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Workplace Culture and Your Startup
2020-03-06 /

Workplace Culture and Your Startup

Want to keep talented people and build a clear direction for your startup? Focus on harnessing a great workplace culture for everyone. In this article, we explain why shared culture and values shape the way people perform their jobs and treat each other at work. 

Working in a tech startup is more than just the “no dress code” policy, weekly team lunches, or the open-office setup. The popularity and success of some startups have set the bar for traditional companies, creating an alternative career path for today’s professionals.

But, it doesn’t come without any risks. Startups have the highest rate of failure; only a few of them make it past the first year. It sure is a tough pill to swallow. 

The silver lining here is the fact that startups tend to be more progressive. One of the best things that make tech startups unique is its workplace culture. They are less about hierarchy and more about promoting creativity, collaboration, and open communication. If you’re a startup owner, you might want to focus on the startup culture you want to become.

This is important even at the early stages of your startup’s growth. Culture has a significant impact on hiring, employee retention, productivity, and, eventually, business revenues.

What is workplace culture?

To start off, let’s define what workplace culture is. Whether you are aware of it or not, every organization has its own culture. The moment people of diverse backgrounds come together, culture surfaces. 

Workplace culture is a set of shared values, attitude, traditions, and beliefs that guides how people work and interact in an organization.

In a startup environment, the founders and leaders significantly influence the actions and policies around the company. It has a direct influence on how you attract and keep employees since it shapes the atmosphere they work in. 

Defining Workplace Culture in Startup Setting

Is it important to have a positive startup culture?

Yes, of course. Here’s why:

It creates an environment that fosters teamwork, trust, and respect

Generally, startups start small, which means they can develop intimate relationships with people they’re working with. As it grows over time, people may feel more disconnected from one another. 

When startup owners focus on building a close working relationship, this provides an environment that breeds trust among team members. There’s no need to micromanage tasks as each one understands their roles and the results they need to achieve.

It attracts and retains top talent

Most people spend the majority of their day at work. Naturally, they want to work in a company that’s worth their time and energy. If you want to hire and keep the best in your team, invest in developing a healthy organizational culture. Employees working in a positive environment feel happy and less stressed, which increases their productivity.

It drives your bottom line

Workplace culture has a direct impact on your employees’ performance and behavior. When employees are motivated and passionate at work, this often leads to better financial performance for the company.

How to Create a Healthy Workplace Culture

Know your purpose

Understand what your startup’s purpose is. Answer the question “so what?”. This sets the tone and direction to where your startup is going. 

Say, you’re building a Customer Relationship Software for marketers. When you start with, “So what? How does this product help our customers?”, you’ll find that your company’s ultimate purpose is to manage relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. 

Explain and share your purpose with the team. Having a purpose helps your employees stay engaged and deliberate when delivering results. 

Outline and document company values

Some may find this time-consuming. However, it can be beneficial for your startup in the long run. A company value statement is a message that conveys the values that represent your company. It lets your investors and customers know what your priorities are and the type of culture you have. 

Hire for cultural fit

Aside from technical skills, knowledge, and experience, it’s also important to hire people that fit your company culture. During the hiring process, be specific about the company values you stand for. 

Ask the candidates questions that relate to these values. Assess whether their beliefs and attitudes are aligned with your core values and work culture.

Provide a productive but fun workplace

Create a workplace setting that promotes interaction and collaboration. Some may find having an open-office environment improves communication and interpersonal relationships among employees. 

If your budget allows it, you can include a leisure room where anyone can play video games or take a nap during their breaks. The main goal here is to provide an environment where people enjoy what they’re doing and have a place where they can destress and exercise their passion.

Listen to employee feedback

Good or bad, it’s a leader’s job to understand how employees feel about their job and the workplace. Are they happy with how things are run in the company? Do they feel motivated and passionate about their work? What will help them grow in their respective careers? 

Positive workplace culture is one that champions trust, collaboration, and fulfillment. Everyone should feel that they are important in achieving the company’s goals. Ask them what they think of the company and if there are ways to improve it so that everyone benefits.

Create a Strong Workplace Culture that your Employees will be Proud of

Cultivating a positive, value-focused company culture can ensure longevity for a startup. By taking the time to establish your core values and principles, you are on your way to an authentic startup culture success

While this mission is an ongoing process, it’s never too late to establish a culture that attracts and retains talented people. Create an environment where you can motivate and inspire employees to work and engage with one another. 

If you want to build a software team that reflects the workplace culture you want to become, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here at Full Scale, we help you grow your startup by hiring for cultural fit, skills, commitment, and personality. We have a wide pool of software developers ready to work on your project. To start building your team, contact us today! 

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