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Qualities to Look for in a Machine Learning Developer
2020-01-14 /

Qualities You Should Look for in a Machine Learning Developer

CEOs, startup founders, startup leaders, and many more people in the business industry are starting to see and understand the importance of machine learning. Now, machine learning (ML) is blending into business processes.

Since ML is such an integral factor in innovating a company, a skilled machine learning developer is highly in demand. In your quest to hire the right developer for machine learning, this article will guide you on finding the right qualities and the right place to look for them.

Machine learning is commonly known as a subset of artificial intelligence, a technological advancement that is said to hold great potential. Even though machine learning and AI are commonly associated with each other, AI, ML, and deep learning still differ from each other. Machine learning is an attempt to duplicate the human way of learning data; it is inspired or influenced by the human’s natural way of learning.

Do you remember when you were a kid? You see an image of a dog in a storybook and you were told that it’s a dog. Once you see a similar figure in another storybook, you quickly recognize that it’s a dog.

We naturally learn to perceive and classify things. This capability is what machine learning is attempting to replicate, not just classification, but as well as regression, ranking, and reasoning.

By combining critical parts of mathematics, statistics, and artificial intelligence, machine developers do more than write a program. They create an algorithm that then teaches the machine how to write its own program.

Machine Learning and Your Business

Machine learning is one of the best tools that has entered the business industry. Since AI became a trend, many businesses saw the benefits of machine learning in scaling startups.

One of the benefits that businesses gain from machine learning is the elimination of specific manual tasks. To put it simply, it allows automation of particular tasks to save time and cost.

Let’s put emails as an example. Emails are something we receive every day; however, not all emails are relevant. Before you start working, you sort out the spam from the relevant emails. We all know that sorting emails is too much of a burden and time-consuming.

Machine learning rids the user of this cumbersome work. The machine or software can detect which emails are spam and which are not by feeding them the data they need. How?

First, you identify which emails are spam and mark them so. Once the machine analyzes the emails labeled as “spam,” it creates a program that differentiates a spam email from a non-spam email.

Also, machine learning supports the preventive maintenance of businesses. Through carefully engineered software, the machine decreases equipment breakdown and in turn increases profits. From a sales perspective, machine learning helps build a useful customer profile.

The software or machine analyzes data gathered from consumers to create a profile containing what they want and need. The outcome? Boost in sales and an increase in profit. But remember, unlike humans, machines need more training data. How are these machines “trained?” That is the job of a machine learning developer.

Qualities of a Good Machine Developer?

A machine learning developer is a key to the success of your software. That is why you need to be very vigilant and meticulous when you hire one. Here are a few qualities to add to your checklist before you offer the deal.


To train the machine, learn the language that they speak. A machine learning developer should have a good grip on the programming languages. The most common machine learning language is Python. But they also need to learn languages such as R, Java, C++, as well as Map Reduce.

Statistics and mathematics

A hard skill that every machine learning developer should know. Even though knowledge of statistics and mathematics is helpful for software developers in general, these are a must for machine learning developers. They must understand statistics and probabilities to know which algorithm can solve the problem.

Data modeling and evaluation

Though a known skill commonly recognized by scientists, data modeling and evaluation is also a great advantage for machine learning developers. Along the way, depending on the task, ML developers will need to choose the applicable accuracy and error measure as well as an evaluation strategy.

Open to failures

One who gives up so quickly is not fit to be a developer. Machine learning undergoes dozens of trials and errors. When searching for a machine learning developer, make sure that this person can accept failures and mistakes. These are inevitable in software development.

A good developer knows that a lot of models and experiments fail, but that’s okay. As long as you keep an open mind that mistakes happen and they are part of building a successful machine.

Signal processing techniques

A machine learning developer with an advanced signal processing technique will be a great addition to your team. Upon encountering complex situations in the development process, especially when it comes to feature extraction (an essential part of machine learning), signal processing techniques will come in handy.

Soft skills

There are two primary soft skills that machine learning developers must possess. One is curiosity. Software developers are innovative because they are always curious. They have the drive to continually create or discover new things. The other soft skill is to keep up to date.

Technology is rapidly moving; there are always new tools designed or upgraded in just a matter of days. As a specialist in artificial intelligence, a machine learning developer must know the movement in the tech industry.

Where Can You Find a Skilled Machine Learning Developer?

A highly skilled machine learning developer is hard to come by. Then there’s the crisis of developer shortage in the US. But there is always another option. Start with offshoring machine learning developers.

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