Who are the best IT Recruiters in Kansas City, Missouri?

14 Best IT Recruiters in Kansas City, Missouri

Who are the best IT recruiters in Kansas City? You can find a lot of recruitment agencies in this city. But, how will you find the best among the long list? Fortunately, this article will help you narrow down the search.  

Recruitment agencies are third-party firms that help companies find qualified candidates to hire. IT recruiters are the more specific category of recruiters. They specialize in recruiting IT professionals to support the tech side of the company. These professionals can be software engineers, quality assurance testers, web application developers, and many more.

Software development talent is still in high demand. As a result, spotting the best candidate is getting harder and harder for businesses. That is where recruitment services and staffing agencies come in handy.

As IT recruitment specialists, these companies find the best candidates for a 20-25% hiring fee. Other than recruitment firms, organizations also opt for offshore software development companies like Full Scale

In 2019, the US staffing and recruiting market size reached $151.8 billion. It is safe to say that employers are having a tough time filling the roles in their companies. Tech-based companies are not an exception.

Substantially, the United States has more than 20,000 staffing agencies. About 2,600 of these specialize in information technology recruitment. With this overwhelming number, how will you find the best IT recruiters in Kansas City, Missouri? First, we need to evaluate what to look for in IT recruiters.

Criteria for Good IT Recruiters

If you want to find the best IT professionals in your company, start by choosing the best job recruiters in the Kansas City area. Here are a few pointers:

Quality Candidates

The reason you pay recruiters a 25% fee is they provide you a lot of value. The value they provide is evaluating and assessing candidates to provide you with the best matches.

If they are just grabbing random resumes off the internet and you have to weed through all of them, they aren’t providing enough value to deserve that 25% fee.

Another thing about IT recruiters is they should be recruiting people that already have jobs somewhere else. Let’s face it, good developers are not unemployed. They are working somewhere else. A big part of the value that recruiters provide is recruiting away really talented people from their current employers.


Whether you like it or not, there are good and bad agencies. Even if you are a veteran in the business, it is best to be ever vigilant. Research the agency thoroughly and make sure that it has a flawless reputation.

A good recruitment firm should have high praise from their past or current clients. Browse for testimonials and fish for feedback.


This may sound like a given, but basic things like good communication and timely responses are critical. Nothing is more frustrating when you have a good candidate but can’t get your recruiter to respond to your emails to quickly get them an offer!

Technical knowledge

IT recruiters are niche scouts. It means the agency specializes in finding talent in the IT sector. A good IT recruiter should be knowledgeable in the fundamentals of tech positions and qualifications. 

You would be surprised how many recruiters also aren’t very technical. They simply read job descriptions and resumes and try to find a match. You want to hire a recruiter that can properly screen applicants and provide high-quality candidates.

These criteria are merely guidelines for you in choosing Kansas City recruiters. However, this is not a fixed model in finding the right agency. You can add more specific criteria depending on what your company currently needs.

Best IT Recruiters in Kansas City, Missouri

We’re done identifying the criteria for finding recruitment agencies. Now, we will list down the best IT recruiters in Kansas City. These companies are arranged in no particular order. 

We base these details on review scores from three staffing review websites and independent online articles. The list includes IT recruiters, staffing agencies, and employment firms.

Here are the fourteen best headhunters in Kansas City, Missouri:

1. Morgan Hunter

Morgan Hunter is one of the well-known IT headhunters in Kansas City. The company is based in Overland Park, Kansas City. Morgan Hunter has been in the industry since 1986; that’s more than thirty-six eventful recruitment years and counting. Their unmatched years of experience, meticulous process, and quality are the keys to success. 

The firm primarily focuses its staffing solutions in the Kansas City metro area. They meet up with the client and have thorough identification of what type of employees they need. Then, they personally interview and evaluate each candidate to ensure that both parties fit the role.

2. Creative Circle

Here is another outstanding company for IT staffing in Kansas City—Creative Circle. ClearlyRated, a popular satisfaction survey program, awarded Creative Circle with two 2021 Best of Staffing badges. These badges are for Client Satisfaction and Talent Satisfaction. Creative Circle specializes in IT, software engineering, sales, and management talent.

The company prides itself on offering quality staffing to its clients. Creative Circle encourages equality when it comes to its recruitment process. Furthermore, they consider employment without discrimination towards gender, race, ancestry, genetic information, or marital status. They recruit individuals as long as they are qualified in terms of skill and work attitude.

3. Midwest Consulting Group

This company is a full-service IT staffing firm operating in Overland Park, Kansas City, and Dallas, Texas. Midwest Consulting Group (MCG) was founded in 1994. The company remains headstrong as a result of its flexibility and ability to grow as the industry evolves. 

MCG possesses an excellent reputation in aiding organizations of all sizes. They partner with multiple industries in over 28 states. Their clients vary from government agencies and to marketing firms.

4. Insight Global

Most of our list is job recruiters in Kansas City that focus their operations in their local area. However, Insight Global wants to help a wider audience, catering to national staffing and services.

Insight Global is one of the most distinguished IT staffing companies in Kansas City, Missouri. It has over ten awards to its name. Some of these awards are the following:

  • #1 Fastest-Growing IT Staffing Firm from 2006-2007 by Staffing Industry Analysts
  • 3rd Largest IT Staffing Form from 2015-2016 by Staffing Industry Analysts
  • and the latest is ClearlyRated’s 2021 Best Staffing Client Award

This remarkable company works with Fortune 1000 clients and completes more than 33,000 placements annually. They specialize in finance, government staffing, and IT. 

5. Align Recruit Deliver

Their name conforms with their motto: align, recruit, and deliver tech-focused professionals. Align Recruit Deliver (ARD) is an independently initiated company by Rachel Orscheln. ARD assembles an efficient, effective, result-generating team of professionals for their clients. 

But the organization is not all about clients and their needs. Through the organization, Rachel draws in software-focused and driven professionals in moving their careers forward. By doing so, ARD ensures that its tech talent are efficient and skilled.

6. AdamsGabbert

Here’s another resilient staffing and recruiting firm in Overland Park, Kansas City—AdamsGabbert (AG). The company started in 1999 and grew tremendously throughout the decades. AG received a lot of awards for its excellent IT recruitment services. Some of these awards and honors are:

  • Customer Service Award from JC Business Magazine
  • Earning host of honors from the local business community
  • Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certification
  • WBENC-certified
  • Kansas City’s Top 10 Small Business in 2015 by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

AdamsGabbert proves their excellence when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when facing a crisis, AG adapts to meet the needs of its clients.

7. Artisan Tech Group

When it comes to transformative technology solutions and digital experience, there is Artisan Tech Group. The company’s outstanding quality is its ability to understand that every business is unique. Artisan’s experts possess the emotional and business intelligence to fully understand the client’s ideas and goals. Finally, these goals are put to action.

Amidst the pandemic, Artisan Technology Group keeps on driving explosive growth. This earned them the 3rd spot on the Kansas City Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Area Companies List.

Artisan mainly focuses on web and mobile applications, data integration, digital consulting, cloud services, UX, and interface design.

8. Paige Technologies

For fifteen years, Paige Technologies has made successful connections in Kansas City. The founders of Paige experienced the era of high-IT demand but with low candidate supply. People are clamoring for “hot skills” through tech certifications making people a commodity. 

Paige Technologies wants more than just “commodity” staffing. They want a little more “human-ness” in their recruitment which more than just matches a job to a skill. They pair candidates with an organization based on their “dimensional compatibility.” This includes their skills, values, work habits, and personality.

9. Triple-I

This Leawood, Kansas City company has more than forty-five years of experience to offer its clients. Triple-I is Kansas City’s premier B2B tech consultancy firm. This Midwest company offers management consulting and tech services with a few specialties in these areas:

  • Creative design
  • IT managed services
  • Knowledge management
  • Project management
  • Software development

Triple-I works with familiar companies such as Daptiv and Leidos.

10. TEKsystems

TEKsystems has branches all over each state. In Kansas City, it is located in Overland Park. TEKsystems is a popular agency helping companies transform by solving tech, business, and talent challenges. 

The company’s influence and reputation are overreaching that they partner with 80% of the Fortune 500. This only shows that TEKsystems offers the highest quality when it comes to business consultation, technology, and workforce.

11. Advantage Tech

Advantage Tech dubs itself a leader in technical and professional staffing. For over two decades, this staffing company has been providing quality IT and tech professionals to various clients. They offer contracts, contracts for hire, and permanent employment.

Just like most recruitment firms, Advantage Tech gets to know the client’s business goal to match their candidate’s unique talent.

12. TriCom Technical Services

TriCom Technical Services is an IT staffing firm in Leawood, Kansas City. The company is known to deliver and retain top-tier talent in information technology. Their tech candidates have access to over fifty different companies across Kansas City and Minneapolis.

13. Accumatch Consulting

Last but not least on our list is Accumatch Consulting. This Kansas City-based IT staffing and consulting firm provide top IT professionals for their clients. Their greatest edge in the industry is their vast knowledge and years of experience in serving companies in Kansas City. 

Their dedication is not only focused on their clients but on the candidates as well. They understand the needs of both parties and match them up. Furthermore, they developed better ways to recruit and hire, and they are not afraid to use them.

Looking for IT Recruiters in Kansas City?

And there you have it: top fourteen best IT recruiters in Kansas City. These firms do not only focus on recruitment but staffing and employment as well. All there’s left to do is review the criteria and see if one of these companies is right for you. However, make sure that you perfectly understand the concept of partnering with a recruitment agency with its fee structures.

Recruitment agencies usually calculate fees based on the percentage of the new hire’s wages. The typical hiring fee is between 20-25%, on top of the developer’s salary. But this only applies to recruitment agencies. Staffing and employment firms also have their structure.

There is an alternative for recruitment agencies which is hiring offshore developers. Offshore developer rates are 50-75% less than that of local developers. When you hire an offshore team, you’ll find yourself saving more costs than ever. And when it comes to an offshore team, a trusted offshore software development company like Full Scale is your best choice.

Full Scale houses some of the best developers that the Philippines has to offer. You don’t need to worry about the tiresome hiring process; we have it all covered. Our detailed recruitment and hiring process ensures the best developers in our team. There is no trouble when it comes to managing a team halfway around the world. Our project managers are trained and experienced in handling teams. 

Are you interested in building a team? Book an appointment, and get started.

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