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Selecting the Best Offshore Software Development Company
2021-07-21 /

Choosing Offshore Software Development Company

When thinking about where to develop software, an offshore software development company comes to mind first. Why? Because offshoring software development projects have tons of benefits. But, how do you choose the best offshoring partner? Read on to learn more.

So, you have decided to develop software for your company. You are now into the next step with everything ironed out, from the project’s idea, vision, and purpose. You have to find the best software development company to partner with for the project.

Will you choose an onshore, nearshore, or offshore software development company? Onshoring means hiring a software development company that is in the same region as your firm. While nearshoring is the practice of hiring a company in a near country.

Lastly, offshoring means hiring one from a foreign location. Although there are hundreds of software development companies out there, they are not all equal. Most businesses are leaning towards offshoring their business processes.

Furthermore, a 2019 Small Business Survey from Clutch showed that IT and Development services are in the top five most outsourced operations.

So, how do you select the best partner for your project? Before discussing how to choose the best one, defining what an offshore software development company is essential.

What is an Offshore Software Development Company?

Working with offshore teams is like hiring a construction crew to build your house. You have to check the company thoroughly to ensure that they are qualified. Picking the right offshore software development partner may determine the success or failure of your software. So, what are these companies?

Putting it simply, offshore software development companies perform software development tasks. As their name suggests, they are in locations outside the United States.

Most of them are in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia. Offshore software development companies offer many benefits such as:

Lower Cost

When starting a software development project, one of the top things that companies consider is the cost. This is true for startups with limited resources. That is why offshore software development companies are very attractive to US-based companies. 

These offshore companies are in regions with lower labor costs. Hence, they charge lesser service rates than onshore and nearshore companies. This means your company can spend less without sacrificing the quality of your software.

Access to Talented IT Pools

With the COVID-19 global pandemic only speeding the digitalization of most businesses, competition for skilled IT labor will increase. The shortage of software developers is a major problem for companies. And to remedy this, companies are looking towards offshoring.

Offshore software development companies offer teams with world-class experience and skills. As a result, these companies can take on knowledge and skill-intensive projects and deliver high-quality results.

Time Efficient

Speed is critical in the software development industry. If your project takes longer, it will lose its competitiveness. Additionally, the longer it takes to complete a project, the more you have to spend on it.

Also, developing software takes time. You have to hire the right personnel and develop the software before its deployment.

However, offshore software development companies already have teams to take on your project. Because they specialize in these projects, they have the know-how to deliver your software faster than if you build it internally.

In addition, these firms combine tools with Agile methodology to ensure continuous improvement and flexible response. Therefore, partnering up with an offshore software development company will help your startup be more time-efficient.

Focus More on Your Core Business

One of the most underrated benefits of offshoring is giving you more time to focus on your business. Partnering with an offshore software development company means you share the responsibilities of the development process with your partner.

Thus, you will gain more time and resources. As a result, you have more time to develop strategies and get more clients to improve your business.

Choosing an Offshore Software Development Company

Knowing the benefits of offshoring is just the first step. The next step is to determine the factors to consider when selecting an offshore software development company. Consider the following:

Reviews, Referrals, and Recommendations

Just like when you buy something, you have to check whether the product is good. To do this, you read reviews. When choosing a software development partner, you must also be diligent. Thus, talk to your networks, ask for referrals and recommendations.

Furthermore, you should also review the offshore software development company’s portfolio. By doing so, you will determine their capabilities and experience and see the qualities of their outputs.

Technology and Development Methodology

There are various technologies and methods available for software development. Thus, it would be best to learn these technologies and practices, from Windows and UNIX to Waterfall and Agile. By having a background on these, you can decide which is best for your software or application.

With this information, you can check if your prospective partner has experience when it comes to the programming language and other software specifics.

Scope of Service

Make sure that you and the software development vendor are on the same page. Therefore, you must be clear in your requirements, processes, and timeline. Also, you must clarify the scope of services you are expecting from the vendor.

Spell out the after-development services that you want. Check if the offshore software development company will provide maintenance, customization, and other backup services. By defining the scope of services, the vendor will know what you are expecting from them.

Security and Safety

When doing business with an offshore software development company, it is fundamental to check on security and safety. Cybersecurity is essential to protect your product. Accordingly, inquire about the vendor’s security protocols and legal restrictions, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Communication Channels

There must be communication channels between you and the vendor. Throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC), you and your partner must discuss, share, and clarify ideas.

With seamless communication channels, you can set priorities and make adjustments. Better communication channels will help you manage your offshore software development teams.

Application Ownership

For your protection, check and clarify the ownership of the software or application. By making sure that your company exclusively owns the custom software, you will avoid ownership conflicts. Plus, you ensure that your competitors can’t copy your product.

Partner Up with the Right Offshore Software Development Company

Partnering with an offshore software development company will bring many benefits to your startup. However, there are many factors that you should consider when choosing which partner will fit your requirements and needs.

By using these tips, you will have more information about your prospective partners. Therefore, use this information to narrow down your list. Choose the best one to make your software development project as smooth as possible.

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