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What Is A Project Manager?

Project managers play a big role in the success of a software development project. But what exactly do project managers do? Learn how Full Scale works with them.

What Are Project Managers? 

Software development is an incredibly complex project. Each stage of the SDLC process involves a lot of complicated technical procedures. Bigger projects, in particular, involve multiple developers, QA specialists, and stakeholders. And with so many people involved, development can easily go awry. This is why you’ll need an expert who knows how to manage other experts. 

Project managers provide the proper guidance for the team to maximize productivity. They ensure that all tasks are delivered on the projected time and guaranteed quality. When it comes to qualifications, they don’t necessarily have in-depth experience in programming, but they should at least have a good understanding of the SDLC and technologies used in development.

Project Manager Role in Software Development

Project managers support task delegation, budgeting, and resource availability in the delivery of products. In other words, they manage teams to complete a project using their expertise. The team has a certain amount of time to complete the project’s requirements and scope.

Full Scale Project Managers

At Full Scale, we hire project managers to handle a wide variety of software projects. Our team of project managers adheres to top project management methods and principles when delivering ongoing projects to our expanding clients. We recommend assigning one project manager for each project. Our clients can easily rely on their project manager to communicate their vision effectively.

Project managers oversee and facilitate the team’s progress during development. They mainly strategize how the team will approach the project. These are some areas they work on:

1.    Communication

One of the most important project manager responsibilities is communication. Project managers converse with all stakeholders. They talk with clients to set clear expectations of the scope, requirements, and timeline of the project. Likewise, they discuss the same details at the level of the development team. This role ensures that information and expectations are consistent across all stakeholders.     

2.    Planning

A project manager’s job is especially critical in the beginning stage of development. Once they’ve gathered all requirements, project managers figure out how to approach the project. They must come up with a systematic process to achieve the finished product on time. This involves organizing tasks and schedules in the most expedient and productive manner so the team’s effort will be fruitful.

3.    Task Delegation

Project managers initially assign tasks at the first stage. However, there’s a good chance they may change up their priorities. Other urgent matters may come up, so they’ll need to reprioritize tasks mid-development. Whatever causes roadblocks or bottlenecks has to be addressed as soon as possible.  

4.    Tracking and Documenting

In line with organizing tasks, project managers also have to constantly track the team’s progress. This responsibility includes documenting all technical updates and reporting it to the client and other stakeholders.

At Full Scale, we make sure our clients are consistently in the loop of how the project is going. Our project managers diligently follow documentation and reporting protocols. They also schedule regular meetings with the team to check in on their status.     

5.    Team Activities

Full Scale prioritizes employee engagement. We find it important that our employees also enjoy downtime with their colleagues. This is why we have several team development programs for our employees. Our project managers play a big role in creating good team rapport by initiating non-work activities. They ensure that every member of the team feels valued and seen for their hard work.  

Hiring Project Managers

Now that we’ve shared what our project managers at Full Scale do, let’s talk about how we recruit them. Generally, we follow a stringent testing and assessment process for development experts. We interview every applicant thoroughly to see if they’re a good match for our projects. On top of that, we also consider if they’re suited for our work culture.  

For the project manager role, we ensure they possess both technical skills and soft skills. Experience in handling teams is a top requirement. We hire project managers with the essential project management skills such as:

  • Leadership Skills – the ability to inspire, motivate, and guide team members to the project’s vision.
  • Risk Management Skills – ability to identify, evaluate, and manage potential risks.
  • Negotiation Skills – ability to resolve issues quickly before they get complicated.
  • Scheduling Skills – ability to set up realistic timelines and manage resources.
  • Quality Control Skills – ability to set metrics and goals effectively.

Hiring Great People

A business is as good as the employees that run it. So finding and hiring great employees is a key part of the success formula. Hear what the cast has to say about what it takes to find and hire the best people during this episode of Startup Hustle TV.  

About Full Scale

Full Scale gives companies access to highly qualified remote developers, testers, and project managers to help their business scale. We assist companies in assembling a committed group of knowledgeable developers, testers, and managers. Our objective is to meet various demands and provide long-term solutions for businesses.

Be A Project Manager at Full Scale

At Full Scale, we believe the company is only as good as the team running it. This is why we put our team as a top priority. We give each member the resources, guidance, and several opportunities for professional growth. Additionally, we provide each employee with excellent benefits, a competitive salary, and high-quality equipment.

Want to join our team? We hire applicants from all over the Philippines. We can’t wait to work with you! 

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