are benefiting from the Silicon Valley exodus. Tech hubs in the city are growing in numbers. This drives the growing demand for tech talent. 

But that is not a problem for Houston. Population-wise, Houston ranks the fourth most populous city in the U.S. and is the 12th largest tech workforce. What’s more, is that the city grows its digital tech workforce every year. 

Now that we’ve established the presence of information technology talent in Houston. Next on the list is how to recruit experts for your company.

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Best IT Recruiters in Houston, Texas

Space City is not a small city. In fact, Houston is one of the biggest cities in the United States. With that said, finding the best IT recruiters in Houston, Texas, can be a challenge. To help ease the burden, here is a list of IT staffing agencies in Houston Texas.

1. Clayton Services

Let’s start with one of Houston’s finest recruiting and staffing firms, Clayton Services. The company began in 1984, matching elite-level talent with prestigious organizations. 

This homegrown staffing company confidentially works with industry-leading organizations. For starters, their clients include Fortune 1000 organizations, publicly-traded companies, and local small businesses. 

Other than information technology staffing, Clayton Services also offer human resources for different industries. They recruit a skilled workforce for accounting, administrative, customer service, engineering, executive leadership, marketing, medical administration, etc.

2. Apollo Technical

When you say Houston, Texas IT recruiters, Apollo Technical is always on the list. Since 2010, the company has attracted and placed the most highly qualified talent in companies of all sizes. 

Apollo makes sure to help not only their client companies but IT professional job seekers. As part of their work ethic, they ensure to meet every candidate’s career needs. At the same time, they fulfill every client’s expectations.

The agency believes in long-term client relationships. That is why they focus their recruitment efforts on finding the right talent for different organizations.

3. Lucas Group

Lucas Group’s main headquarters is not in Houston, Texas. However, this recruiting agency helps Houston IT job seekers and companies by providing a quality workforce. 

Lucas Group started in 1970 in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the company has expanded throughout different states. One of their offices is in Houston. 

The company’s information technology recruiters commit their efforts to their long-term success. They constantly search for qualified IT professionals and update their talent pool. 

This recruiting firm has been gaining a lot of reputation in the industry. They work with various companies, including Fortune 500 organizations.

4. Murray Resources

Here’s another local headhunter in Houston, Texas, Murray Resources. Their company has over three decades of experience and counting. Even though IT recruiting is not their only focus, their tech recruitment services are not something you can ignore. 

Over the years, Murray Resources garnered a lot of awards. One of their most notable recent awards is 2018’s Staffing Industry Analysts #1 Best Staffing Company to Work For.

Murray Resources offer high-quality professional direct-hire, temporary/contract staffing, temp-to-hire, and payroll services.

5. JDA Professional Services, Inc.

Houston, Texas recruiters? You have JDA Professional Services. This Houston-based IT recruitment firm has been helping companies locate, attract, and retain the right tech talent. 

JDA specializes in IT recruiting. It means their human resources teams are experts in finding tech talent all over the state. They provide talent from strategic-technical to senior-level IT professionals.

JDA is an organization that is committed to helping and serving the Houston community. They do not only help job seekers and companies but also the community through donations.

6. Robert Half Technology Houston

Robert Half Technology is a national-level recruitment firm. They have offices in almost every state in the U.S. However, one of their successful offices is in Houston. 

This Metro Houston staffing agency offers remote or on-site staffing, depending on the company’s needs. Nevertheless, they want to cater to the unique needs of different companies, specifically of the Greater Houston job market. 

Their talent solutions help almost every industry, with IT staffing as one of their most noteworthy endeavors. They provide the workforce for desktop support and help desk analysts, applications architects, and even network administrators.

7. Technology Recruiting Solutions

Technology Recruiting Solutions was founded in Houston in 1999. They specialize in IT placement services in Houston and even nationwide.

The agency treats every search differently. They believe that every company has its unique requirements. That is why they work closely with their clients during the interview and hiring process. With this, they can see each candidate through the eyes of the employers.

The company earns a wide-reaching network of affiliations through its years of experience and partnerships. Furthermore, they have a strong presence in the Houston market.

8. iSphere

iSphere is a Houston-based IT consulting and staffing firm. The company has an exemplary track record, whether it be private or public sectors.

The company aims to help organizations achieve innovative results and find decent jobs for tech workers. This IT staffing company delivers solutions to workers and companies in Texas and beyond. 

The company’s confidence comes from its industry-specific knowledge and experience. Under its belt is a hefty sum of track records of significant outcomes and successful partnerships. iSphere doesn’t want companies to settle for just one person. Its goal is to bring you a selection of exceptional tech talent.

9. VC5 Consulting

Formerly known as Rekruiters, VC5 Consulting is an award-winning IT recruiting company in Houston, Texas. The company specializes in two industries: accounting and technology.

VC5 Consulting has twenty years of bountiful experience in consulting and recruitment. They claim that the recipe for their success is through a focused recruiting process. It lives by its company motto: People First. Putting the interest of clients, job seekers, and employees first will lead them to success. 

Due to their impressive record of service, they received multiple awards to verify their excellence. One of their latest honors is Houston Business Journal’s finalists for the 2021 Best Places to Work awards. Additionally, they are part of the Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing list. 

10. ProFound

ProFound can help you look for tech talent. This proud company is one of the leading IT recruiting firms in Houston. It stood still amidst economic plunge, great floods, and even the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Their success is all thanks to their core tenet of placing people first. They understand the need for IT talent, and so they hire expert recruiters. By doing so, ProFound give outstanding recruitment services in finding exceptional candidates. Their selection of expertise includes IT, software, digital marketing, and leadership needs.

Since ProFound provides a quality workforce and has successful relationships with their employers, they constantly have repeat business. Their former clients reach out to their staffing firm again and again. 

In addition to that are the non-ending recommendations from clients. As a result, they gained a solid reputation in the city. In fact, tech professionals personally contact them to start a new job search either as a candidate or an employer.

Alternatives for IT Recruiters

IT recruiters are specialists who help companies hire qualified tech people. They need to have a thorough knowledge of technology and the industry. Since IT staffing companies focus on recruiting one specific field, they expect reasonable compensation.

On average, these agencies charge between 25% to 100% of the employee’s wages. Let’s say that the agreed amount between your company and the IT recruitment agency is a 50% markup.

Then, you have a new hire that earns $10 per hour. Now, you’ll need to pay the agency $15 per hour of work. However, that does not include the other fees, such as contract buyout.

If you think about it, you’ll be spending so much on just one developer! Fortunately, there are IT staffing alternatives. If a recruitment agency is too costly, you can hire offshore talent.

Full Scale is a trusted offshore recruitment company that provides technical support for organizations. You don’t need to go through the rigorous work of posting job openings, filtering applicants, and conducting a series of interviews. Just browse through profiles and select the developers you need.

We ensure that you won’t have to micromanage when it comes to recruitment. As a growing company, you need to focus your time and attention on your core processes. Simply give us a detailed definition of the role and required skills for the job, and we will provide recommended profiles for you to browse.

Contact us now and discover other options and opportunities to help you achieve better results for your business.

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