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Effective Use of Business Software Tools for Startups
2021-07-27 /

How to Use Business Software for your Startup

Automating the processes of your startup business would be a game-changer. How do you maximize the use of business software to make your job easier? Let’s find out.

We live in a world where there is a high availability of technology. We use it in our everyday lives like how our smartphones have become our personal assistants. But how can you maximize the use of tech in your business?

When you’re managing your startup, there are many aspects to look at. Sometimes, too many. But with technological advancements, there are business software tools that you can use. Generally, these are designed to help you manage your business more efficiently.

But how do you use technology? And what are the tools that can help you maximize the potential of your business?

Managing your business is not an easy task. Sometimes you might need a little help in getting the work done. More importantly, you have a pressing timeline for yourself and your business. But, there are tech solutions that can help you somehow automate most of these business processes. This is known as business automation.

Business automation is helpful for tasks where information is automatically assigned to the right person. This helps streamline processes in operations such as repetitive tasks in HR.

Here are guidelines to determine which processes you can automate:

  • The business process is consistent across the board
  • It is repeatable
  • The business process is proven to be error-free every time.

Another interesting trend we see today is the growth of remote work. The typical physical office set-up experienced a disruption since the start of the pandemic. Research from CoSo Cloud revealed that 77% of telecommuters increased their productivity by working remotely. This just shows that the use of cloud-based applications and digital collaboration tools is not going away anytime soon.

Outsourcing is also one of the biggest trends today. In the Grand View Research Report, the IT outsourcing sector sees some growth at 7.7% per year. Meaning, there is a demand for business software tools that enable businesses to scale.

The growth of the IT industry allows startups to find options that enable them to do work more efficiently. What are the top business software tools you need to have?

Top Business Software for Startups

Here are the types of business software tools you need to use today:

Communication Tools

Communication is key. When everyone is working from home, it is essential to have a communication tool that will help everyone stay productive. There should be a level of transparency between teams.

More importantly, your teams need to know what to prioritize and raise clarifications whenever possible. Business communication tools also allow teams to collaborate. Software tools like Slack and Zoom are the most used applications available. 

Project Management

You need to have a dashboard for all tasks you need to accomplish. Trello and Asana are only some examples of business software you can use. Creating projects for your big and small goals helps keep you on track.

This is very helpful for startups as they work to maintain their focus. Keeping track of progress enables you to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

File Storage

Setting up a file storage system is part of organizing your business. Good thing there are many cloud-based storage systems available for you to use: free options include Google Drive and Dropbox.

As long as you create your account, you can use these drives right away. Upload relevant work documents, marketing collaterals, presentations, and more. You no longer need to maintain a local office intranet. What’s good about cloud-based drives is that they sync across all devices.

Automated Marketing

Today, you can send emails and schedule social media copies to post automatically. Business software like Mailchimp and Buffer help you do just that. Marketing automation helps you plan marketing campaigns weeks out. Doing so frees up more time for you to manage other essential tasks for your business.

Customer or Leads Management

Attracting customers is one thing; managing them is another. Your customer journey will help you determine how you can improve your customer experience. Any data on feedback will help you serve your customers better.

Use a CRM system to track your customers and keep them on a list. Business software like Hubspot aids you to monitor the sales pipeline, automation, sales activity, and more.

Finance Management and Planning

Now here’s the hard part: managing finances. As a startup, the life and blood of your business involve the availability of funds. You have to keep track of where you’re spending your money. Accounting and finance tools help maintain a healthy cash flow.

Software like Deskera Books enables you to manage inventory and to account for your business. Using accounting software helps you maintain correct accounting and inventory. Additionally, this negates human error.

How to Use Smart Tools to Launch your Startup Business

Managing startup businesses is never easy. The journey is unique to every startup entrepreneur. However, business software tools help you be more efficient and aid you in reaching your goals.

Using business software tools is a smart way to operate. Tedious and menial tasks will drive your focus away from what matters most for your business.

Strategize where you want to spend your time. Automating business operations will yield more productivity. In the end, you will be able to work on your business the way you should.

Business software tools allow you and your organization to maintain a steady pace in accomplishing business goals. More importantly, you need to keep track of what is and isn’t working. Whether it is about processes or strategies, automating processes helps you avoid creating the same mistakes in the future. Cloud-based tools provide you with flexibility in getting things done. 

Here at Full Scale, we commit to helping you reach your startup goals. Whether you are building out a new business software product or just need help with content creation, we got your back. Our pool of qualified tech and marketing experts has gone through a rigid onboarding process. You’re sure that we’ve picked the best candidates who are proficient in a technologically-driven environment.

Talk to us, and let’s see how we can help you launch your business!

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