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Defining An R Programmer
2021-07-28 /

What is an R Programmer and What Do They Do

R is one of the most in-demand programming languages for software development today. Learn all about the technical skills of an R programmer and how it generally helps scale your startup. 

The higher demand for big data has led to a higher demand for R programmers. In the age of information, there are countless doors opening for innovation and growth through data science. And, R programming happens to be a data-centric language that can maximize the benefits of new technologies. This is why businesses are investing in R experts skilled in data analysis, machine learning, and stat models to scale their operations. They understand how crucial these expertise are in growing their startup.

That said, we’ll look into the deeper reasons why startups are clamoring to add R programmers to their development team. Let’s start off by studying what makes R programming different from other languages.   

What is R Programming?

R Software Developers

R is an open-source programming language developed in 1993. It got its name from its creators Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. The language is an alternative implementation of the basic S language. Its environment is designed for statistical computing and graphics. And because of its computing properties, it’s widely used by statisticians and computer scientists.   

Although it was initially a helpful tool for research, private enterprises have picked up on it through the years. Today, it’s commonly used by companies for developing statistical software and data analysis. Big names like Uber, Google, and Facebook have been benefiting from R’s software products.

R Programmers: What they do

Now that we’ve learned about R as a programming language, it’s time to get to know the people who use it. 

R programmers perform a wide range of duties. They are skilled in statistical computing and data analysis, which plays a significant role in optimization. An R programmer can create simulations, graphical representations, and data analysis. On top of that, they can also design statistical models and procedures. They can develop machine learning and statistical analysis tools for the business, as well as data mining systems.

These are their primary duties:

  • Coding – write code for advanced data analysis and modeling.    
  • Troubleshooting – ensure the system runs properly and deal with issues encountered.
  • Visualization – study, visualize and explain data to help the company make major business decisions.  

So, should you Hire an R Programmer?

When it comes to hiring IT professionals, you always have to take into careful consideration your needs as a company. The skills of an R programmer best suit data-driven industries. If your business deals with a lot of number-crunching, then your R professionals will be a great asset. Businesses in the Finance, Banking, and E-commerce sectors are usually the ones who frequently hire R developers. These enterprises save thousands in purchasing statistical packages thanks to R experts.  

Overall, you have to keep in mind whether they are the right professional for your project. You may want to explore other technologies first before committing to R. Let’s further explore how other companies use R.

How Businesses Use R

R is a pretty flexible tool and companies use it for different reasons. Here are some of the ways it’s used by various industries:


Researchers and scholars are the most active users of R. They use it for their experiments on data science. You’ll find R in a lot of books and learning materials about data science. Statisticians are actually the ones who frequently contribute to the language’s development through their studies.    

Data Organization

Data analysts use R to clean up and organize large sets of data. R’s extensive library of tools makes data cleaning and organization faster and more convenient.

Data Visualization

R interprets and turns data into comprehensive graphs which makes it easier to understand. It’s a useful tool to create visuals and representations of data.

Machine Learning

Businesses make the most out of R’s packages for automation and machine learning. They use it to build complex algorithms to consistently predict future events. 

Data Science

R design is greater for analyzing statistics. Its vast libraries make data analysis more efficient and detailed. Hence, it’s perfect for data science projects.   

Benefits of Using R 

Build your Business

So, what makes R appealing to big companies? R has a lot of features that can help a business cut down on cost and improve efficiency in their operations. 

 Here are a few points for why it’s great for a business:

1. Open source

Since R is an open-source programming language, you can work with it for free. With a public license for its source code, you won’t have to pay fees to access and use it. In fact, you can even contribute to its community and development as a program.

2. Great visualization

R is known for its libraries that advocate aesthetic graphs. With quality plotting and graphing, you’ll get great and intuitive visualization for your project.    

3. High compatibility

R works with a wide range of other programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python. It may also be used in conjunction with technologies such as Hadoop and a variety of other database management systems.

4. Cross-platform language

R is a cross-platform programming language. This means it can efficiently run on operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

5. Developing language

In 2021, it’s ranked 12th on the TIOBE index as one of the most in-demand programming languages. With that said, R is a constantly evolving programming language. It has an active support community that contributes to updating its features. You’re assured of longevity when you take on R for your development work.

Hiring Software Developers

Finding and hiring programmers is generally difficult. With the ongoing talent shortage in IT, it’s hard to find qualified experts for the job. R software developers, in particular, are scarce because of the steep learning curve of the language. You’ll have to extend your search beyond the local scope to find the right candidates. Fortunately, there are easier ways to hire developers. Consider outsourcing

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