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2020-06-02 /

Machine Learning Developers, How to Find and Hire Them

Humans learn from past experiences. Eventually, this became the basis for Machine Learning(ML). It is a modern concept of learning based on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and continuously gained popularity among huge businesses and startups. This article will help startup owners venture into machine learning, and how and where to find machine learning developers.

ML sounds very complex and keeps on scaring aspiring non-technical startup business owners. However, this modern concept of learning has already infiltrated our daily lives without us knowing it. For example, look at how Facebook came up with face recognition, suggesting to tag your friends when you upload a photo.

With that, ML is quite easy to understand from the users’ perspective. However, on the development side, it’s another story. Machine learning developers build applications that help machines learn from their past data, examples, and patterns without explicit programming. 

As a matter of fact, it is not just learning. Machine learning is understanding, listening, and learning using human inputs to the machine. And to develop these systems, it is important to know the top attributes of a machine learning developer.

Technical and Soft Skills of Machine Learning Developers

Machine learning developers specialize in making data products work in production. It is important that they are highly skilled in software architecture and design. They also understand issues like logging and security. And above all, they must ensure every code is maintainable and scalable.

Technical Skills

Since machine learning developers use numerous languages to develop machine learning algorithms, it is only apt to highlight these languages in looking for such talent. 

According to the Towards Data Science research report, Python leads the list with 57% popularity among artificial intelligence developers.  Here are the top five list of highly utilized computer languages in machine learning based on that survey:

  1. Python for general AI projects Python leads distantly from its rivals because it provides convenience and flexibility for scaling ML/AI projects. Find Python developers who are adept in machine learning and deep learning Python frameworks such as TensorFlow.
  2. C/C++ for engineering projects – If you’re into engineering projects that require low-level programming but require sophisticated AI libraries, you need C/C++ developers. Look for developers that are highly skilled and can maximize the high performance and efficiency of C/C++.
  3. R language – This language is suitable for statistical and analytical applications. If you’re into biomedical engineering projects, then R is the most suitable for your project. Hire R developers who are excellent in both areas: understand statistical concepts and have good visualization skills.
  4. Java for ERP solutions – If your startup business is into machine learning and ERP solutions, then hire Java developers. Java is also suitable for projects dealing with network protection and fraud detection. Hire Java developers that are adept with the critical features of the latest Java release and its position in the Big Data stack.
  5. JavaScript for Web visualization – Building a website for your business is necessary, and JavaScript is suitable if you’re into Web application development embedded with machine learning APIs. Hire JavaScript developers that can implement visualization of ML algorithms on a web-based platform.

Soft Skills

While technical skills are important, soft skills are equally important for machine learning developers to grow professionally.

  • Communication – Machine learning developers can communicate both in written and verbal form. Effective communication allows them to explain machine learning concepts to non-technical people (e.g., business owners).  
  • Teamwork – Good teamwork results in an effective and pleasant working environment. Also, machine learning developers need to collaborate and contribute with other team members (e.g., project managers, designers, testers, and other software developers) to develop high-quality systems.
  • Time Management – Machine learning developers must always exercise time management. They must know how to delegate a definite amount of time to a specific task. They must know how to make a plan with a task description and the estimated time of completion. Above all, they know how to manage their time in the actual scenario.
  • Leadership – Being a leader is not confined to those at the top of the business ecosystem. Machine learning developers must cultivate the traits of leadership and apply them daily.
  • Work Ethic – ML developers are hardworking because of the complexity of this field. However, being hardworking is not enough to cultivate a good work ethic. Look for developers that have focus, discipline, and vision. Most of all, find talent that know how to maintain the right work-life balance attitude.

Areas Where Machine Learning Developers can Work


AI and ML can provide better 24/7 interaction and resolution through customer service automation in Telcos. ML is applied by deploying a 24/7 customer service chatbot.

You can hire developers with extensive knowledge of ML algorithms that can recognize fault models based on historic information, including network logs and service ticket data. Also, choose developers with chatbot development experience as it helps startup owners in resolving connectivity and customer issues quickly and easily.

Healthcare AI-Assisted Radiology and Pathology

These days, machines and algorithms can interpret the imaging data, much like a highly trained radiologist and pathologist. If you are into an online healthcare business, machine learning solves a critical problem in the healthcare domain. 

The reason is that well-trained radiologists and pathologists are becoming hard to find.

Physical Security

Facial recognition is one of the on-demand technologies in the AI-driven physical security realm. If you’re into the physical security business, you can hire machine learning developers that can work with facial recognition technology.

They must have experience monitoring people on watch lists and verifying identities efficiently in real-time. They work together with database management experts in using facial databases in combination with other data, such as behavior patterns captured on video.

Data Prediction

Predictive maintenance is a strategic decision. For example, if you’re an online stockbroker and your website crashes most of the time, you are creating unhappy customers.

This is where machine learning works as it will detect the anomalies and failure patterns and provide early warnings. Hire developers that have adept skills in web app development with precise maintenance programs expertise.

These are just some of the examples of areas of application in machine learning, to know more, read this article.

Methods that Machine Learning Developers Used

Indeed, machine learning is the field of studies where machines learn about how to understand the situation and respond appropriately. There are different machine learning methods adopted in this domain of study. It is therefore important to hire machine learning experts who are knowledgeable in these machine learning methods: 

Reinforced Machine Learning Algorithms

This type of algorithm uses three components: agent, environment, and action. The agent perceives its surroundings, while the environment is where the agent interacts and creates action. The main goal of reinforcement machine learning is to find the best actions at any given state and rank these actions to create the best policy.

Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

This type of algorithm works with input and output. Input is given to the computer, and expect an output. Then, the input is given to the computer together with feedback during the training.

The accuracy of predictions during the training phase is analyzed. And the main goal of this algorithm is to make computers learn how to map the input to the output.

Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms

As the name implies, there is no training at all. Thus, leaving computers to find the output on their own. Unsupervised algorithms are mostly applied to transactional data. It is used in more complex tasks and often applied together with deep learning to arrive at some conclusions.

A Semi-Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm

Each algorithm mentioned above has several flaws. To counter these flaws, experts introduced the concept of the Semi-Supervised algorithm. 

This algorithm is trained upon a combination of labeled and unlabeled data. Typically, this combination contains a small portion of labeled data and a very large portion of unlabeled data. 

Developers then cluster similar data using an unsupervised learning algorithm and then use the existing labeled data to label the rest of the unlabeled data. The main goal of this algorithm is to improve the learning accuracy of the system.

Major Software Business Applications that Machine Learning Developers can Build

For a startup, you can have detailed guidelines for recruiting machine learning professionals. There are many skills and recruiting strategies to attract top machine learning talent. 

However, a company that offers good benefits and a working environment is top-notch. In return, you also deliberate their machine learning skill set based on experience. Here are some examples of software business applications that are associated with machine learning.

  • Learning customer insights
  • Business behavior predictions
  • Customer behavior predictions
  • Statistical strategies regarding finance and trading
  • Others (speech recognition, image recognition, information extraction, etc.)

We will Help you Build your Team of Machine Learning Developers

Machine Learning helps in decision-making. The main goal of machine learning developers is to build intelligent applications that can think and work like human beings.

So, if you are interested in incorporating machine learning into your business, we will help you! At Full Scale, we have dedicated Python, C++, JS, and Java developers who can work with machine learning projects.

Hire talented machine learning developers from us and rest assured that we will help you boost your business and bring unprecedented results. Talk to us!

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