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Full Scale invests $1M of development resources for KC startups 2019
2019-02-20 /

Full Scale earmarks $1M in development resources for KC startups in 2019

Full Scale founders, Matt DeCoursey and Matt Watson, plan to invest $1 million worth of technical services in Kansas City regional companies in the next two years.

Full Scale is open to establishing partnerships with small businesses in Kansas City. They want to provide resource investments to scale and fully launch these KC startups. According to DeCoursey, this investment is a way to give back to the local community and improve its overall economic performance.

Based on 2018’s “State of the Silicon Prairie” report, Kansas City is currently at the bottom in the Midwest territory; citing that the city isn’t securing half of its anticipated venture deals.

“When we see reports come out, talking about how things are underfunded in Kansas City and we don’t have the needed community spirit, we think we can at least start to change that,” said DeCoursey. “There are a lot of hard-working, innovative, smart, and deserving people here in this town.”


DeCoursey and Watson will personally assess each application — considering the type of services they will need. They’ll evaluate if they’re a good match for the company to work with. Selected KC Startups can pitch their business proposals directly to Full Scale.

They will review each application base on their merit and previous success with funding. Each deal will depend on what the selected company needs and equity will be taken in exchange.

“The resource investment is defined as us giving you credit for developers and any of the other services we offer — graphic design, project management, SEO, content writing, the whole gamut,” DeCoursey said.

Other than the resource investment, DeCoursey and Watson will also share their advice to improve business management and strategy.

“Our experience brings excellent street cred to some of these early-stage companies that want to raise more money,” DeCoursey said. “We don’t have a track record of doing ‘just OK.’ We have a history of success and we believe there’s a model — a repeatable format and process that can be used.”

The duo is also considering increasing that $1 million investment in the future; depending on the effort’s outcome and Full Scale’s own growth.

“We have allotted an undisclosed portion of Full Scale’s revenue specifically for this reason,” he said. “The rate at which our company is growing increases the amount of this investment pool.”

Full Scale already has a track record of generous investments in the local business scene. At the TechWeek event, the company had awarded $70,000 in last year’s Pure Pitch Rally contest. Full Scale also loves working with startup accelerators, like the BCP Insuretech Accelerator.

For fledgling KC startups, you may reach out to Full Scale and submit your business plans here. Learn more about Full Scale here or check out our Guided Development video below.

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