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How to Create a Marketing Message

What makes a marketing message go from good to great? In this entry, we’ll look into how you can create a brilliant marketing message for your startup.

Marketing is more than just sharing catchy lines and bright visuals. It’s about the message you want to send out regarding your brand. Your brand identity tells your story. It represents the principles and ideals you want to inspire with your business, which is why you need to send out a clear marketing message that accurately articulates your vision.

Why branding matters 

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Your startup branding is what differentiates you from your competitors. Branding establishes familiarity. The more people who associate your company name with a certain product, the more at ease they are in their purchase. 

Around 59% of consumers buy their products from a brand they trust. Buyers will pick your product out of the shelves because it has your stamp of quality all over it. This is called brand loyalty. Once you’ve established it, you can focus on retaining your following instead of always looking at your competitors. 

With the right branding strategy, your startup will prosper and achieve longevity.

Marketing Strategy: What is a Marketing Message

Remember Dove’s tearjerker  “Real Beauty” campaign that touched the hearts of millions around the world? 

The famous beauty company went against the grain. They talked about the compelling statistic of how only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. The striking figure showed how insecurity and low self-esteem distorted the view of what is deemed attractive. The campaign won Dove around $4 billion in sales, and they became a pioneer in inclusivity-driven commercials.

Or perhaps you can remember McDonald’s being transparent and candid with their “Our food, Your questions” campaign? 

The popular fast food chain has already drawn flack from having questionable and unhealthy food quality. So, they took the issue by the horns and launched a campaign to address all the rumors about their products. Their bold move had quieted down critics and redeemed their reputation in the industry.  

So, what do these campaigns have in common? The “remember” part about them.

These campaigns were daring and risque, but somehow they’ve become the most memorable ads in history. That is the goal of a brilliant marketing message. When customers hear your company name, your ads should be playing inside their heads.  

How to Create a Marketing Message

We’ve answered the question, “what is a marketing message?”. Now, it’s time to learn how to create your own.

There’s a lot of ways you can describe your product. The sky’s the limit when you allow yourself to play with marketing ideas. However, when you create a marketing strategy, you need to limit how far you’ll go. You can’t risk being too controversial or insensitive. At the same time, you have to avoid being overdramatic or too technical. 

Feeling confused yet? 

Navigating the marketing world can get challenging. Here are some tips on creating your marketing message:  

Make it relevant

Your audience remembers what is relevant to them. Emphasize how your product can help them in a specific aspect of their daily routine. When you point out a problem or a situation that can be made easier, people tend to pay more attention to it.   

Take for example, cutting down on electricity costs. If you’re selling an energy-saving appliance that can cut down the energy charge by half, focus your pitch on how much money they can save on their electricity bill. 

You don’t need to explain the science behind it, nor drawl on how impressive it works. Get straight to the point and explain how it can help make your customer’s life more convenient.

Keep it short and sweet

As tempting as it is to present impressive facts and figures, you’ll have to tone it down. Avoid bombarding your audience with too much information. The trendy phrase “Too Long; Didn’t Read” actually has some truth to it.  When any material becomes too long, the focus wanes down. 

Instead, keep your message short and straight to the point. Create a summary of why your product is helpful and relate it to your target market’s needs.

Keep it simple

Jargons are a huge turn-off. You have limited time to deliver your marketing message, and you have an even shorter opportunity to make your readers understand. In the world of marketing, there are no second glances. It shouldn’t take more than one read to get the gist of your pitch.

Avoid talking technical and use layman terms as much as possible. Even gadgets, with all their impressive specs, need to be translated into a language people understand. They simply want to know what it does and how it makes their lives much easier. 

Make it original

In this digital age, your target audience has probably seen it all. Ads are pretty much on every corner of a website and are regularly seen in the media. 

There’s indeed a sea of ads constantly vying their attention, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come up with your own materials. In fact, it gives you all the more reason to be original. 

Think of a creative way to say and deliver your marketing message. This is why it’s a must to hire creative content writers and marketing consultants for your marketing strategy. They can provide materials that will properly articulate your marketing message and ensure that it reaches your target audience.  

Keep it true

While it’s true that you have to highlight your product’s benefits, you shouldn’t exaggerate it. 

Today’s audience gravitates toward authenticity and trustworthiness. Unlike how it was in traditional advertising, wherein you can get away with saying just about anything, people these days are more skeptical.

Be honest with your pitch. You do not want to be known for false advertising. Aside from the legal issues it would bring, it could also destroy whatever trust you’ve built with your market. It, indeed, doesn’t pay to deceive the public. Stick to the truth and sell it well.

The abovementioned tips are just a couple of guidelines for creating your marketing message. It’s good to set boundaries in selling your brand. Although marketing encourages creativity, too much of it might work against you.    

Hiring Marketing Experts

Marketing is a whole other mountain to conquer when it comes to running your startup. The ones who do it right will succeed in their respective industries while the ones who don’t will remain in the shadows of their competitors. But don’t be disheartened. As tricky as it may be to navigate the marketing trail, you don’t have to do it alone. Instead, you can hire the best marketing experts!

Full Scale has worked with several startups in launching their campaigns. Whether it’s creating the product or selling it, we’ve got the right set of hands to help you. 

Our team of content writers, graphic designers, and project managers can guide you in creating your marketing message. We can also help you get started with a website or a mobile app. 

 Interested? Talk to us!

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