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Hiring Best Software Team
2021-06-07 /

Hiring the Best Software Team in 2021

You see your business going to scale. You would want a team that shares the same vision you have. Why should you hire the best software development team? Let’s find out.

It is not a surprise that technological advancements are moving fast. You want to maintain the usability of your software product. If you don’t hire a software development team, chances are you will lose time and money.

However, if you’re a startup, you might not have enough funds. Money poses a challenge for you. So, it’s a matter of prioritizing what you want to spend on. It’s time to evaluate your options.

Should I hire a software developer or a software company?

Yes, you want to get your projects done. But there are a lot of factors that you need to consider even before you make a decision. Budget plays a significant role when it comes to this type of collaboration. Define the timeframe and the projects you want to finish to complete the work more efficiently.

Now you have to decide between hiring a freelancer or a software development company. How do you make a choice?

Makings of a Freelancer and a Software Team

When you’re tied to a tight budget, hiring a freelancer might come to mind. There must be a sense of trust between you and the freelancer for this to work. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons when working with a freelancer.

Software Developer Pros

  • Low-cost margin that might fit your allocated budget to include a new member.
  • Freelancers have high availability when working with freelancing platforms like Upwork, Toptal, or AngelList.
  • They have high work flexibility when it comes to adaptability to your project requirements.
  • Freelance software developers have a high level of specialization that is perfect for small projects.

Software Developer Cons

  • Programming skills might be limited. A freelancer might be good at programming but doesn’t know anything about user interface or design.
  • It might be difficult for freelancers to write code then test to see if it works. Established software teams separate the task of creating the product from testing to get better results.
  • You might have to manage the progress yourself. Software teams have dedicated project managers who continuously track the progress of your project. You won’t have that with a freelancer.
  • High risk. Freelancers work with several clients simultaneously. There might come a time when your freelancer shifts his priorities. Your project might be put on the back burner, which, in turn, will create a delay.
  • Maintaining the program might pose a problem in the long run. It is improbable that the software product is bug-free. Once that happens, you will have to look for someone to fix the problem. Remember, your new developer does not know anything about the project. If you choose to hire a contractor, you have to be ready for the time losses this entails.

Pros and Cons with Software Development Teams

Now that you know about the pros and cons, you might be curious about software development teams. If you have enough budget to hire a software development team, this would be a good investment. Now let’s jump right into the pros and cons of hiring a software development team.

Software Development Team Pros

  • Established teams are structured. Therefore, you have transparency and a clear understanding of the progress. When working with a software development team, you share confidential information and define the expected deliverables for the project.
  • Quality assurance. There is a dedicated QA team involved from the design to deployment.
  • Scaling is easy. Release the worry of finding a new developer who cannot deliver. A software development team is committed to completing your project.
  • Proper documentation of the end-to-end development process ensures that all requirements are delivered. You will get a well-designed product that is also bug-free. It will take almost no time to maintain the software product,
  • You hire a team of developers, not one. You get experienced UX/UI designers, business analysts, program developers, testing, and quality assurance. They work together to ensure that you get the results you want.

Cons in hiring a Software Development Team

  • Costs money. The advantages might outweigh the cons of this. But if your budget is a bit tight, a freelancer might be able to do the job at a fraction of a cost.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Software Team

Software development trends continue to scale and evolve.  Since your developers belong to a structured organization, you can be sure they will have the proper training. Let’s explore the top five reasons why you should hire a software development team for your project:

  1. Dedicated software teams bring quality. They use enterprise-grade management tools to get the work done. 
  2. Software development teams exist to maintain long-term relationships with their clients. 
  3. Low risk of security breaches. Remember we talked about an agreement between you and the software development team? Developers share confidential information when collaborating on a project. If you hire a group of freelance developers, several people will have access to your data. Hiring a software development team will minimize that risk.
  4. They ensure quality and make sure to meet your deadlines. Since they define the division of the work, project managers and QA experts make sure that they meet your requirements on time.
  5. A completed project will have maintenance support from the team who made your software product.

Freelancers vs. Software Development Teams: what’s your take?

A shared team vision is very helpful in getting the job done efficiently. Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer vs. a software development team, you can now make an informed decision. 

When choosing between a freelancer and a software team, you should expect a different output. If you’re strapped for cash, hiring a freelancer might be a good idea. You can start building your software product without investing so much money. But you must also consider the cons that come with it. 

Compared to working with a freelancer, you hand over a big chunk of work to a software development team. Established software teams work towards a common goal. They are creating software products and make sure to deliver quality-tested products for their clients. 

From gathering resources, building, testing, and launching, you can ensure that dedicated project managers check the progress for you. Most software development companies also help maintain your software product and ensure quality.

Working with a software development team shouldn’t be difficult. Here at Full Scale, we help businesses build any software product. Our strong recruitment process allows us to select only the best developers committed to helping you succeed.

Work with us, and let us build your product! Let us know how we can help you reach your business goals today!

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