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YouTube Marketing Tips

Digital marketing means broadcasting engaging and relevant content that sells. Through this, digital giants became a platform for businesses to do content and video marketing. Today, learn the best ways to make the most out of the biggest video platform as we discuss YouTube marketing tips.

For many startup companies, digital marketing is the way to go. Aside from accessibility, it is cheaper than traditional marketing. Digital marketing also eliminates the challenges of traditional activities that may involve physical contact, logistics, and additional cost.

This is because all digital marketing activities are delivered online where it reaches the audience at their fingertips.

Overview on Digital Marketing

In a nutshell, digital marketing encompasses advertising and selling products or services through digital media channels. Through such activities, products and services are broadcasted using relevant strategies depending on the platform or medium.

There are multiple digital avenues businesses can leverage and sell their products and services on. Among the most common strategies include but are not limited to the following:

  • Social media marketing. Marketers use social media platforms to sell and promote their products. These include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 
  • Affiliate marketing. This leverages collaboration between two parties to deliver ads to an audience. One example of this is having an ad banner of your own business that users can click on a popular website.
  • SEO marketing. This type of digital marketing uses SEO principles to rank up your website or campaign on search engines.
  • Content marketing. Content marketing capitalizes on creating valuable and engaging content that yields conversion. This may be through blogging, email marketing, SEO, and more.

As you can see, these digital marketing strategies are combinational. For example, you can apply SEO principles when you are producing digital content. Similarly, you can use YouTube as an affiliate to display your ads.

This dynamic in digital marketing makes it easier for businesses to reach different platforms per campaign. Video marketing on YouTube shows exactly how these strategies apply. 

YouTube Marketing

With more than a billion users, YouTube has become a prime platform for businesses to use as a marketing avenue.  Millions of videos are watched daily on site which is why this platform ranks as the 2nd most used search engine, just behind Google. 

If you’re wondering why YouTube has become such a sensation, consider statistics. One-thirds of the time people spend online is by watching videos. While videos are accessible through different platforms, chances are they’re cross-posted from YouTube. 

That said, YouTube marketing does not solely indicate creating videos and uploading them on YouTube. This multifaceted process allows you to explore how you’ll market your business by maximizing what the platform provides.

Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing

Creating video content is just the bare minimum of marketing on YouTube. For you to succeed in your video marketing venture, you need to create content that sells. After that, you will strategically publish it to reach your target audience. Here are some tips to help you leverage what YouTube has to offer for business marketing.

Establish Your Channel and Tone

Before diving into the deep end, you must first set up your channel. Simply create an online profile that highlights your brand. From there, you can decide the tone or format that your channel will run with.

Establishing your brand is paramount to any marketing strategy. You must know what your business is and who your products are for.

This helps you maintain a proper tone and style that the audience can easily recognize. Whether it’s your opening and closing phrases, content format, or presentation, it’s important to build it remarkably so the audience can remember.

Speaking of the audience, they are also included in establishing your brand. Getting to know your audience better helps you curate your content strategy to engage with them better. 

Build Awareness on your Brand and Product

Never forget that one main reason for video marketing is to help build awareness for your brand. Once you start creating video content, always try to highlight your product or discuss your brand. You should aim to outline your video content in a way that brings attention to what you’re selling.

Startup Hustle, which is now on YouTube, is one great example of this. The videos uploaded are in a podcast format where there could be a guest for each episode.

While most topics revolve around the hustle into operating startups, the hosts never fail to highlight their businesses’ key points. Failing to inject your brand within your video content is a missed opportunity.

Use Call to Action

One effective way to keep an audience engaged is using a call to action. A call to action (CTA) is simply a statement in your video or the description that encourages its viewer to act. Such statements include:

  • Subscribe for more updates!
  • Like and subscribe for more content
  • Share this video to your friends
  • Interested? Call us today!
  • Follow our social media channels [Insert links]
  • Visit our website to learn more about us! [Insert your website link]

This is an effective way to build followers, too! By adding links to your social media pages and website, your other digital outlets would get more traction.

Apply YouTube SEO Strategy

The best thing about YouTube marketing is that there is science behind it. You won’t be left with just hoping you’ll gain an audience after uploading some videos. You can apply SEO principles to this process to make sure you’ll hit the right spots.

There are YouTube SEO tools that allow you to improve your rank and visibility across the platform. The easiest and costless tool is the YouTube search engine. Just search keywords related to your video content. You can use these suggested terms or phrases by incorporating them into your title, description, and even tags.

Another way of identifying keywords is by checking your competition. By performing comparative analysis, you must get to know what keywords they mostly use. This information could guide you better in publishing your video content. 

You may also browse for different tools that you can use. Such tools include data management tools that would help you interpret your stats and guide your content creation decisions in the future.

Be Creative and Explore

While you’re in for business, YouTube is also a great avenue to unleash your creativity. People will likely respond if your videos are enjoyable and engaging rather than monotonous and bland content.

Explore different ways to incorporate your brand and products into your videos. Here are content formats that you can try:

  • Q&A videos where you answer audience questions or FAQs  while highlighting your products
  • Unboxing/unveiling videos for launching new products or services 
  • Informative or How-to videos telling your audience how to use your products or what it could benefit them
  • Livestreaming events 
  • Commercial or ad videos for product highlights
  • Customer or guest interviews, and more!

In YouTube, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. Just make sure that you stick with your brand and tone while applying SEO strategies to maximize the opportunity.

Promote your videos through YouTube Advertising

YouTube has made advertising easier for content creators, and that does include businesses. This is done through Google Ads by means of advertising your videos on YouTube or search results to expand your reach. 

Essentially, you’ll get to see your campaign in video ads that are shown on YouTube. Either they’re banners or videos that play before, in the middle of, or at the end of YouTube videos.

Create Content that Sells

At the end of the day, the heart of your campaign is its content. Take every video as an opportunity to advertise your business but in a way that engages people. Once your audience is hooked, the next step down the sales funnel is converting them into customers.

For startup businesses, this could be a challenging venture. However, with the right resources, you’re already one step away in the right direction.

At Full Scale, we value digital marketing and its many advantages. This is why we invest in a content marketing team that delivers engaging material with the intricacies of SEO. Aside from our pool of software developers, we also help startup companies become successful with content marketing services.

Our content writers are proficient in creating content outlines, polished copywriting, and building compelling stories.

If you’re looking for experienced content marketing experts, you’re in the right place. Contact us today and get your free consultation!

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