2019 web application ideas and trends preview

Web Application Development Trends 2019

Nowadays, everything moves fast. As a tech startup owner, you’d always want to be up to date with technology and current market trends. You don’t want to get left behind because competition can be tight and customers are pickier than ever. It should be your priority to always know what your customers want so you could provide them with the best service possible. Adapting to the latest web application development trends will surely keep you a step of the competition!

Web application development trends have experienced extreme changes throughout the years. These changes have contributed to the amazing little things we select and click on our computers today. There’s more to web applications than what meets the eye. What we see now is a product of years of evolution and innovation of providing the best user experience possible. This is why web application development trends are always observable with each passing year. Following these innovations are the popular trends used in the web app development scene.

Here are 5 web application development Trends Dominating 2019:

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Single Page Websites/Applications

Single Page Applications are literally web applications with one page. They have menus and page navigations but the main objective is displaying the relevant content from the site. SPAs don’t load everything altogether. Observably, users don’t see everything load at first but continuous action requests new data to be downloaded. Thus, this shows the relevant content as each user navigates the site.

This concept is based on Javascript and the development process is based on Angular and React frameworks.

Some advantages of Single Page Applications include a much-improved user experience due to less full page reloads (the user does not see a new page loading) and better overall performance because less bandwidth is needed. They are also cheap to develop and easy to deploy.

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Progressive Web Applications

PWAs are web-based applications that use the latest technologies for providing the users with an application-like experience on a web browser tab. In other words, these are web applications with the UX and feel of a mobile application. This combines the best development technologies of web and native applications allowing you to still experience “the app” without even installing anything! This includes features like push notifications acting as if you have the app right on your web browser. 

Some companies that have integrated Progressive Web Application development in their sites are Alibaba, Forbes, Fandango, and Twitter. Alibaba saw a 76% increase in mobile conversions and Twitter experienced 20% decrease in bounce rate

Despite PWA’s immaturity in the web development scene, it shows promising prospects that will be very helpful in developing better web applications.

These are some of the promising advantages that Progressive Web Applications offer:

  • Wider reachWeb apps are accessible everywhere. Startups can invest in building progressive ones to reach a wider audience since web apps are not bound to any operating system. Countries with poor internet connections may also benefit from these since they don’t have to download and install anything.
  • No app store requirementApp stores have the tendency to reject apps. With PWAs, you are free to deploy or update your application online without having to surrender to any app store service. App stores have review procedures that could take time before approval. Using PWAs, you can update your product anytime you want.
  • Lightweight and fastInstalling native apps may take lots of space. PWAs take only what is needed and make browsing faster for the users.
showing the 5 trends and ideas domiating web application in 2019
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Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are among the latest marvels of technology. We have seen them applied in various industries and web app development is also riding along this trend.

JavaScript-based machine learning libraries can now be added to your web application by integrating them in the development. With this, it is much easier to integrate AI-based features that will be helpful for the website publishers and users to have better website experience.

Youtube has recommended content based on previously watched videos. This particular feature uses artificial intelligence to tailor the content suggestions the users are more likely to watch based on their viewing history. Another example is the Amazon website that uses item-based collaborative filtering of their products. These are also done by suggesting products that users have liked or ones that are related to their previously purchased items. 


E-commerce has become one of the most active spaces of the World Wide Web. As a result, application support has never been more important to the merchants, middlemen, and of course, the customers. This is why chatbots have become more important for businesses.

Customer support may not always be reliable or might be wasteful if customers only ask basic and frequently asked questions. However, with the advancement of technology, chatbots have become a great solution for customer support. They can work with the user to choose problems they want addressed, answer them, and so on. Chatbots use natural language processing or NLP which is the same technology used for Google Now, Siri, and Cortana.

Some notable applications that use chatbots are Facebook’s Messenger and Slack. 

JavaScript will become stronger than ever

JavaScript is the most preferred programming language by StackOverflow’s user base for the sixth year in a row. Javascript’s evolution has been such a marvel for many programmers especially now that it is equipped with frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue JS. Its capabilities and possibilities to develop web applications, from the basic functionalities to the complex requirements, have become endless.

One of the best parts of Javascript is the number of communities that are very enthusiastic about creating and sharing open-source libraries and documentation for its patrons. Aside from that, learning Javascript is easier than ever and way more fun! This platform is recommended for beginners and professionals alike.

How do these trends affect Your Startup Business?

Traditionally, web application development uses popular frameworks and methods such as the spiral approach and business-oriented approach in catering to its iterative process of application development.

The spiral approach is an application development life cycle that follows an iterative method after each cycle. After each cycle, another cycle is formed to redefine or update the functionalities and move along with the rest of the steps while applying the latest technology and trends.

The impact of these trends to your startup business is relevance and timeliness. If you opt to make your services current and easy for your customers, applying these trends would improve the user experience.

Recent developments have sparked and lit up the way to implement better solutions in web application development. Technological enhancements in 2018 also paved the way for some of the projected trends in development this year. 


These are just some of the many trends that will take over the web application development scene this year. One important factor is just really following the movement of the people. The more that people need solutions to problems, the more that we can find ways to enhance what technologies we have now.

Following these trends, you should be able to find developers who are resilient and skilled in web application development to cater to what your company is looking for.

Along with the trends in development is the rise of hiring developers abroad. Offshoring has become a common practice for businesses in the United States looking to optimize productivity while reducing costs.

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