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JavaScript vs Python for Web Development

Today, in this digital era, writing a computer program is one of the most important skills needed to be acquired. Gone are the days of paper and pen. If you are weighing things on what programming languages to learn, here’s an overview of what Python and Javascript programming could benefit you on your quest.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting programming language used mostly in web pages. It runs on the client side of the web page where it is used to program web pages that operate on the implementation of an event. Most beginners or non-programmers think that JavaScript is the same as the Java programming language but it is a big misconception to equate both programming languages. Though Java is an object-oriented programming language it differs from the way it is used and constructed. JavaScript can be used as a procedural, functional, or an object-oriented programming language. For those who want to study the language, it is convenient to learn and easily understood since it has already a lot of documentation and support. It is a very powerful scripting language used in creating and designing websites.

What is Python?

The Python programming language is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays due to its simplicity. It is designed for writing software and programs with an emphasis on code readability, simplicity, and the use of whitespace. In its quest for simplicity, it omits the use of curly brackets to delimit blocks and semicolons after each statement. The syntax is formatted visually clear and it uses English keywords. It has automatic memory management and supports object-oriented, imperative, functional, and procedural styles of coding.

Why You Should Learn both Programming Languages

Compared to other programming languages, Python has the simplest structure of coding styles. It is extremely simple and easy to learn since it is close to the English language. In web development, learning JavaScript is mandatory since it is the most used technology in almost all web applications. For both languages, Python has the largest community support since it is an older player in the market. A large community is an indication that there are people building useful tools to make the development a lot easier and faster. Due to the advancement of technology today, Python has become so popular, It has useful tools for automation, AI, Machine learning, and Data Science. Web development would always need front-end events and JavaScript is an expert on that part. Both languages can be best paired in web development, with one being used in front-end and the other in the backend.

Tools needed for Development

In modern web development, every Python web application uses JavaScript in the front-end. A lot of frameworks exist in front-end development. Popular tools for development include the following:

  • Sublime Text: IDE that supports cross-platform text editing with Python API embedded
  • Cloud 9: IDE web-based platform used for scripting
  • Github: Code management tool for easy version control and documentation
  • Jira: Software development tool used for tracking and releasing software
  • Azure: Cloud computing service used for mobile, data management, storage service, messaging, and infrastructure
  • Docker: Software platform that enables you to run software that is not environment dependent

Don’t limit yourself to this list. There are a ton of programming tools that can help you in your development.

Performance, Versatility, and Scalability of both Programming Languages

For a clearer view of both Python and JavaScript, here’s a detailed comparison of both programming languages.


One of the most common concerns of developers in development is performance. When talking about performance, speed is a common association. The response time of an application is often an indication of code execution speed. Comparing the performance of both, Python is significantly slower than JavaScript. In most applications today, the usage of a framework is necessary to make applications faster and optimal. With the presence of Node.js as one of JavaScript’s frameworks, it significantly performs faster than Python.  When dealing with memory-intensive applications, Python does not perform as well as JavaScript.


Another important thing to consider is the scalability of the programming language you plan to use. Scalability refers to the capacity of a system to handle a growing amount of work when the development expands. One of the best techniques of an application to be scalable is using multithreading. Unlike any other programming language, Python does not support multithreading. It uses Global Interpreter Lock(GIL) to understand multiple tasks performed concurrently, thus, it only runs a single thread at a time. Since Node.js is pure JavaScript implementation, it is best fitted for asynchronous programming. This means that scalability can be achieved in simple web applications. Though Python does not support asynchronous programming, it has ways to reach scalability.


Both languages have equal footing when talking about versatility. Aspects that we need to consider are in the following areas:

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • ERP development
  • AI, machine learning and data analytics development

Considering these areas, both languages support and are flexible in Web and ERP development, however Python has an advantage when it comes to AI, machine learning, and data analytics. JavaScript, on the other hand, has an advantage when dealing with mobile development over Python due to its ability to support both back-end and front-end development. Python only supports back-end development but it has a great community since it is has been in the market for quite a long time.

An image showing a graph with a trend line for the future of Python and JavaScript.

Future Trends for both Programming Languages

According to StackOverflow data from 2019, JavaScript is still the most commonly used programming language for seven consecutive years, while Python ranked 2nd. Not to include HTML/CSS and SQL since these are markup and scripting languages.

StackOverflow 2019 data for most popular technologies
2019 Data from StackOverflow: Most Popular Technologies

With the trend of AI, machine learning and data science, Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages today.

Job Opportunity for both Programming Languages

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings rapid growth in the areas of artificial intelligence(AI), data mining, robotics, and IoT. This gives IT professionals and software developers an advantage in terms of job availability. In the United States, the median salary of a Python developer is approximately $116K, while a JavaScript developer makes about $110K per year according to Stackoverflow 2019 data.

StackOverflow data of 2019 top paying technologies
2019 Data from StackOverflow: Top Paying Technologies

Due to the rising demand in development, there is a massive shortage of software developer in the US, companies reach out to other countries to find and hire software developers. It is expensive to hire and bring these developers to the US. Popular trends right now are offshoring or hiring remote developers to reduce the cost of employment and other related expenses.

How to Hire JavaScript and Python Developers

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