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CICD Advantages
2021-06-11 /

5 Reasons Why You Should Use CICD

Software development is one of the most competitive industries in the world today. Companies are applying Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CICD) to keep up with the demand. So, what is CICD, and why is it critical in the industry? Read on to learn more.

Companies are now releasing software faster than ever. However, many of these companies struggle to deliver their software to their users. Delays happen because of a lack of development time, labor, and consistency.

CICD helps in bridging these gaps. The application of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline on the development operations allows faster code building and checking. To better understand the benefits of CICD, it is important to know what it is first.

What is CICD?

As stated above, CICD stands for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery/Deployment. Simply put, CI is the practice in software development that involves frequent and reliable incremental changes in the code. This means that developers can constantly put in code in a dedicated automated server. After which, the server runs to build the application. At the same time, it runs a set of tests to ensure that the newest code integrates into the current version. As a result, the system is constantly updated.

The other side of this process is Continuous Delivery. What it does is it makes it easier and faster to send and receive data. CI allows the software development team to enter and check code multiple times in a day. While a CD enables the team to send and receive new code. CD lets the company go on to the next step of improving the application quickly and safely.

In short, the CICD pipeline is the automation that allows developers to do incremental changes to be released seamlessly.

5 Reasons to Adopt CICD

As many experts noted, CICD is one of the most impactful changes in the software development industry. This new software development process enabled companies to timely update their software and businesses. Here are five benefits of adopting CICD in your software development process:

Benefits of CICD

Continuous Testing

One of the advantages of CICD is that it allows software programmers to test code as they put them on the system. Unlike before, programmers upload their code without the ability to check for bugs until they run the program. They have to go through the frustrating process of testing the whole code to find the issues.

With CICD’s automated testing capabilities, code are checked instantly. This enables the programmers to find the bugs right away and apply necessary changes. CICD’s continuous testing capabilities help companies save time, money, and other resources.

Shorter Code

In addition to having continuous testing, CICD helps coders by allowing them to write shorter code. Developers can add shorter code instead of larger bulks because of the continuous integration. The continuous integration of smaller lines of code help programmers test for bugs quickly.

This is very advantageous to developers who are working remotely or separately from each other. Being able to add a smaller amount of code and fix them, makes a more efficient operation.

Quicker Release

Releasing new system updates is quicker with CICD. Because CICD merges new code to the current system while checking for mistakes, the release of updates will be faster. The continuous update of information and code will help find issues and fix bugs faster than ever.

Real-Time Feedback

It is time-consuming for a company to filter all customer feedback to find common issues. The same is true for developers. It would take time for them to comb through the whole code to find the problem. In turn, fixing the bug will also take time, making it harder for the system to run smoothly.

CICD provides a solution to this problem. With continuous integration during the development process, developers can find and fix bugs quickly. While in continuous delivery, the system updates are delivered to the users. The users can then test and review the end product instantly.

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer experience is an important factor to consider when releasing a new or an update in a system. Businesses are always careful not to ruin the first customer experience, as this can lead to dissatisfaction and bad reviews. This is why the first few hours of releasing a new system update is crucial.

With CICD, bugs are fixed while still in the development phase. And, continuous delivery means feedback from users will be easy to integrate into the new system. Providing bug-free and quick updates on your system will result in customer satisfaction.

Additionally, CICD helps developers save time and effort. This will lead to developers having more time creating new code and inputs. Also, it will help simplify system maintenance. With shorter code and automated tests, identifying problems earlier is easier. These will help in making system maintenance easier and quicker. All these advantages will also help businesses save resources and money.


Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery is a software development and delivery process created to ease the workload of developers. The process allows faster identification of problems for quicker problem-solving. In addition, CICD helps in fast-tracking system update releases and quick-reaction to customer feedback.

These are just a few benefits of CICD. Integrating CICD into your software development pipeline will only be advantageous to your business. Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery is not just a tool for software development. It is a fundamental approach that can set your business apart as a leader in your field.

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