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2020-06-03 /

Vue Javascript Developers, Hiring Tips

The Javascript community is pretty much dominating the web application domain by releasing incredibly successful and intelligent frameworks and libraries. Out of JavaScript’s Big 3 frameworks (Vue, React, and Angular), Vue.js is catching the most attention of large enterprises. It presents a lot of attractive features for businesses and developers alike. 

In this entry, we’ll take a look at why Vue JavaScript is making a big splash in the industry and why Vue.js developers are in high demand. Read on and find out how you can hire the top developer talent in the business. 

What is Vue Javascript?

Following its hype, exactly what is Vuejs? What makes it so popular in the IT industry?

Vue.js is a progressive framework to build user interfaces. What makes it unique among other monolithic frameworks is that it is designed to accommodate incremental adaptability.

Because its core library only focuses on the view layer, it can easily integrate with other libraries and existing projects. Vue is also capable of generating sophisticated Single-Page Applications when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries.

Here are a few notable Vue.js examples of how companies  successfully leveraged this framework:


One of the biggest names when it comes to software, Adobe creates the most innovative products for creative works. And one successful product, in particular, is powered by Vue.JS. Adobe developed its creative network, Behance, using the Vue.js technology.

Behance allows web designers to showcase and broadcast their visual work portfolios on one network. Adobe leveraged Vue.js’ capability to easily integrate with the program’s existing codebase.    


Vue.js partially powers the marketing side of Facebook’s famous Newsfeed. In fact, it was one of the earliest implementations of the tool that tested its efficiency and flexibility.

Despite the fact that the project wasn’t delivered by Facebook’s engineer, it still proved successful for public-facing purposes and indicated Vue’s maturity.  


For infrastructure management and operations, Netflix took advantage of reusable elements of Vue.js to build user interfaces quickly. Vue.js became an ideal platform to develop a site that could stream movies.

On the developer’s side, it makes for a very smooth and convenient experience when the components can easily be changed using one code.    


For the biggest video gaming company, Vue.js found its way into their loyalty program My Nintendo. Vue.js introduced The Reward System for Nintendo accounts. My Nintendo is an interactive program where users can earn and redeem their reward points as discounts on Nintendo’s games. 


Grammarly’s uses Vue.js for its cool and modern user interface. Their frontend team created a very simple yet effective online text editor that serves millions of users regularly. 

The abovementioned examples are just a few of the uses of Vue.js for enterprise projects. There are a lot more distinct examples of their projects on their website. 

Framework Comparison: Vue.js vs React

Another notable thing about Vue.js is the fact that it’s often pitted against its JavaScript counterpart, React. Although the Vue.js vs React debate has caused quite a stir in the IT community, most users concluded that choosing a better framework is fairly subjective.

Just like Vue.js, React is also a favored framework by large companies. Both frameworks are actually great and boast impressive features. When choosing between the two, it will all just depend on what your project requirements are.

The only key thing to note is that the Vue.js framework is ideal when it comes to integrating a front-end JavaScript framework into an existing application. 

Tips on Hiring Vue Javascript Developers

Now that we’ve learned how Vue.js works, it’s time to find the people who can effectively utilize it. Before hiring Vue.js developers, you need to understand the nature of your project. You don’t have to get technical with it, you simply need to establish your goal.

First of all, you need to know the purpose of hiring a Vue.js developer. Here are some areas they can help with: 

Enterprise Application Development

There’s a reason why large-scale enterprises tap into Vue.js in creating their apps. Vue.js developers can build robust and scalable web applications ideal for large-scale businesses. This is because Vue.js makes switching easy. It takes away the hassle of migrating everything to a new framework at once. Vue.js developers can simply encapsulate components and features. 

Support and Maintenance

Memory leaks are the most common issue with Single Page Applications (SPAs). When this happens, it is up to the JavaScript application to clean up components and ensure that garbage collection takes place as expected.

Memory leaks with Vue often happen because of the libraries that were incorporated with the application. With all these said, you would need a Vue.js developer to keep watch of memory leaks when your system is integrating with a lot of other software. 

Migration and Integration

Vue.js allows for a simple and progressive migration. If you want to migrate your current developer platform to Vue, then you’ll need a JavaScript expert to implement the integration of your existing web app and system using the framework. Your Vue.js developer can use an iterative approach in migrating your components. 

Build your Software Team

So, now that we know what to look for in hiring Vue.js developers, the next question is where to find them. In the US, it’s difficult to find developers because of the shortage of talent. If you want to build your software team without breaking the bank, it’s best to look into offshoring. 

With offshoring, you gain access to a much wider talent pool at a much more affordable rate. You can cut down recruitment and management cost drastically and focus your budget on developing your core competencies. 

Full Scale offers a variety of software development services that can help you launch your startup. We can connect you with top-of-the-line Vue.js developers, consultants, project managers, graphic designers, and content writers. You can forego the hassle of vetting qualified candidates; we take care of everything! We specialize in helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their business dream into reality.  

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