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Top Denver Startups

Beyond the Nuggets and the rocky mountainous landscapes, the Great State of Colorado’s capital is booming with businesses in the tech industry. Today, we’ll get to know the rising top Denver startups leading the way for 2021!

Due to the insistent demand for solutions, the tech industry is saturated with up-and-coming startups that aim to patch real-world problems. Every startup’s goal is to be the “next big thing.”

With tech superstars like Airbnb and Uber, anything is possible for budding startups everywhere. Today, we’ll fly to the Great State of Colorado to check out the tech startup scene. Denver’s tech industry has been flourishing in recent years.

There are already several big companies that are eminent in the city. However, along with Denver Startup Week activities, smaller tech startups are empowered further with their ideas and technology.

Here are the top rising Denver startups

rising denver startups
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StackHawk is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup based in Denver. In a nutshell, their product aims to help software engineers find and fix software bugs efficiently. It is especially helpful since this tool can be used along with any point of the CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) pipeline. 

They believe that through this tool, it will be easier for software engineers to implement proper bug fixing through existing workflows. This helps developers write code with much confidence for more secure software. Ultimately, StackHawk helps developers avoid bugs before each deployment.

The startup was founded in 2019 by Joni Klippert. Backed by multiple investors, StackHawk is on its way to becoming one of the startups to watch in the Denver startup ecosystem. 


Yard operations for enterprises are the focus of our next candidate. Outrider is pioneering autonomous yard operations for logistics hubs. They aim to automate operations within the field to promote a new standard in efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

This startup product eliminates the manual processes that happen in yard operations. Such processes incur repetition and, sometimes, time consumption. With Outrider, large enterprises automate operations that yield multiple benefits. It improves turnaround time and asset tracking. With reduced time through automated processing, users also reduce their carbon footprint.

Outrider has raised $118 million last 2020 as they accent towards deploying more autonomous logistics services. Andrew Smith, CEO, and Founder, says that they can support rapid automation of problems their startup is helping to solve.

Misty Robotics

Misty Robotics opens multiple possibilities for developers around the world. They provide software development kits (SDK) for developers to build and design powerful features and skills for autonomous robots.

While this 3-year-old startup is based in Boulder, we can’t resist not adding them to this list, simply because their technology is purposefully built for developers!

They have the tools and documentation needed for faster integration. It’s also extensible for third-party APIs, sensors, and hardware integrations. This makes robotic programming complete with creativity and personality.

Pivan Interactive

Pivan is also based in Boulder, CO. Their platform provides training and analytics for amateur and competitive gaming athletes. They develop data-driven tools that give their users a valuable esports experience.

They started to develop tools to train esports athletes with data. Currently, they are widening the scope of their technology to allow robust access to what they call a ”firehose” of data that their technology collects.


This next one might sound familiar since it’s widely used by many developers around the world. Flatfile is a website development product that allows users to implement data importing more effectively. Flatfile’s importer is sophisticated and built for a friendly user experience.

Being the world’s first intuitive data importer, Flatfile makes it easier for developers to improve the data import process. This is achieved through a lesser learning curve and reduced manual effort over time. They are compliant with the required industry standards to ensure the security of data imports. 


Spekit introduces itself as your all-in-one digital enablement companion. The startup’s product helps your teams yield more productivity, drive adoption of the tools that you use, and instill key training needed in any workflow.

Founders Melanie Fellay and Zari Zahra mention that they want to see a world where employees are equipped with training and knowledge of the day-to-day tools they use in the workplace. It integrates into different work tools such as LinkedIn, Slack, Outlook, Chrome, and more.

Through the same platform, you can empower your employees to be productive wherever they are. This is because the tool aids them on any occasion when questions arise. This makes them one of the leading Denver startups.

Atomos Space

This Denver startup is literally out of this world. Atomos develops orbital transfer vehicles that are launched into space. With this technology, ridesharing is promoted in launch vehicles, reducing the cost of access to space.

This happens through in-space transportation on last-mile services like orbit raising, precision insertion, phasing, and more. Through this technology, they can redeploy satellites into new missions. This allows more activity for satellites without reducing the orbital lifetime.

Cake Insure

Cake Insure is Colorado’s mobile-centric platform aiming to help employers streamline compensation processes for their employees. It makes the process for comp policies easier for each employer to manage. With customizable features, you can tailor your comp policy management based on business needs. 

Cake Insurance works with Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado’s leading provider for worker’s compensation insurance. This budding startup has more than a hundred years of combined insurance industry knowledge made the product what it is today.


CULedger is the world’s premier network of digital exchange for financial cooperatives. They do this through verifiable and trusted peer-to-peer exchanges.

To leverage the service into a trustworthy platform, they introduced MemberPassTM. This is a hassle-free solution to control and authenticate user identities for reliable activities. Using the platform secures your identity and allows you to control your data. 


CyberGRX is a third-party cyber risk management platform. It’s comprehensive features allow its users to identify, analyze, mitigate, monitor, and eliminate risk exposure threatening an entire ecosystem. 

There will be threats associated with enterprise’s interdependency with customers, vendors, and partners. CyberGRX solutions help mitigate associated risks through automated and advanced analytics.

Crusoe Energy Systems

Crusoe Energy Systems is on its way to reducing routine flaring of natural gas in the oil industry. They are taking their sustainable ways in the growing digital economy by creating innovative digital solutions.


Hyperia was founded in 2017 by CEO, Elliot Turner. They aim to make company communications better in the workplace. The product uses AI technology and speech recognition to solve workplace communication problems such as end-to-end transcription or customer interaction.


Yaguara is a software startup that is focused on e-commerce, business operations, and performance management. The company was founded in 2016. 

The platform’s functionalities are made for organizations to improve work performance. Simply connect your productivity tool with the app and you’re good to go. From there, you can set objectives and track your progress through analytics.


Zestful allows the meaningful team and organizational engagements through effective structure and rewards. This startup aims to promote positive workplace culture regardless of time zone or work setting. 

It’s like organizational social media, where the ecosystem is composed of you and your workmates/employees. Set shared goals, send appreciations, and engage in challenges through the platform. As an employer, you could also get to reward those who perform well.


Pana was founded in Colorado last 2015. Since then, they’ve raised $12.5 million from different investors. At Pana, they change the way you experience corporate travel for the better. Travel programs will be easier once Pana deploys its product this year.

So many startups, especially the ones mentioned above, only mean that there’s a lot of real-world problems waiting to be solved. As you can see, none of these startups are the same in terms of specialization.

There is still that insistent demand to be the next big thing no matter what industry you want to penetrate. You can also join the ranks of these top Denver startups. Be the top startup in your area!

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