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2020-04-01 /

Working from Home, Remote Work Tips

In uncertainties such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs and business owners face a dilemma of whether to embrace remote work methods or not. In this article, Full Scale employees describe how they adapt and move forward despite the recent crisis.

Nothing could have prepared us for this situation. Most people were living the fast-paced cycle that sometimes, it has become a routine. Then all of a sudden, humankind is threatened with a faceless enemy, and the world is in shambles. 

In adversities like this, there are two actors—winners and losers. Winners are those individuals or organizations that are decisive. They utilize available options such as remote work approach to keep teams productive

Full Scale sees the urgency to implement viable telecommuting policies. This is to address the looming threat of operation failure and to save valuable dollars. With the management’s decision, the employees quickly adapt and manage their work at home experience very well.

How Employees Transition from Office Setup to Remote Work?

Transitioning from office to remote work is daunting. Especially for those employees who are not used to it. As technology makes working remotely experience possible, adjusting to the setup is challenging.  Here are some tips for working remotely from the employees of Full Scale.

“I like the idea of working remotely because I don’t have to deal with the daily traffic. I adapt easily and my routine usually starts at 6 AM. The best tip in working remotely is to prioritize the Internet connection and have a backup prepaid WIFI device.” — Ryan, Project Manager

“I always start my day by listing all of my target tasks. This will help me go back to my goal if ever I get distracted and to ensure productivity at the end of the day. I set what are the priorities and stick with my work schedule and remind my team to do the same.”— Retchel, Project Manager

“I bought wireless LTE as a backup to my DSL. Since I already have an existing workstation at home, there is no hassle at all. I am grateful for Full Scale’s decisive actions in this crisis. I believe God allows these things to happen. He has a purpose, and faith in Him will keep us standing.” — Oliver, Full Stack PHP Developer

Remote Work and COVID-19: How Employees Remain Productive?

There is no question that technology improves remote work environments. However, how employees remain productive with the current situation is another story. Filipinos are known to be resilient, and Full Scale employees are not exempted. Let’s learn how they remain productive while telecommuting.

“It is important to manage our time between work and personal life, especially that we are telecommuting. I also practice having at least 2-minute breaks in order not to have an eye strain. It’s great that Full Scale decided to send us home and keep us safe from COVID-19.”— Carmencito, Senior Full Stack PHP Developer

“I find it beneficial to work at home with the recent crisis. To start my day, I do a short run together with my dogs, but I always observe social distancing. Then, I’ll have my breakfast, do some household chores, and start my shift right away. I drink water regularly and do some stretching. After my shift, I do yoga or play with my dogs.” — Jill, Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

“My routine is the same as my office routine. Upon clock in, I check emails for updates regarding previous and current tasks. Work directly on priority tasks and create Instagram version sizes of the previously posted blogs. Also, I create house ads or internal graphics requests. Even if working remotely, I don’t forget my end of day report through Full Scale Rocks.”— Jozette, Graphics Designer

Work Remotely: How We Get Things Done

Here at Full Scale, the decision to start working remotely was calculated. Careful considerations took place, and policies were adjusted. The company assessed the technological infrastructure such as the Internet connection and speed, the availability of devices, communication tools, etc.

“I was happy that the management prioritized their employee’s health and safety before things got worse. To adapt to the changes, I set up a dedicated workstation and I make sure to have a stable connection. I do either yoga or cardio routines early in the morning. And, I always clock out on time to have time for my family.” — Jedi, Ruby on Rails Developer

“Well, I had been telecommuting before I joined Full Scale in 2018, thus the current situation is not new to me. I am trained to work from home, but the current situation is different and quite challenging. Thus, I am thankful for the decisive approach of the company to prioritize the welfare of the employees.”  — Rochelle, Recruitment

“Since I belong to the morning shift, I always start as early as possible while my two-year-old baby is still asleep. This is my way to manage my time since my baby loves to cuddle with me. This has become my routine as I work at the same time. I enjoy playing with my baby.” — Jean, QA

The Remote Work Revolution

With the COVID-19 crisis, the number of remote workers increased worldwide. However, remote work is not new with Full Scale. Employees are allowed to work from home successfully even before COVID-19. Thus, the company already established comfortable working conditions among its employees.

When Full Scale started in 2018, all the employees were provided laptops instead of desktops. Matt DeCoursey, the CEO, emphasizes this decision as a way for the employees to be mobile. With the current situation, this was a brilliant move.

Our company provides direction and confidence, and employees reciprocate it with resiliency. This attribute is the primary reason why we are a good provider of skilled resources despite the current situation.

Our team has highly-skilled developers of different languages, software project managers, content and technical writers, and graphic designers. Contact us and learn more about our on-demand software teams and services today!

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